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A name is for a lifetime; choose it wisely for your baby!
Having done extensive study of numerous Indian Hindu Baby Names from the treasure troves of Sanskrit dictionaries, Hindu Lord Sahasranam and such other authentic sources, I, Sapana Vibhandik , the owner of GoMama247, along with my team, have helped scores of parents find the most select names for their babies. I also revel in the art of creating novel names.
You can be assured of unique, trendy, and easy to pronounce boys names list and girls name list.

Previously a PREMIUM/PAID names list, now available to you Free of Cost. You can browse the list HERE: Baby Names A-Z List

After months of prolonged and comprehensive research and verification of Quranic Names, their origins, associated cultures, and traditions, our Urdu/Arabic language and name experts have finally come up with a handpicked list of 5000 Muslim baby names for girls and boys

Many lists of names available on the internet today, have unverified names which have incorrect MEANINGS and ORIGINS with many non-Indian names mentioned as Indian/Hindu names!
E.g. You would find the name Abeer meaning fragrance at many places. It does mean fragrance in Hebrew but in Sanskrit, it means Gulal/Colored Gulal (Reference: There are many names which have negative meanings in Sanskrit. e.g. Niravan means Moksh i.e. Death, instead, the positively meaningful name is Anirvan i.e. no-death/immortal.

Understanding our List

After exploring thousands of baby names based on origin, meaning, pronunciation and uniqueness, we have decided to split the list in TWO parts – Highly Recommended Names and the Other with either not so positive or strong origin or a bit Common Names. Our Highly Recommended Names are Marked with *.

All the names in our customized baby name list are lucid, voguish and semantically correct. We also provide numerous names starting with difficult letters viz. Dh and Bh. Nevertheless, names starting from most popular letters A, S, M, R, Y are also very carefully selected to be unique. In other words, it’s a treasure trove of handpicked lists of meticulously curated, immortal names!

We are here to help you

We understand that while shortlisting a name from a long list, there can be many questions and doubts baffling your mind. Considering the importance of these doubts and questions, we are always available to provide a suitable solution and assistance to our visitors. Please leave your query or doubt in comments on our name lists, posts and pages and we will help you with that promptly. This could be of great help in shortlisting or finalizing a name understanding and verifying its meaning, origin, suitability, and trend, etc.
Seek help in Private or need Direct Assistance? We are up for our Premium Baby Name Paid Consultation Service for which you will be reasonably charged. We are just an Email away!

We encourage you to leave the comment to help next visitors see the queries and the replies.
We also provide special one on one email consultation.

Executive Baby Name Consultation

1. If you want our help in finding/making a customized name for your baby which has a strong cultural background, parents names combinations, special meanings, etc., we can help you through email for a minimal fee.
2. We also have a panel of highly reputed astrologers/numerologist, Sanskrit experts, Arabic experts. If you seek highly qualified expert’s help, we help you through a trusted channel. Email us at [email protected]

After you go through the list, please share your valuable thoughts.


About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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  2. Avatar
    Dheeraj Kukreja on

    Hello i just visited your page and what i can understant is that you offer two type of services one is you sale unique baby name list and other u create customized baby name depending on requirement.the charges u mentioned 1200 rs is for both or for one service.

    • Sapana

      Hi Dheeraj,
      The list can be purchased at 500Rs and consultation is after that, as I need to know your choices to help you in making new meaningful names.
      Also the list contain many new madeup meaningful names.
      Consultation charges i.e. 1200 are separate than the list charges.

  3. Avatar

    Thanks Sapana for compiling a unique and exhaustive list of baby names. You have also gone out of your way to help me find the special name for my daughter.

  4. Avatar
    Dheeraj Kukreja on

    I bought baby girl name list and it containes some really very unique names with elaborated meaning.Its a very rare thing to find such collection of true indian names on internet.Amazing job sapna ..keep it up.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sreeha,
      Sure, I do make new names combining shortest Sanskrit words/Hindu Lord Names which make new meaningful names.
      1. Krishiv (KrishnaShiv) (Boy Name)
      2. Shariha (Shari:Laxmi Iham: Lord Ganesh) (Girl)
      3. Ikarya (Ikara Lakshmi + Irya Lord/Power) (Girl)
      I will also explain you in details about these Hindu-Lord-names I select. I do cross check if new name has not negative meanings etc.

      Please email me at [email protected] (NOTE:Its charged consultation @1200Rs)

  5. Avatar

    How your premium list is different from the list available in your website?

    I am planning to buy baby boy names which should be unique not common or known.

    • Sapana

      Hi Tiru,
      There are 2 main reasons to buy the list, Many (Not all) are new names which you will not see online (Which I have discovered during my study of the topic). 2nd reason is, The meaning explained for each name is verified and explained from Sanskrit dictionary unlike other lists online which have put on any unverified names under Hindu originated names category. These are all positively meaningful and Hindu origin rare names, which are also easy to pronounce.

