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A name is for a lifetime; choose it wisely for your baby!
Having done extensive study of numerous Indian Hindu Baby Names from the treasure troves of Sanskrit dictionaries, Hindu Lord Sahasranam and such other authentic sources, I, Sapana Vibhandik , the owner of GoMama247, along with my team, have helped scores of parents find the most select names for their babies. I also revel in the art of creating novel names.
You can be assured of unique, trendy, and easy to pronounce boys names list and girls name list.

Previously a PREMIUM/PAID names list, now available to you Free of Cost. You can browse the list HERE: Baby Names A-Z List

After months of prolonged and comprehensive research and verification of Quranic Names, their origins, associated cultures, and traditions, our Urdu/Arabic language and name experts have finally come up with a handpicked list of 5000 Muslim baby names for girls and boys

Many lists of names available on the internet today, have unverified names which have incorrect MEANINGS and ORIGINS with many non-Indian names mentioned as Indian/Hindu names!
E.g. You would find the name Abeer meaning fragrance at many places. It does mean fragrance in Hebrew but in Sanskrit, it means Gulal/Colored Gulal (Reference: There are many names which have negative meanings in Sanskrit. e.g. Niravan means Moksh i.e. Death, instead, the positively meaningful name is Anirvan i.e. no-death/immortal.

Understanding our List

After exploring thousands of baby names based on origin, meaning, pronunciation and uniqueness, we have decided to split the list in TWO parts – Highly Recommended Names and the Other with either not so positive or strong origin or a bit Common Names. Our Highly Recommended Names are Marked with *.

All the names in our customized baby name list are lucid, voguish and semantically correct. We also provide numerous names starting with difficult letters viz. Dh and Bh. Nevertheless, names starting from most popular letters A, S, M, R, Y are also very carefully selected to be unique. In other words, it’s a treasure trove of handpicked lists of meticulously curated, immortal names!

We are here to help you

We understand that while shortlisting a name from a long list, there can be many questions and doubts baffling your mind. Considering the importance of these doubts and questions, we are always available to provide a suitable solution and assistance to our visitors. Please leave your query or doubt in comments on our name lists, posts and pages and we will help you with that promptly. This could be of great help in shortlisting or finalizing a name understanding and verifying its meaning, origin, suitability, and trend, etc.
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About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


    • Sapana

      Best matching to Kiran And Anusha
      Kyna Intelligence
      Kangsha Desire
      Karshina Fire
      Kashin Shining/ God Shiva
      Aksha Soul / Immortal

      Some more
      Advika Unique
      Ahnika Religious Ceremony
      Aishika Lord Shiva
      Amuktha Jewel
      Anika Goddess Durga/ Army
      Anuka Clever
      Aroka Shining
      Akira Strength
      Kanina Young
      Kevalina The One
      Kilvinisha Goddess of Horses
      Kulisha Thunderbolt

      • Sapana

        Girl Names
        Ahulya : आहुल्या
        Aishika : ऐशिका
        Akshika : अक्षिका
        Alola : अलोला
        Amarya : अमर्या
        Amaya : अमाया
        Anika : अनिका
        Anuka : अनुका
        Aroka : अरोका
        Keemaya : कीमया
        Maitra : मैत्रा
        Matra : मात्रा
        Mitika : मितिका

        Boy Names
        Anamay : अनमय
        Anishk : अनिष्क
        Amal : अमल
        Amatya : अमात्य
        Amlan : अम्लान
        Arham : अर्हम
        Avik : अविक
        Asumat : असुमत
        Ahnik : अह्निक
        Aryak : आर्यक
        Manvat : मानवत
        Marvat : मार्वत
        Mitansh : मितान्श
        Mouli : मौलि

        Please check the meanings in A-Z names list.

  1. Avatar

    Boy name with combination of sheel / mini + akshat that goes well with surname Shah or some unheard unique and meaningful name with d .

