Cute Uncommon Bath Toys for Babies in India


Bath Toys Your Baby will Love to Play: Buy Online in India

Bathing is a chore which can be connected much with fun and creativity. Babies love to bath as they enjoy fun with water. Make these splashes of warm water more enjoyable with these selected safe and interesting bath toys.
Here is a curated list of top bath toys for Indian babies that can bring a adorable smile on your little one’s face.

Colorful and Interesting Bath Toys for Babies to buy Online in India

Colorful Baby Dinos

When your baby is feeling alone in the bathtub, the adorable toy dinosaur squad will give him fun time. The toys are non-toxic and easy to hold. The vibrant colors of the toys engage the little ones and you can shampoo his scalp or wash his body while he is busy with these cute little creatures.

Purple Octopus

Bring the purple octopus toy to your baby’s bathtub to make the plain bathing experience delightful. The product comes with three colorful rings that your baby can toss while the octopus floats in the water. The toy can be easily placed on the lap and enjoyed.

Sponge Fish

Your baby’s hands are soft and hence they deserve ultra soft toys. The sponge fish for baby bath time is a great pick if you are looking for a change in your little one’s bath time fun regime. Even if the sponge soaks the water, it can be easily drained by squeezing lightly. The product is fragile and hence special care for a long shelf life.

Hamley’s Ballet Dancer

The toy boosts your baby’s hand-eye coordination. The innovative design of the toy makes it handy and easy to clean. Your baby’s little hands can effortlessly handle it and relish.

Floating Whale Fish Bath Toy

The eye-catching toy whale soaks water and sprays it around when the button attached to its head is pressed. The toy also floats in the bathtub when a string attached to its tail is pulled. A complete value for money bath toy makes your baby’s bath time memorable.

Mom and Baby Adorable Fish Toys

Your baby learns from what he watches around him. The cute mom and baby bath toys teach him the bond between a mom and a baby. The inspiring toys are easy to grasp and their perfect size easily fits into the baby tub. The bright colors drive your baby’s attention and develop his color senses. The toys make mild and adorable sounds to ginger up your little one’s mood.

Cute Water Spray Toy Cup

The water squirting baby bottles save every momma’s time while giving bath to her baby. These are very easy to use and babies love the lukewarm water being sprayed on their hair or body.

Finding Nemo Squirting Toys for Baby Bath

Babies love to play with the adorable soft creatures during their bath time. Moms can use the toys for spraying water gently on the babies for cleaning and later let the babies play with these toys. The Finding Nemo squirting toys can take the babies to an adventure world and make the bath time a fun ride.

Swimming Penguin Toy

Who doesn’t adore the penguins? The toy penguins just need a kick start and they will run into the tub bringing a smile on your baby’s face. The spring attached to the back of the toy needs to be rotated for motion. The penguins will also inspire your baby to stay active and try swimming in the tub.
From waking up to the bedtime, babies need fun and adventure. The bathing toys act as the inspiring companions for your baby. These toys make the bathtub a playground and bathing an enjoyable experience. It’s a great idea to bring in these fun companions while mommas clean up the dirt and germs. Try these baby toys and your baby will never complain about his bath time.

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