  6. Avatar

    Excellent work Sapana & team! You’ve certainly got heaps of modern and unique names in your list and it helped us to finalize a name for our son. Thanks and all the best for the future. We’ll be back when our second one comes along 🙂 Cheers – Sarah & Amit

  7. Avatar

    I have purchased this list and found this complete unique.before purchasing I was thinking that I will get same names as on lot of internet sites but Sapana’s list has proved me wrong. liked lot of names. thanks a lot.

  8. Avatar

    Can you give few example names of baby boy? Want to see if you have some really nice and unique names before buying it. Thanks!

    • Sapana

      All the lists on the baby names section of this blog have very selective names.
      Check this
      From Hindu Gods/Goddess names to International names sounding Indian, you will get more than enough idea about how a premium list will be.

      • Sapana

        Moreover, The premium list contains the meaning and origin information in details and have many unheard yet meaningful original Sanskrit names.

  9. Avatar
    Shrikant Deshmukh on

    Impressed with your lists on your blog, I purchased this above names list for my newborn baby girl. Its really good. Many names are never heard before. And I agree you have taken care of all names being easy to pronounce and short. Thanks.

  10. Avatar


    Am looking for a unique name for my baby. As per his birth star we were asked to pick names starting with Be, bo, ja, jee (Telugu letters). Can u help? His naming ceremony is on coming Monday (04-Dec-2017). Does the premium list had any names starting with these letters or shall I go for your suggestion?


  11. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    It looks so impressive to read the posts of your clients..Am looking for a name for my baby girl,With combinations of nakshatra (Poorvada)and God Nandeeshwarar… What is the procedure to obtain your service…I have planned the naming ceremony on 25th December 2017.


  12. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,
    We are looking for baby boy name which be combination of Pravin and Snehal, no preference on any starting letter, any inputs would be helpful

  13. Avatar

    I want the list of unique and Sanskrit names for baby boy…starting from letter Ga and Gi. Also i would like to have options for customized name from our (parents) names which are Hitesh and Veenita. Pls let us know your charges.

  14. Avatar

    Throughout the pregnancy I checked only Sapana’s website for updated lists and found the most unique names which I could trust had meaning. After the birth of our daughter I purchased this list and we were so impressed with the thought put into finding such beautiful and original names. Sapana was so helpful in all correspondence via email as well. Thank you.

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  16. Avatar

    Hi Sapna!
    Since 4 months I’m doing extensive research on finding names in Internet but not getting anything suitable name for my baby boy. His naming ceremony is in next month. We are not very particular about customizing name or to keep name according to the Rashi.
    Like any other day, was going through the website to search for names & then saw your site where short names were given & their in saw this message of downloading. How & what do I subscribe. You have come as a saviour for me…

    • Sapana

      Hi Sumita,
      I am sure you will like the list I have complied for rare and meaningful origin-verified names.
      Please click on the first green ‘buy now’ button above which is just below the baby boys names list title.
      Follow the instructions on next page, you have to make payment of 500 Rs via PayUMoney.
      After that you will be asked to enter your email id to receive the names list.
      Its very easy and just 5 mins procedure. Let me know if any issue. Thanks

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  19. Avatar

    Can you suggest as below –

    Names starting with J
    Names with amalgamation of parents names Sachin and Sonal
    Names starting with J and Bho , ja , jee , Ga , Gee , khee , khu , khe , khoo

  20. Avatar

    Unique and good collection of Baby girl names provided by Sapana, we also requested some customisation names for our girl and those were provided as well. Highly recommended !

  21. Avatar

    Hi Sapna, I have a question before buying the premium baby names list for my newborn daughter naming. I dont want a long list on names but a few selective unusual names for my baby girl. Let me know if you have such names in your list. Is it one single list or you have categorized it? thanks.

    • Sapana

      Hi Shreemathi,

      the lists are divided in to 2 parts. First part contains the most recommended and rarest + Unheard Sanskrit Originated names. all of the names in the list are carefully selected and are easy to pronounce, short and trendy. I am sure you will like them.

    • Sapana

      Hi Pradeep,
      Its an auto email sent immediately after you make the payment. After PayUMoney payment, there will be a form on the same blog where you have to only submit your email id and you will receive the PDF file by email. for any issue send me email at [email protected]

    • Sapana

      Hi Sun,

      The Premium list here has many such trendy short and easy to pronounce names. First list of 750+ names is most recommended names list.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ajay,

      There are many lists on this blog which have beautiful names starting with H and K.
      After going through them, check this premium list of rarest names. There are many unique names from H and K.

  22. Avatar

    thanks. Loved the names in your list. The first list as you mentioned, is really great.. thx again for quick responses

  23. Avatar

    Hello Sapna,

    I’m in search of boy baby name for my little one. His rashi is Kumbha and nakshatra purvabhadra, 1st paadam. Pl suggest in se, sa.

  24. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Good Day to you…

    Could you please suggest baby girl names based on our names, SANU and RESHMA

    Thank you,

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