    • Sapana

      Sheel / mini + Akshat
      Anshul Brilliant / Sunny
      Akalmash Stainless
      Akhil Whole
      Akshansh Universe
      Agrim Leader
      Atishva Superior
      Anishk A Person who Has No Enemy
      Anukta Extraordinary
      Anshit Heirship
      Amatya Minister / Companion / Counsellor / From Same Family
      Amavat Strong
      Amlan Ever Bright / Brilliant
      Arinut One who is Even Praised by Enemies
      Arista Secure / Safe
      Arham Shiva / Worthy
      Arkish Lord of Sun
      Ashim Absolute
      Ainesh Sunshine
      Maharsh Lord Rama
      Manksh Longing
      Manvat Rich in Honour
      Marish Worthy
      Shakray Powerful
      Sharmin Auspicious
      Shasvat Eternal
      Shalit Shining With
      Shast Ruler
      Shrit Worshipped
      Shrut Celebrated

      • Sapana

        Hi Neha,
        Sorry for the late reply
        Nimish Twinkling
        Nirosh Goddess Lakshmi
        Nikash Horizon
        Nishil Night
        Panshul Lord Shiva
        Parin Lord Ganesh
        Nimeshika Goddess Lakshmi
        Nirvisha Goddess Durga
        Nivasha Thundering
        Panini A Grammarian
        Pashina Lord Ganesh
        Purna Auspicious

    • Sapana

      Anjas Honest
      Arnas अर्नस Ocean
      Akshaj Vishnu, Thunderbolt
      Agraj First Born
      Asumat Principle of Living
      Sanraj Reign universally
      Sanitvan Reward
      Sayuj Mate
      Samyuj सम्युज United
      Sarjen Creative
      Saujas Strong

  2. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,
    Your list if names are really unique and i really feel the meanings of name is quite relevant too.
    I am looking forward to name my baby .can you suggest some names for both boy and girl.Name should match with surname Rai.

    Deepika and Gaurav..are parents,if it helps

    • Sapana

      Hi Deepika,
      Here are some closest meaningful names matching with Deepika and Gaurav,
      Drisha: Beautiful looking (Drusha)
      Druha: Daughter
      Dipra: Radiant
      Darsha: Class of Gods
      Gathika: Epic Song

      Darniya: Unbreakable
      Devarsh: God’s Gift
      Darpan: Mirror
      Darpit: Proud
      Girvan: God of Speech
      Please check the complete list and specially the * marked names, comment if any query.

  3. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    What a wonderful compilation of baby names. We are based in Canada and expecting our second son. Can you recommend short and unique name to go with my older son’s name Areen? Thank you so much!

    • Sapana

      Hi Manali,
      Please check our complete list of baby names
      Here are my suggestions:
      Adin अदिन Noble
      Akhil अखिल Whole
      Arham अर्हम Shiva
      Arvan अर्वान Lord Indra
      Edhin एधीन Earth
      Karin कारिन Purity, Elephant
      Vrin व्रिण Chosen

      • Avatar

        Thank you Sapana for sending these names across, can you also send few names with a combination of Manali and Vikram (parent’s) names. Deeply appreciate you taking time to do this.

        • Sapana

          Thanks for appreciation Manali,
          Here are some suggestions on parents names combination

          Manohrut Gladdening The heart
          Mayuk Brilliant
          Mayukhin Radiant
          Miransh Part of The Ocean
          Medhavin Intelligent
          Vadanya Generous
          Varnam Color
          Varshman Great
          Vrin Chosen

      • Avatar

        Hi ,can u suggest me a unique name for baby going to be born on 15 July . Aashish is his dad and Minakshi is mam ..

        • Sapana

          Hi Minakshi,
          I dont work on astrology, Please confirm the starting letters.
          Here are some top suggestions from parents names combinations:
          Girl Names
          Ahiransha अहिरांशा
          Ahishta अहिष्ता
          Aisha आइषा
          Aishini ऐशिनी
          Animisha अनिमिषा
          Mareesha मारीशा
          Marsha मार्षा
          Saesha साएशा
          Sameeksha समीक्षा

          Boy Names
          Akalmash अकल्मश
          Anishk अनिष्क
          Arhansh अर्हान्श
          Ailvansh ऐलवान्श
          Maharsh महर्ष
          Mitansh मितान्श
          Shushmin शुष्मिन्

          Please check the meanings in master names list

  4. Avatar
    Vaibhav Mittal on

    Hi Sapana,
    You are having a unique bucket of names of the baby. Suggest me a name with a combination of Juhi &Vaibhav with a wonderful meaning of it.

