Diwali Inspired Name Ideas for Indian Baby Girls


Baby Girl Names for the Babies Born during Diwali

Greetings to all the Indian parents who have been blessed with a girl child on the auspicious day of Diwali! A girl child is considered as Lakshmi Swaroop or a form of Goddess Lakshmi in the Hindu faith. And, we have brought in a list of uncommon and meaningful Indian baby girl names inspired by Goddess Lakshmi, which mean light, etc suitable for a baby girl born during Diwali to adorn her personality with the grace of the Goddess. We hope you will like the list and comment for more suggestions.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Suitable for Baby Girl Born in Diwali

Abhati अभाती

Adorning your little one’s personality with a splendid name can be a smart move. The name signifies light or shade and denotes splendour.

Ahana आहना

The name is quite trendy with an impactful meaning. It talks about the inner light or represents someone who is born during the dawn. It also refers to Goddess Lakshmi who is immortal.

Aratrika आरत्रिका

A traditional Indian name with a spiritual significance. It is inspired by Aarati or Arati which is a common Hindu practice of waving light or lamp before an idol or placed beneath the Tulsi tree.

Archi आर्ची

Before you enter the Archies store for beautiful greeting cards to invite your near and dear ones, try to embellish your baby girl’s personality with the name Archi which symbolizes a flame or ray of light in Sanskrit.

Chhavi छवि

The name simply adds grace to your baby girl’s personality as it literally denotes image or personality. It also means Splendour, beauty or ray of light.

Dyuksha द्युक्षा

If you belong to the unique baby name hunting club then this name can be a great fit for you. Dyuksha is one of the most auspicious Goddess Lakshmi Sahasranam and it denotes brilliance, light or something heavenly/divine.

Nirvisha निर्विषा

ॐ निर्विशेषायै नमः। An epithet used for Goddess Durga and means to delight in something.

Riddhisha रिद्धिशा

Riddhi means Wealth and Isha symbolizes a Goddess. The Goddess of wealth i.e. Goddess Lakshmi goes by this auspicious name.

Seera सीरा

If you are a nature lover then this name can be a suitable pick for you. It denotes the elements of nature including water, light and sun. It also signifies the nerve in Sanskrit.

Sharva शार्वा

ॐ शर्वर्यै नमः। Since the happiness and hope entered your life with your newborn, it’s time to eliminate the darkness and negativity with this impactful Sanskrit name inspired by Diwali. It denotes Goddess Lakshmi who removes darkness from our lives. It is derived from Lord Shiva and also refers to Lord Hanuman.

Shreeda श्रीदा

While you may find it as a variant of Shraddha, the name signifies a divine figure (Goddess Lakshmi) who bestows people with wealth and prosperity.

Syona स्योना

An uncommon Sanskrit name that reflects the essence of sunlight or happiness. It also means sun or a gentle person.

Tvisha त्विशा

If you are fond of modern Indian names with an essence of Sanskrit and Hinduism, the name sounds perfect for your baby girl. It implies splendour or radiance.
A baby girl born during Diwali is one of the greatest joys a Hindu Family can have in a lifetime. Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India and a symbol of light and wealth. This list of baby born on Diwali suitable names will add to the pride and recognition of your little angel when she grows up and she will always be showered with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.


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