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Trendy Baby-Handbags for New Indian Moms

New moms are ignorant as newborns. After all newborns are keeping them on their toes.
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Many don’t know that Diaper handbags are one of the Must-Have items that every novice and veteran mother should have with her, before/after delivery. Under Baby utility bags, diaper bags have indeed becoming a demanding product because whether it is visit to pediatrician, shopping, traveling, outing, or meeting good ole friends, with you comes your baby. And today we will tell you about those top Diaper Bags that have sufficient compartments, are not overly big in size. And the ones that are spacious enough keep baby’s diaper and stuff, organized and most importantly only trendy baby bags for stylish moms!
Below you will find our curated, Top Baby diaper bags in the following ways:
A. Diaper Bags below Rupees 500
B. Diaper Bags between Rupees 500-1000
C. Diaper Bags above Rupees 1000

Baby Diaper Bag under Rupees 500

• Under 500 only one bag has managed to impress us.
(Please note the prices change time to time, the lists are made when the post was published.)

Generic Multifunctional Diaper Changing Bag

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 8
2. Weight: 9 g
3. Size: 38x 32 x 16 cm
4. Add-on(s): Along with the bag you will also get one Changing Pad and Small Size Plastic Bag.
Diaper Changing Pads can be hard to pack but with a bag fitting changing mat, such a problem won’t arise.
5. Special Features: Adjustable shoulder straps. The bag can even be hung on baby strollers. Since the bag’s outer part is made of Microfiber, this makes it easy to clean. Also, the polyester lining makes it water-resistant
6. Style: It’s a tote style bag with a cartooned Giraffe. There’s a reason why the word ‘multifunctional’ has been in the product’s name. The reason is, even your baby could use the bag the time he turns into a toddler.
7. Colors Available: This giraffe printed bag comes in other colors too like [Brown] [White], and [Green] Including giraffe, the same bag is available in designs of other animals like [tiger], [leopard], [zebra], [monkey]and even [donkey]

[B.] Baby Diaper Bag from Rupees 500– 1000

Iris Blue Print Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 2
Its main pocket is wide enough that other things like baby toys, baby bibs, extra clothes, and baby bottles etc. can be packed inside it.
2. Weight: 340 g
3. Size: 27 x 22 x 12 cm
4. Add-on(s): Bag-Fitting Changing Mat and Adjustable Shoulder Straps.
5. Special Features: This bag also has water-resistant polyester lining inside it.
6. Style: This Satchel style shoulder bag can be held everywhere like a briefcase too.
7. Colors Available: [Olive] , [Pink] and [Purple]. You can buy this wide size compartment bag only for Rupees [699]

Outing Mama Shoulder Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 4
2. Weight: 522 g
3. Size: 40.8 x 29.6 x 3.8 cm
4. Add-on(s): Bag fitting diaper changing mat
5. Special Features: We have seen that front pocket of many diaper bags comes without zips. But this one provides zipped as well as non-zipped front pockets to the buyer. Its shoulder straps are adjustable are too, therefore you can adjust the bag’s length as per your height.
6. Style: It’s a tote style bag with an adorable elephant printed on it.
7. Colors Available: With varying colors, you will also get varying designs. Other designs includes animals like [cow], [owl]and [hippo]too. You can buy this endearingly designed diaper bag just for Rupees [749]

Tiny Tots Shoulder Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 5
2. Weight: N/A
3. Size: 15.5 x 12 x 6 inch
4. Add-on(s): Bag compatible Changing Mat and Straps of two kinds, see below.
5. Special Features: One shoulder strap is adjustable, this way the bag can be hung as a canvas bag. And with the non-adjustable short shoulder straps, the bag can be hung as a tote. While using it as a tote if you want you could even remove the long shoulder strap attached to it.
Our advice, use the bags in tote form when it doesn’t feel heavy. And the time it gets fully packed and/or weighs heavy use the long shoulder straps. This is to avoid shoulder pain of any kind. Rest the bag is washable and water-resistant too.
6. Style: This is a Flight Bag type, where usage of vibrant block colors has been made. Even you could use it yourself when your baby won’t need diapers anymore. This shows that even the appearance of the bag has been designed, keeping in mind its long-term use.
7. Colors Available: It is also available in [Green] and [Blue] color.