    • Sapana

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Haema Lord Shiva , Himavat Mountain
      Havishma Goddess Lakshmi
      Himakshi Golden Eyes
      Himari Fire
      Himosra Moon
      Haimi Golden
      Manishi Intelligent, Wise
      Mareesha Traveler, Respectable
      Marsha Respectable Person

        • Sapana

          Hi Tushar,
          Akalk Moonlight
          Akalmash Stainless
          Amal Pure
          Amay Free from deceit
          Amey Immeasurable
          Amlan Brilliant
          Anamay Healthy
          Animish Steady
          Anshuk Radiant
          Anshumat Sun
          Arkish Lord of Lords
          Ashim Limitless
          Kalkin Lord Vishnu
          Kalpush Capable
          Karshin Fire
          Kashyam Prince of Kashi

          • Avatar

            Wow 😮
            Thanks A Lot..
            Can U Suggest More…
            Actually We Are Looking For A Name In Which Both Name Should Come Like Mothers N Father’s Which Is Akshay And Komal…
            Plss If U Don’t Mind Can U Plss Suggest More..

          • Sapana

            I suggest only: Rare, Meaningful and Short names.
            I could have suggested you Shamal which is the best combination of the parent’s name. But it is not modern. right?

      • Sapana

        Adhrit: Mountain also Lord Vishnu name which means Without Support
        Adhvar: Sky
        Anirved Courageous
        Adhir: Restless, Moon
        Ardan: ॐ अर्दनाय नमः। Lord Shiva is merciless
        Arhat: Praise worthy
        Arham: LordS Shiva, Worthy
        Arit: Honoured
        Audar: Lord Ganesh, lord is generous
        Rugved: A Veda
        Ritam: Honest
        Ritav: Lord Rama
        Ridham: Love, Spring
        Rudhvan: Hearty

    • Sapana

      Dakshya Cleverness
      Devaya Going to the Gods
      Divisha Lord in Heaven
      Kangsha Desire
      Karshina Fire
      Kashika Bird, Luminous
      Kashtha Goddess who is Quarter of the World
      Sharika oddess Durga
      Shriti Worshipped
      Sukthi Beautiful Verse or Stanza
      Tvisha Light

      • Sapana

        Riddhisha :Goddess Lakshmi
        Rohisha :Doe
        Roshamsa :Desire
        Rutesha :Goddess of Truth
        Saesha :Great Desire
        Samarsha :Well-Honored
        Samharsha :Wind
        Samraja :Emperor
        Samyuja :United
        Shirja :Goddess Lakshmi

    • Sapana

      Rishim :Sage
      Ransh :Moon Rays
      Ravishu :God of Love
      Rishav :Great
      Rishank :Rishi(Shiva)+Ank)
      Rishva :Great
      Rudransh :Rudra + Ansha
      Sharvar :God of Love
      Sharang :Lakshmi
      Sharin :Lakshmi
      Shasman :Praise
      Shivam :Lord Shiva

    • Sapana

      Purvaka: First
      Parvisha: Parv+Isha
      Pravara: Goddess Lakshmi / Eminent / Best
      Pravarsha: Rain
      Pravi: Mindful / Attentive
      Pravida: Knowledge
      Pravira: Hero
      Vipra: Wise/ Inspired
      Vipsa: Succession
      Viruja: Healthy
      Vruja: Sky

    • Sapana

      Palaksh White
      Parikha Durga
      Parnavi Bird
      Parvisha Parv+Isha
      Prakhya Bright
      Pravara Lakshmi
      Pravarsha Rain
      Pravi Mindful
      Pravida Knowledge
      Pravira Princess
      Vapurda Pretty
      Vipra Wise
      Vipsa Succession
      Vruja Sky

    • Sapana

      Hi Shalu,
      Parinut Popular
      Parimit Moderate
      Parishrut Renown
      Pajas Strength
      Pathoj Lotus
      Pujit God
      Prajay Victory
      Prathit Glad
      Pradyot Radiance
      Prajyot Brightness
      Ragved Veda
      Rutaj True Nature
      Radnya King
      Rutadnya Scholar of Sacred Law

  5. Avatar

    Hello, can you please suggest few names for our baby boy with combination of Himanshu and Shipra .

