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Health benefits of beetroot for moms

If you want to stay away from any blood related problems eat beetroot regularly. Not only this dark red color root vegetable is amazing for your blood but also very good for bones and brain too. It boosts your stamina.

Why beetroot is one of super food?

> Balanced blood pressure: Good source of nitrate which lowers the blood pressure.
> Reduces bad cholesterol: Beetroot is rich source of dietary fiber. It prevents plaque formation hence lower risk of heart attack. Also keeps stomach healthy.
> Storage of folic acid and Vitamin C : it’s a powerful food for pregnant moms.
> Effective calcium absorption: Beetroot contain mineral silica which helps calcium we consume to effectively reach our bones.
> Fights Anaemia: great source of iron and which treats anaemia and fatigue.
> Good for diabetic patients
> Protects you from cancer.

Best way to eat beetroot

The antioxidants power of beetroot decreases if heated. So its best to eat raw.

Beetroot: Recipes

Simple Beetroot Salads:
shred/grate beetroot widely,
add lemon juice and olive oil mix it.
Simplest beetroot salad is ready.
Beetroot Koshimbir: a Maharashtrian salad:
You need: Grated beetroot, cut onion, cut tomato, Cumin powder, peanuts roasted+grounded, curd, salt.
Mix all of ingredients together
add tadka of mustard seeds(rai), cumin, curry leaves and green chilies.
Super delicious and super healthy beetroot salad
Beetroot pickle:
You need: Cubes or slices of fresh 2 peeled beetroots, 2 teaspoons vinegar,1 teaspoon sugar.
Mix this and keep it aside for 30-40 mins. Done!
You can refrigerate and use it for 2-3 days.
But its always recommended to eat fresh cut beetroot for its maximum benefits.
Beetroot halwa: Recipe is exactly same as Gajar/carrot-halwa.
Kerala Style beetroot
One very nice recipe on Padhus kitchen

These recipes will help you to make use of beetroot in diet regularly. Starting from your little one to eldest in family, any one can take benefits of this vegetable. Explore different recipes and share with us. Happy cooking.


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