Doing Lasik Eye Surgery if Pregnant or Nursing?


Why Lasik Eye Surgery is not Good during Pregnancy/Breastfeeding?

I wore spectacles and contact lenses for 12 years of my life and because of constant work on computer and my eyesight was not exact same through out more than 2 years, I always thought I would go under Lasik surgery during a long break. I stopped working when I was 8 months pregnant first time. I thought this may be good time to clear all pending stuffs.
I consulted my ophthalmologist in my hometown and I got to know doing Lasik Eye surgery during pregnancy and breastfeeding is NOT recommended. I can understand why not during pregnancy but why not during breastfeeding too? Let us see what I found out about it:

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe during Pregnancy?

Even though it has got these exceptions but it is not advised to undergo this Lasik eye surgery during pregnancy. During this surgery, the surgeon prescribes a mild sedation and you would have to take cortisone drops and antibiotic before and after the surgery. These are all drugs which get mixed through the mucous membranes into the blood circulation and can perform a harmful effect on your baby especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.
There is one more issue of the radiation through laser. While there is a limited exposure and does not have much risk but still it should be considered. The risk through all these issues is unknown but precautions should be maintained, why to take any risk?

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe during Breastfeeding?

Along with the pregnant mothers, nursing mothers also have some concerns. Here there is a chance of medications getting into the breast milk. Steroid eye drops, Antibiotics, Postoperative medications, etc. all if used, enter in small amounts, in the breast milk. These medicines are not tested on little babies so it would not be safe enough and can be harmful for your little one.
Thus it is clear that during the time of pregnancy and the breastfeeding, Lasik surgery should be avoided. The changes that takes place in the eyes of a mother and along with it the safety precautions included in medications will not fully conclude totally while the period of breastfeeding is over.

Eye sight and Hormonal Changes:

During pregnancy the curve of cornea in our eyes may change due to some hormonal changes in our body and it may even remain during the lactation period.
It is being said that a mother should not do this surgery till she has weaned her baby, or should wait for at least 3-6 months after she has stopped the breastfeeding for getting this surgery done. These recommendations are done because it is being assumed that the mother’s vision would change after she has stopped the breastfeed or in worst case might have to repeat the surgery after her vision is being changed after breastfeeding.
Generally very few of the mothers experience this type of vision change throughout the lactation period, most of times it is not noticed by mothers but that minor change is there. It is said that after a mother gets back to her regular periods, she would get back her eyesight to a normal state. Some mothers get back to normal state even before breastfeeding, every mother differs in this type of change during pregnancy.
Doctors recommend that a lactating mother should wait till her eyesight comes to a stable stage for some time. It is also being recommended that during the last 1-2 years the prescription of the glasses should also remain constant before getting the surgery done.
For best results, Doctors recommend to wait till the completion of 2-3 menstrual cycles after the breastfeeding period, and then start the procedures for a successful surgery. So, as being a patient, instructions of a doctor should be followed and waiting for a proper period of time for getting the best results from the Lasik eye surgery.
Not just because of hormonal changes or the risks, but with someone dependent on you, you cannot take a complete care of yourself needed after eye surgery. Because of feedings and other baby care activities you may not be able to take rest. So wait for the right time and consult your doctor. Usually in a month’s time after surgery everything is just like before except the spects!
Please note information above does not replace a practical medical examination. Always consult your doctor for any health related queries.


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