Baby Diaper Bag above Rupees 1000

Tiffy and Toffee Mizzle Diaper Bag

What do we like about it
1. No. of Pockets: 7
2. Weight: 458 g
3. Size: 46 x 35 x 5 cm
4. Add-on(s): One small drawstring pouch and one bag fitting diaper changing mat.
5. Special Features: It has got detachable long shoulder straps this means you can use the bag as a canvas bag. With the short shoulder straps, you can use it as a tote.
With 7 large and medium sized pockets instead of stuffing things inside, you would keep everything sorted.
6. Style: Striped Safari Style Flight Bag
7. Colors Available: Above you are seeing a stripes-patterned bag. Except this, you will also find [floral]print of Tiffy and Toffee Mizzle Diaper Bag.
Since the bag neither looks kiddish nor utterly feminine, we think your husband won’t mind holding this bag for you. You can buy Tiffy and Toffee Mizzle Diaper Bag just for Rupees [1,039].

Magideal Baby Diaper Changing Bag Set

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 3 or more. Its exact number of pockets cannot be detected. But from the picture above it’s evident that minimum 3 pockets can be found on the bag.
2. Weight: 807 g
3. Size: 43 x 18 x 30 cm
4. Add-on(s): It comes with luring Add-on(s) like-
Baby Stroller Hook + Bag fitting diaper changing mat + Detachable long shoulder straps + Milk Bottle Bag + Waterproof Bag
5. Special Features: We think it won’t be wrong to tag the bag’s Add-on(s) as its special feature too.
Another thing that we’ve witnessed is, usually, diaper bags are made of microfiber or Velcro fabric. But Magideal Baby Diaper Changing Set is made of Oxford Cloth. Hence the bag won’t make those ‘slippery’ tacky sounds with every movement.
6. Style: It’s a Tote Style Bag that can be worn in 4 different ways. All the credit goes to the bag’s detachable shoulder straps.
7. Colors Available: Including Dark Blue, it is also available in colors like [Army Green] and [Purple] .

Mee Mee Multifunctional Nursery Bag

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: Minimum 7
2. Weight: 762 g
3. Size: 49 x 31.8 x 3.8 cm
4. Add-on(s): The removable shoulder straps can be counted as an add-on. Till now, Mee Mee multifunctional nursery bag is the only bag on our list that doesn’t provide diaper changing mat with it. This should not be a problem as diaper changing mats, are usually bought separately by the parents as per their preferences.
5. Special Features: Inside it, it has a separate insulated compartment for storing and keeping baby bottles warm. In addition to this, the bag’s shoulder straps are adjustable too.
6. Style: This is a safari style bag since it has got exterior pockets all around.
7. Colors Available: The same bag is available in [Navy Blue] color too.
Since this bag is without cartoons, even you can make use of the bag for your own needs.

Bohomia Featherlite Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 9
2. Weight: 762 g
3. Size: 31 x 31.5 x 16.5 cm
4. Add-on(s): There are no such pouches or changing mat provided with the bag. Since the long shoulder strap is detachable, we would count it as its add-on.
5. Special Features: Polyester made bags can be easily washed, they are said to be known for its durability too. You won’t feel the weight of the bag, even when it is fully packed. This is why the considerate use of the word ‘Featherlite’ has been made for naming the product.
Since it’s made of PU, you won’t have to take the pains of washing the bag inside a washing machine. You could simply clean the bag by wiping it clean with a damp cloth.
Though this water-resistant bag is dark in color from outside, this is good in a way as any stains or spots won’t be clearly visible on it. But the bag’s inside has been made water-resistant with a light colored PU lining. This is to help you find things easily.
6. Style: It’s a navy blue cum dark brown Convertible Bag. Means besides using it as a tote or cross-body bag. You could hang the bag on both sides of your shoulder too as a backpack.
7. Colors Available: Same structure bag can be found in other colors like [Brow cum Yellow].

Reebaby Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?

