Do Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?


Body Shapers and Tummy Tuckers: Weight Loss Myths and Facts

Have you tried looking toned getting inside the canvas of a shapewear and hide the lines?
Shapewears have a thriving market around the globe people have mixed reviews about them at the same time. Some people find it a magical solution to get rid of the fat in moments while some folks find it misleading and harmful for health.
Who doesn’t want to show off the perfect lines? Shapewears just flatten the stomach and the curves to create an illusion of a slim physique that every woman craves. If you don’t have enough time to visit the nearby fitness center or go for a long walk then shapewears are NOT a magical way to achieve a great body in no time. It will just give you the fat tummy until the time you are wearing it. Till the shapewear is on, your confidence level remains sky-high.

Please NOTE: Regular Tummy Tucker Shapewears are NOT Thermal Shapers. Know about Thermal Shapers later in the post.

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How Does a Tummy Tucker Shapewear Work?

Shapewears are mostly made of Lycra Spandex blend that provides optimum support to the body and manages the curves nicely. The rigid or elastic fabrics are cut into small fragments in order to tuck and nip the body. The special design of the shapewears indeed finds the unwanted curves and flattens them to provide an exquisite appearance. Only good quality shapewears can push up the fat in a balanced manner so that the overall look is not ruined. All the extra fat is pushed up towards the compressed muscles or where there is lesser fat. The goal of every shapewear is to hide the extra fat, NOT eliminate it.

Facts of Weight Loss Vs Shapewear

One can’t deny that shapewears temporarily provide a quick toned appearance without demanding much effort. But, you must know that its NOT the magical slimming solution. On one hand, it keeps your confidence level up and keeps you happy with your toned appearance whereas on the other hand, it affects your physical health (When used for long time OR if you wear the size not suitable for you). The major problems caused due to wearing shapewears incorrectly are –
• Breathing trouble
• Cause Acid Reflux
• Stomach Issues/Bowel Syndrome
• Cause restricted blood circulation
• Compress the organs
• Panic Attacks

Can Wearing Shapewear Help me Lose Weight?

NO! but it MAY help a little bit in toning the body and tightening the skin. But to get that effect you will have to wear the shapewear for nearly whole day on a regular basis, which is not recommended for skin health and overall breathing. The shapewear even if worn over the cotton inners, won’t let the skin breathe freely.

Thermal Shapewear

The special shapewear which works on thermal theory i.e. to make you sweat, are different and may help you to boost the weight loss by wearing them while exercising (or as instructed by the maker) but again, they are not comfortable.


The best way is to lose weight with nutritional high fibrous diet and intense workouts and then using the shapewear to keep the loose skin in place to give you the dream shape. Tightening the loose or shaggy skin is not an easy task. So, ultimately a shapewear will help you find the perfect shape.
Shapewears are undoubtedly one of the best inventions with the rise of technology and fabric domain. But, no magical solution OR any shapewears can help you shed the extra kilos overnight. For a stunning and fit physique in the long run, you will need to sweat off doing exercises and picking the right diet.


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    Great article dear…in fact I always wondered whether I should get one…but after reading your article…I feel taking a right decision by not buying…thanks

    • Sapana

      Hi Rohini,
      The shape wear definitely help you look best for outing and any event. When used correctly, they are very beneficial. but its not right to expect something they are not made for

    • Sapana

      I agree. As Shapewears are not made for toning anyways. They do their job. We can not expect weight loss magic from them.

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    Awesome! Very informative article. I totally agree that we shouldn’t expect weight loss magic from a shapewear. That’s why I never tell my gf to buy one, instead, I encourage her to hit the gym and do strength training and cardio to optimize her weight loss and fat burning.

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    Hey Sapana, I am a fitness blogger, too. I really love all the content you bring to your readers, especially about fitness or weight loss. I also want to submit an article about fitness to your site (like 5 weight loss myths almost everyone believe and how to prevent lower back pain during pregnancy) so what do you think?

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    Angela Cameron on

    Easy way to losing fat is eating healthy, but eating enough food! If you don’t eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and your body holds onto as much fat as it can especially when you’re breastfeeding your LO. So if you’re hungry, eat!!!

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