Do Kids Need Flossing?


Flossing your Child’s Teeth: FAQs n Tips

Flossing is needed to maintain oral hygiene when ordinary brushing fails to eliminate all the hidden debris in the mouth.
Toothbrush can’t reach all the areas and the food particles still remain stuck between the teeth. Flossing cleans one’s teeth and prevents infection and sore gums. But, the question is do kids or babies need flossing? Yes, they do BUT with CARE.

Is Flossing Safe For Kids?

Flossing is completely safe for kids. It’s an important dental hygiene practice that saves your kid from various oral infections and troubles. Flossing saves your kid from cavity, bad breaths, decay of the teeth and gum related issues. Teaching your kids about flossing at an early age will develop a good habit of maintaining dental hygiene in them.

When to Start to Floss for Kids?

Teach your kids about flossing when they are young. Ideally, when your kid’s teeth fit together closely, flossing can be done every day. When your kid is 3 years old and when he completely understands your instructions. It’s the best time to start flossing as his motor skills are developed by this age and he is ready for this process. If they’re not able to use threads and can’t wrap the floss, try giving them flossing sticks.

How to Floss a Kid’s Teeth?

There are various types of floss available like flavoured floss, non-flavored floss, smooth floss, textured floss etc. If you are using floss at home, rather than providing a floss of your choice, let your kid choose one. He will be more confident and happy with that. The first flossing must be done by a dentist. Dentist may choose a type of flossing among spool, loop or other flossing techniques. Short length floss should be held with the index finger and thumb. For a better hold, your kid can wind it around a finger. While inserting the floss, make sure the pressure applied is mild and suitable for your kid. For each tooth, apply a new floss section. This will be more hygienic. Make a C-curve before moving the floss up and down. You can also try this with a dummy mouth at his dentist’s clinic to make your kid more confident and well-versed with the technique.

Should a Parent do it for Kids?

Though its always recommended for kids to do it themselves, I personally like to do it myself for kid, he sometimes does it fast or with unnecessary extra pressure, the floss reaches his gums and it may bleed. I started flossing my kid’s teeth when he turned 5.

How Many Times a Day Flossing is Required?

Most of dentists recommend after every meal, but start with Once in a day preferably at night before bed before your kid is able to do it himself and is also doing it comfortably and safely.

Best Flosser to Buy Online in India

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When you start flossing for your kid’s teeth, make sure you are using proper technique otherwise bleeding may occur. Once your kid’s gums are healthy, there will be lesser chances of bleeding. Make flossing a daily habit for your kid for a good oral health.
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