1. No. of Pockets: 7
2. Weight: 621 g
3. Size: 35 x 15 x 35 cm
4. Add-on(s): Bag compatible diaper changing mat, stroller straps, detachable long shoulder straps, and a bottle pouch will be provided to you along with the bag.
5. Special Features: The bag’s bottle pouch provided will be insulated. It’s necessary to have such an insulated bottle pouch, to maintain the freshness of expressed or formula milk.
6. Style: It looks more like Canvas Purse style bag.
7. Colors Available: The same is available in [beige]color too.

ReeBaby Diaper Bag (Black)
List Price:INR 1,800.00
You Save:INR 201.00
Price Disclaimer

Iris Multi-purpose Diaper Bag Kit

What do we like about it?
1. No. of Pockets: 8 minimum
2. Weight: 980 g
3. Size: Large Bag- 39 x 27 x 14 cm
Small Bag- 29 x 24 x 9.5 cm
4. Add-on(s): Small Size Bag + Changing Mat + Bottle Holder + Tiffin Pouch
5. Special Features: Cushioned Diaper Changing Mat has been provided with the mat. The same has been made water-resistant with help of polyester lining inside.
6. Style: Bobby Print Matching Satchel Style Set
7. Colors Available: You can find its [purple]and [red]color too.
The large size bag should preferably be used for long trips and vacations, whereas the small size bag is for one-day use, like for short trips, family functions, shopping etc. Cushioned changing mat are hard to get with diaper bags, but Iris Multi-purpose diaper bag set has broken this notion of ours. You can buy this for Rupees [1,999] only.

My Milestone Duo Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?

1. No. of Pockets: Minimum 6
2. Weight: 1.5 Kg
3. Size: 43.8 x 34 x 10 cm
4. Add-on(s): Along with detachable long shoulder straps and diaper/nappy changing mat, you will also get baby bottle holder and one small size roll-on pouch.
5. Special Features: The bag is made of polyester for making it water-resistant. But this PU material use is PVC-chemical free. As you can see the bag’s weight is slightly more than the others because the base/feet of the bag has been made strong, using a flat solid material. This will keep the bag in shape too. Hence, your baby’s ironed clothes won’t get wrinkled.
6. Style: It’s a wide type Bowler Style Bag
7. Colors Available: In [Orange] , [Pink], [Grey-Yellow], [Navy Blue- Red], [Grey- Red], [Coffee] and [Grey- Green] too.

In coming years, when your baby grows up, you can use this same sturdy bag for your own traveling.

My Milestone Studio Diaper Bag

What do we like about it?

1. No. of Pockets: Minimum 5
2. Weight: 499 g
3. Size: 33 x 15.2 x 29.2 cm
4. Add-on(s): Bottle Warmer Pouch + Bag fitting Changing Mat + Detachable Long Shoulder Straps
5. Special Features: This version of My Milestone’s Diaper bag provided padded nappy changing mat. In comparison to its Duo version, this one’s quite lightweight. Also, the polyester used in making the bag water-resistant is PVC free too.
6. Style: It looks more like a duffle style bag. This makes the bag casual looking and suitable for regular use.
7. Colors Available: It is also available in colors like [Brick], [Grey Khaki], [Blue], and in [Moss Green] too.

We must say that the zip of both the bags of Milestones has been made to look pretty stylish. More than its stylish looks, the bag’s quite spacious, and that’s what important right, you can buy it for Rupees [2,495]

A woman’s essential can be found inside her beloved handbag and a baby’s essential can be found inside his very own handbag, his diaper bag. Just like handbags, even baby bags are many but the best diaper bags beside being stylish are spacious and sturdy too. Now it’s on you, whether you want to buy the best or you want to waste your time searching the rest. As in India’s gigantic marketplace, you will find uncountable diaper bags brands. Keeping in mind, these never-ending options and everyone’s budget, we’ve just helped you find the best baby diapers bag in India. We have made our selections, now it’s time for you to select.
For keeping that diaper changing mat, reusable diaper], disposable diaper, baby wipes and baby nappy lotion, you need Diaper Bags. We hope you liked our Selection of Trendy Baby Diaper Bags for your comfort.


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