Don’t Let Monsoon Dampen Your Energy


How to Keep Up with Your Health This Monsoon

Monsoon brings cheer to each & everything in the surroundings. The smell of wet earth after the first shower brings back such fond memories and researchers have said that the smell of earth after rains helps relieve stress too. Many perfume makers have captured the earthiness of wet soil in their perfumes too. But Monsoon also brings lots of health issues with it. Lack of sunlight during monsoon gives way to bacterial & viral infections and air acts at its best as a carrier to these infections. Due to the dampness in the air, everybody’s immunity levels go for a toss. Kids especially are highly susceptible to all kinds of infections. We really need to gear up to tackle this season without getting the effect onto us or our kids.

Avoid Eating Oily and Spicy Outside Food

banana chips
The very thought of heavy rains or a drizzle outside your offices or homes brings a craving for fried pakodas or samosas with a cup of smacking hot chai. But be vary of succumbing to these temptations as they can pave way to gastrointestinal infections, diarrhea and loosies. If at all kids wish to eat something like this, stick to baking or airfrying your pakodas & samosas at home. By doing this you will not only use lesser oil but it will be light on the stomach.

No Leafy Veggies

During rainy season, worms come on the surface on the leafy vegetables and they infect the veggies. So please avoid eating greens as it can harm your body. Avoid eating raw salads & salad leaves are again a big NO.

Avoid Fish & Seafood

Salmon Rawas
Monsoon is the breeding season and fishing is banned in almost all parts of India so its best to avoid the fish & seafood in your diet.

Go Fruitilicious

fruits in monsoon
Stick to the seasonal fruits like apple, anaar, sweet lime, pineapple and pears and avoid melons of all kinds, be it watermelon, muskmelon or honeydew melon. Always remember to wash your fruits well before eating them. Using a vegetable & fruit wash is highly advisible.


Ensure that the water is purified as there are all the chances that the river or lake water that is provided by the municipality may get contaminated with sewage water. Invest in a good RO water purifier if you get hard water or install a good UV water filter if you get soft water at home. Always carrying water from home is great during monsoon than relying on water from some other sources.

Curd & Yogurt

Consuming curd and yogurt is absolutely safe as oppose to our grandma’s advice. Curd has some good bacteria which helps develop immunity in the body. Make fruit smoothies, kadhi or just eat it plain but ensure that its fresh and not sour. It is just simply good for you and kids too. Even if the Ayurveda practices not eating curd during most of the times in the year, modern medical approach thinks it otherwise. As a personal experience, I have never ever developed cold during monsoons after eating curd.

Fenugreek Seeds (Methidana)

fenugreek seeds
Include fenugreek seeds in your food as it will help you in digestion and also is a great immunity booster. The best way to use the methidana is to add it as a whole or in a powder after the cooking is done as it will be most beneficial. Cooking methidana kills its medicinal properties.

Use Garlic

Garlic is a superfood. Use it as much as you can in soups, curries, dals etc during monsoon as it will help build immunity immensely.
Be safe and healthy and enjoy this rainy delight without any worries. Follow all the dos & donts and you will be alright. Have a great monsoon to all of you!


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