Creamy Carrot and Beet Root Soup for Kids


How to feed Beet Root and Carrot to Kids?

Most of children don’t like to eat beet roots. The raw beet root doesn’t taste yummy. The salads and soups are easy ways to feed Carrots and Beet Roots to children. The Beet root is one of Top 10 Iron rich foods.
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Why Soup?

Homemade soups not just contain oodles of love, passion and care but nutrition and yummy taste as well. Every mouth loves a different soup. Moms have to spend a lot of time understanding their kids’ taste bud.
Soups are easy-to-cook and full of nutrition. Be it a breakfast idea struck the mind on the spur of the moment or a random thought of making something yummy but quick watching the chilling weather outside; soups make great recipes. Carrot and beet are rich sources of Vitamins and many essential nutrients. Here is an easy-to-cook creamy soup recipe with carrot and beet that will kick-start the New Year for your kids on a YUMMY note.


Onions, beetroot, veg stock, carrots, double cream, salt and pepper and cooking oil


• Take 1 table spoon of olive oil or salted butter in a sauce pan and place it on the heat.
• Add the peeled and chopped carrots to the pan.
• Fry the carrots on low heat till they become soft.
• Add cooked and chopped beetroots and chopped onions to the pan.
• Add vegetable stock or hot water and shimmer the mixture.
• Add salt, oregano, basil (dried and powdered or any herbs mix) and pepper according to taste.
• Shimmer the mixture for about 15- 20 minute a tempting rich color appears.
• Take the mixture out and let it cool.
• Blend the mixture for smooth soup.
• Put this soup on heat for just 5 minutes on low heat.
• Add cream, garnish and serve hot.
Vegetable soups are high in vitamins and yummy meals that save time but bring loads of compliments. You can deliver the goodness of nutritious vegetables to your kid through different kinds of soups. The carrot and beet creamy soup offers an appetizing flavour and a wonderful color to lure your kid. Try this amazing soup this New Year and introduce a unique flavour to your kid’s taste bud.


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    Sounds like a great soup for this winter. 2018 is the Year of the Beet according to National Garden Bureau – beets are easy-to-grow, can be grown in containers as well as ground and as mentioned, is very nutritious!

    • Sapana

      Frankly speaking , I dint know this is a Year of Beet. Thanks for your comment. I will plan few more posts on Beet Root Salads. I have seen very few people admiring beetroot.

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