    • Sapana

      Akshaj Thunderbolt
      Maharsh Lord Rama
      Marsh Honourable
      Marshin Indulgent
      Miransh Ocean
      Nirosh Without Anger, Lakshmi
      Nirvish Delight In, Durga
      Nushanth Horizon
      Sharmin Auspicious
      Sharvar God of Love
      Sharin Holding arrows, Goodess Lakshmi’
      Shasman Praise
      Shushmin God of Wind
      Shriyam God Vishnu

  6. Avatar

    Please suggest me boy name.
    I am looking for kind of strong and solid name for my son.
    I am sure you can suggest me the name which I am looking for.

  7. Avatar

    Hi ,can u suggest me a unique name for baby going to be born on 15 July . Aashish is his dad and Minakshi is mam ..

  8. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,
    Please suggest some baby girl names that are combination of Nitin and Sneha. Better if it means Goddess Lakshmi.

    • Sapana

      Please check the selected beautiful names of Goddess Lakshmi here
      Here are some Parents names combinations which are also selected names of most worshipped Hindu goddesses.
      Arna Lakshmi /River
      Anika Goddess Durga / Splendour
      Eeshani Goddess Durga
      Harina Goddess Lakshmi, she Destroys Sorrows
      Ishani Parvati, Splendour
      Ishanvi Goddess Parvati
      Namasya Humble
      Nirvisha Delight In/ Durga
      Sharin Lakshmi is holding Arrows
      Srini Moon / Durga

  9. Avatar
    Rasika gupta on

    Hi Sapna , can you suggest me a unique name for baby boy and baby girl also . Shubham is his dad and Rasika is mom.

    • Sapana

      Boy Names
      Ravishu रविशु
      Rishim ऋषिम्
      Rishav रिशव
      Rauhish रौहिश
      Sharvar शर्वर
      Sharang शारंग
      Sharabh शारभ
      Sharya शार्य

      Girl Names
      Rebha रेभा
      Ribha रिभा
      Shara शरा
      Sharin शारीन
      Sharvara शर्वरा
      Shirina शिरीना
      Shubhri शुभ्री

  10. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,
    Could you pls suggest unique and trendy baby boy names for a boy born on 02-July, Arudra nakshatra, Mithuna rashi. Parents names are Balaji and Vyshnavi.

    Pls recommend your favourites, do include names beginning with K

    • Sapana

      Hi Vyshnavi,
      Please note, I don’t work on astrology.
      Baby names from combination of Balaji and Vyshnavi are very few mainly due to Balaji has relatively-rarely used letters in names.
      On top of that K-name is very difficult. Anyways I have tried my best.
      Check the meanings in the main list
      Kalapin कलापीन
      Kalkin काल्किन
      Kanal कनाल
      Kilvin कील्वीन
      Vilochan विलोचन
      Barhin बर्हिन
      Balin बालिन

  11. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,
    Please suggest some unique names for baby boy and baby girl names that are combination of Yogesh and Megha.

    • Sapana

      Hi Yogesh,
      Please check the meanings in the A-Z Names list
      Boy Names
      Makhay मखाय
      Mayuk मयुक्
      Mayusva मयुस्व
      Manasyu मनस्यु
      Mayan मायन
      Mayas मायस
      Mayukh मायुख
      Maitrey मैत्रेय
      Yugav युगव
      Yuvagra युवाग्र
      Yogaay योगय

      Girl Names
      Mahiyu माहियू
      Manayu मनायू
      Manushi मनुषी
      Mareesha मारीशा
      Marsha मार्षा
      Mayukhi मायुखी
      Yuga यूगा

  12. Avatar
    Sushilkumar Shinde on

    Hi Sapna, can you please suggest us a Baby girl and baby boy name in a combination of “Sushil” and “Pradnya”
    Thanks in advance.

