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How to Turn Your Baby’s Pictures Creatively into a Photo Book?

From the day our precious ones come into existence to the day they let go of our fingers and make their own life’s journey, we use photos to capture it all. However, most of our captured memories are scattered. Strewn across the various feeds of our social media or sitting in dusty plastic albums in the corner of our closets. Unknowingly, some of our most precious memories relegate to the background or lie unorganized. Therefore, it becomes crucial to preserving the preserved moments.
Organizing them might seem like a monumental task but it can also be a creative one. It can be engaging as well. Simply, take all your snaps and turn them into photo books or print them on cases and covers. You can pick colorful backgrounds and templates to adore your pictures. Moreover, printing has become adept to high quality and high definition pictures. The simplest of pictures can be made to look like the work of a professional photographer with the help of printing software and graphics. What’s more, all of this can be done in a few clicks online! There are several ways you can use creative printing to enhance your photos.

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Photobooks, especially, baby photo books are a great way to etch the span of time during infancy into treasures saved to last a lifetime. You can find several boards on Pinterest to nudge your motivation and inspire your creative self. Once you have an idea, you can use tools like Photojaanic to create your own photo book. While most printing companies cater to audiences in the US and UK, this company works exclusively for people in India and Singapore.

Take a Peek into Baby Photo Books

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A photo book is a customized creative book consisting a collective of your photos. You can personalize and arrange snaps according to a theme, year, or a subject. Safeguard the magical adventure of your pregnancy, the first year of your baby, their milestones like the first day of school, first bicycle ride, etc., creatively. You can have quotes, clipart, cartoons, along with your picture. You can style it in the form of a blog post, a newspaper clipping or a comic strip too. They are a great way to showcase your artsy side. Photo books are much more elegant than a plastic photo album. Their hardback covers can sit comfortably along your bookshelves. There are so many options, styles and formats to choose from.

Other Popular Baby Photo Book Styles in India

Instabook for you baby

baby insta book
Do you love posting your baby’s pictures on Instagram? Now you can compile your baby’s milestones in the style of Instagram shots, with its filters and aesthetic.

Accordion-style baby book

baby photoshoot - acordion
This format allows more space for photos, graphics, and text. They foldable style allows it to be compact for storage purposes. An accordion-style baby book will store a plethora of your cherished moments in the tiniest of space.


A picture book doesn’t have to be just about photos. You can use trendy fonts and tell a story or share the memory the photo captures.

Craft your baby’s photos into a work of art

Get Crafty with Scrapbooks

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Scrapbooking is a great way to organize all your memorabilia. A scrapbook of all the little articles of your baby would be an inventive way to document their childhood. Their first bib, beside a picture of them in it, their first drawing, etc., can be decorated on colorful pages along with their pictures. While most photo books involve the use of software for customization, scrapbooks demand the use of hands. Making a scrapbook is like starting an art and crafts project. For those moms who love to get their hands on chart paper, sparkles, sequins and glue, a scrap book is the best way to indulge yourself.

Take Your Memories to Work

baby calendarour mug or while writing with the printed stationary. You can add a dash of personalization to your decor by hanging a collage of the pictures on your walls.
Photos tell the stories we lived. They capture the happiness in some of the most precious moments of our lives. The fond memories, cherished near and dear ones, milestones and passage of the years all captured in a single speckle of time preserved by a lens. Unlike the instantaneous attention that posting snaps on social media provide, it is the bittersweet nostalgia which photos ignite that make them special. This is also the reason why we take photos. To look back on them and live in the past, be it only a tiny moment. More so, as a parent. To relive the enriching journey raising kids has been.


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