Cream of Spinach Soup: For Toddlers


Healthy Green Soups Recipe

When it’s about eating fresh, green leafy foods and a great source of essential nutrients; Spinach perfectly fits the bill.
Everyone knows that how much Spinach is good for your body; be it for a pregnant woman, a new breastfeeding mom, a toddler or a child. The regular spinach intake will keep your iron, vitamins and minerals levels in required amounts.
The best way to have spinach is with tomato. The simplest recipe is here but frankly telling you that it’s not tasty and kids may not have it regularly. So, we also suggest you to try this recipe: Best way to feed Spinach to kids.

How to Make Cream of Spinach Soup


ingredients soup spinach
Spinach, butter, all-purpose flour, water, milk, dried onion powder, garlic powder and minced onion, pepper and salt.


• Take a saucepan and add butter and chopped onion.
• Once onion turns brown, add spinach and cook till it becomes slightly soft or tender
• Stop the heat and let this mixture cool down.
• Grid this vegetable and onion and make a fine paste.
• Take butter in a saucepan and add flour to it
• Stir and cook the flour in butter for around 1 min, add dried onion and garlic powder
• Add milk and then pepper, salt and onion for seasoning
• Add the paste of spinach and onion (use sieve), add salt, water and pepper powder
• Cook the mixture till the consistency become thick
• Stir in the mixture
You can also add chicken stock along with water and spinach while boiling them to enhance the taste.

Health Benefits of Spinach Cream Soup

• Low calorie soup
• Reduces obesity
• Good for brain
• Provides energy
• Strengthens bones
• Reduces inflammation
• Nutritional benefits of Vitamin A, Vit B, Vit C, Vit K, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium

Spinach is good for eyes, bones, brain and nerves. You can make many types of Spinach soups adding a selection of yummy ingredients to it. The above soup is very healthy and it can be prepared in a very small span of time. So, whenever your little cries from hunger and you got spinach at home; try something healthy, fresh and yummy with it.


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