Do New Indian Moms Know All about Lactation?


Have You Visited a Breastfeeding Consultant Yet?

When I delivered my first baby at my home town Nasik in a reputed hospital, I got primary information about breastfeeding from my surgeon a very beautiful and intelligent doctor on second day. But obviously as she was a pretty busy doctor I was explained very basic things only.
I was under impression I am doing all correct. One day my cousin recommended me to meet Dr Shama Kulkarni. I met Dr. Shama when my baby was 1.5 months old. She is the regional head of Breastfeeding Consultants in India. That was the first time I got to know there are breastfeeding consultants in this mother world.
She consulted me for complete 1 hour.

Dr. Shama taught me below things in 1 hour complete session

– How to hold the baby. (Don’t underestimate the skills required to hold a new born/young baby. )
– Comfortable breastfeeding position, Till that time I never fed my baby laying down
– Breastfeeding Diet for Better milk quality and better milk production
– Possible health issues like engorgement etc.
– Doctor showed me some videos for better understanding
– How to handle depression during breastfeeding
– Night time breastfeeding techniques and care to be taken
What she taught me in that session was excellent. I realized I was doing it wrong till that moment e.g. I used to let my son rest on his back on feeding pillow but that used to make his neck tilted which was very wrong. I learnt many other important things from doctor.

Second Breastfeeding Consultation I got

Then in Mumbai after 3 years when I delivered my second baby in a 5 star hospital, surprisingly I was not given breastfeeding consultation there too. It was not long back, just 1.5 yrs ago. That time in just 2 weeks’ time, I developed engorgement in my breast. It was painful, I called Dr. Shama she sent a Breast Feeding Consultant Ms. Amita Shah to my home. She traveled long time to visit me. She helped me on the issue. Also she reminded me the techniques and it helped me again.

Difficulties Faced by Lactation Consultants in India and Support by UNICEF

While chatting with her Ms. Amita Shah shared her experience of breastfeeding education camps by UNICEF.
UNICEF is very active in spreading knowledge about breastfeeding in rural areas. They didn’t get any help from government e.g. helping them to go to various hospitals in cities and spreading information about breastfeeding. UNICEF sponsors these camps especially in rural areas and these great women, a group of breastfeeding consultants go to remote locations to spread the awareness about healthy breastfeeding.
That was the day I took my decision of starting a website to help them little bit to spread a word about their great social work.
Ms. Amita told me about other big hospitals, not helping them reach new mothers. Also many times they are called by hospitals after long waiting when mothers are already frustrated.
Ideally, all of the hospitals, be it greatest 7 start hospitals or government operated hospitals or private maternity homes, Breastfeeding consultation by professionals must be given by default in hospital at 2nd or 3rd day of delivery. This way we can avoid wrong practices and health issues related to lactation, support mothers emotionally, educate them about best diet etc. This is must for a successful breastfeeding.
Please help them reach to maximum of new mothers. Even though in India breastfeeding is encouraged from ancient time and is not treated as optional, new mothers must know the important information about breastfeeding so the baby gets maximum benefit from mother’s milk.


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