Do Kids Need Mouthwash?


When to Introduce Mouthwash Liquid to your Child?

Whenever we talk about oral hygiene, mouthwash; especially Listerine-maker comes in our mind. Apart from brushing and flossing, using mouthwash every day is a great way to maintain the oral health. But, most of the moms wonder can I use Lystrein for my child?
You can let your child use a mouthwash for a fresh breath and good dental health but a mouthwash should be introduced to a child only at the right age.

What is the Right Age to Introduce a Mouthwash to a Child?

One of the most frequent questions among the moms is when can kids start to use mouthwash? Teenage children can use mouthwash every day as it is completely safe for them. Even preteen kids can also use it. Many mouthwash products contain Fluoride to fight the building up of plaque in teeth. Fluoride also fights gum diseases. The other primary components used in mouthwashes are zinc gluconate, zinc chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride etc. Mouthwash basically helps to clean those areas where a brush can’t reach. It’s easy-to-use and completely safe for older children.
For younger children, say below 6-7 years. Sometimes, your child’s dentist may prescribe a friendly mouthwash if his dental issue requires it but never start it by yourself for your baby who is below 6-7 years.

Why Mouthwash is Not Safe for Younger Kids?

Most of the mouthwashes contain fluoride which is known as a decolorizing agent. It changes the color and texture of the teeth. This condition is known as Fluorosis. For younger children, whose teeth are still developing, the loss of original color and texture is harmful and hence using mouthwash for children is not safe.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mouthwash for Older Children?

Using a mouthwash every day simply adds to the effectiveness of brushing and flossing. It’s an add-on to our oral health. For older children, using mouthwash has plenty of benefits like fresh breath, removal of food debris from braces or the corners where a brush can’t reach and protection of gums and cavity.
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How to Use Mouthwash for the First Time for Children?

The first use of mouthwash by older children must be done under a parent’s surveillance. As mouthwash contains fluoride and other chemicals, it is very important to teach the children to spit the fluid after rinsing and not swallow it. Always ask a dentist before introducing any mouthwash to your child.
When I introduced mouthwash to my elder son, I gave him in diluted form. i.e. half water and half mouthwash. Also I made him rinse mouth with water after use of mouthwash. Only 2 times a week, then I started to increase the frequency slowly. This method is safe and easy for kids to get used to it.
As we have seen above, using mouthwash is totally safe for the children above 6 years. Mouthwash is an efficient oral health booster. Always choose a kid-friendly mouthwash for your child or as suggested by the dentist.


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