DIY Baby Dress Out of Daddy’s Shirt


How to Make a Cute Dress Out of Daddy’s Shirt?

Baby’s grow faster & before its time to make them wear the same dress the third time, they had already outgrown. We keep buying dresses every now & then. If you like to stitch & have sewing machine at home, here is a step by step way to make a cute dress for your little princess from her daddy’s shirt.

Step One: Take a shirt from Daddy’s wardrobe. If it has a nice pattern, it will look good but even if it is plain you can opt for it.
diy bd step1

Step Two: You will need to measure the height of your princess and also the chest size. Now fold the Shirt into half like illustrated in the picture.

Step Three: Take a rough estimate and then mark the shirt with lots of margin as we are going to use elastic.
diy bd step 2

Step Four: Cut the pattern as specified.
diy bd step3

Step Five: Stitch it & put the elastic on the neck. If you wish to put the elastic on the sleeves too then you will need to cut the sleeves a little bigger.

Step Six: Decorate it with a bow made out of a piece of satin ribbon & the pretty dress for your princess is ready.

diy bd step 4

In India, not every one keeps sewing machine at home, if you don’t have sewing machine at home, you can prepare everything and take the dress for stitching to nearby alteration tailor. It hardly will take 5 mins for stitching.

DIY Baby Clothes are more for fun than for saving money. I enjoyed doing this DIY, hope you enjoy it too.


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