    • Avatar
      Dhiraj Surana on

      Hello Mam…can u plz suggest me baby boy name starting with letter’G’ in a combination of dhiraj and sarika

    • Sapana

      Boy Names
      Panshul पन्शूल
      Parishrut परिश्रुत
      Parvish पर्विष
      Parish पारिश
      Prayush प्रयूष
      Pranshu प्रांशु
      Pakshil पक्षील
      Pravarsh प्रवर्ष
      Sharmin शर्मिन
      Saradnya सारज्ञ
      Girl Names
      Parasmai परस्मै
      Prahusha प्रहुशा
      Preesha प्रिशा
      Presha प्रेशा
      Sadhvena साध्वेना
      Saranya सारन्या
      Please check the meanings on masterlist on this website.

  13. Avatar
    Dhiraj Surana on

    Hello Mam, plz suggest me combination name from Dhiraj and Sarika starting with letter ‘g’ for baby boy or meaningful name from ‘g’

    • Sapana

      Hi Geeta,
      Please check the meanings in A-Z names list
      Samrita समृता
      Sahata साहता
      Sahita साहिता
      Samsmruta संस्मृता
      Sanhita सहनिता
      Sanita सानिता
      Sanitra सनित्रा
      Taijasa तैजसा
      Tamasi तामसी

    • Avatar
      Mrs. Agrawal on

      Hey Hi
      Can you please suggest some unique Sanskrit name that can go for men s wear ethnics as most of them have been registered it’s a task finding a new one.

      • Sapana

        Suggesting a few rare names which are suitable for an ethnic store.
        Names which mean Handsome
        Abhirup अभिरूप
        Darsh दर्श
        Prakul प्रकुल
        Rupin रूपिन
        Sadarsh सादर्श
        Vartanu वर्ताणु
        Varshman वर्श्मन

        Names which mean Beautiful
        Arkish आर्किश
        Rumra रुम्र
        Shraman श्रमण
        Shril श्रील
        Sakar साकार
        Suktim सुक्तिम्
        Swarchis स्वर्चिस्
        Viharin विहारीन

    • Sapana

      Sanraj सनराज
      Sanjeta संजेता
      Samyuj सम्युज
      Samraj सम्राज
      Sayuj सयूज
      Sarjen सर्जेन
      Sahoj सहोज
      Saujas सौजस

      Niram निराम
      Rushank ऋशांक
      Nirjar निर्झर
      Ranvit रण्वित
      Ransh रन्ष
      Rahas राहस
      Richan रिचन
      Ridhan रीधान
      Ruhvan रुह्वान
      Please check the meanings in A-Z names list.

  14. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    I am 8 month pregnant with twin boys. I am looking for easy sanskrit boys names starting with k Can you please suggest good names from K?

  15. Avatar
    Brahmeshwara Raju on

    Hello ma’am, your a great help to so many people.
    can you suggest a name for my daughter as well starting from D/ H.any reference to Lord shiva would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Bramheshwara,
      Girl Names meaning Shiva and starting with D/H
      Dakshari दक्षारि
      Damyitriya दमइत्रिया
      Darpa दर्पा
      Darpahana दर्पहना
      Dhatra धात्रा
      Dyumani द्युमनी
      Haema हाएमा

      Check meaning and All other D/H names in A-Z names list

  16. Avatar

    Hi Sapna di,
    I made some unique name but can’t find the meanings of these names. So please help me to get these names meanings. I listed these names below:

  17. Avatar

    Hi sapna,
    Please suggest a unique and meaningful name for my daughter….
    Can be in combination of Shreyas + Saumya

    • Sapana

      Saeesha साइषा
      Saesha साएशा
      Samarsha समार्षा
      Samharsha संहर्षा
      Samiha समिहा
      Samrita समृता
      Sanha सनहा
      Sanika सानीका
      Saranya सारन्या
      Sarya सार्या
      Saryu सरयू
      Shansa शंसा
      Sharya शार्या
      Shasa शासा

      Check the meanings and more S/Sh names here

    • Sapana

      Hi Neha,
      Check the meanings in A-Z names list.
      Darpit दर्पित
      Darshat दर्शत
      Daivat दैवत
      Devrat देवरत
      Dyot द्योत
      Dhrushit धृषित
      Rigved ऋग्वेद
      Rajak राजक
      Ritap रितप
      Rupin रूपिन
      Rupik रूपीक
      Rohak रोहक
      Rohtak रोह्तक

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