Best 5 Art & Craft Gift Kits for Kids


Inexpensive DIY Gift Sets for Kids to buy Online in India

Be it any special festive season like Diwali/Xmas or return gift or a birthday gift; we parents look for new ideas for gifts for our kids. Usually, the creative gifts like art kits or DIY kits are loved by both boy and girl kids. These keep the kids engaged in productive activities for a long time.
If you are looking for some attractive Craft gift kits, here we have selected the best gift items you can buy online. These are selected considering price, the quality etc.

Inexpensive and Creative Gift Kits for Kids Age 5-10

Multi-Colored Pop-up Greeting Cards

The idea of crafting colorful greeting cards at home has come a long way. This kit comes with an instruction manual which helps kids create alluring multi-color pop-up greeting cards. This DIY kit provokes innovation and motor skills in kids. The cards can be made for many events and occasions like birthdays and farewell. This can also add spark to your kid’s lazy afternoons.

Woollen Stuffed Rag Doll

ToyKraft Woollen Rag Doll
List Price:INR 549.00
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Stuffed rag dolls are often popular among children. So many colors, accessories and oodles of options to embellish the doll in customized manner. The kit comes with many decorative materials like buttons, adhesive, ribbons, Sequins and many more things. An instruction manual is also available to help the children out with decorating the doll the way they like. Use of wool in a creative way can give an edge to their creativity. It’s a great return gift idea for birthday parties.

Creative Crochet and Knit Kit

Innovative knitting and crocheting can begin at home and this kit is a simple and effective way to do that. The kit focuses of boosting the motor and creative skills of the kids. It comes with plastic needles, crochet hook, wool, bodkin, twines, knitting spools and earring hooks. It covers four innovative practices including simple knitting, tube knitting, French knitting and crocheting.

DIY Quilling Kit

The paper quilling kit that comes with multiple quilling accessories frame background, quilling paper, greeting cards, adhesive and quilling tools gives a new dimension to the art of quilling. The kit keeps the creative little brigade engaged in many fun quilling activities. By making handmade greeting cards, children can explore their artistic side and edge creative skills.

Reusable Rock Art Kit

The creative kit comes with river rocks, paint brush and washable paints. Your child can hold the brush and give shapes to his imaginations on the smooth rocks following the inspiration booklet that has oodles of creative designs. Once your kid is done with a design, the rock can be cleaned and painted again.
DIY activities are fun and educational at the same time. Along with keeping them engaged for hours, you can boost their motor, creative and artistic skills with the above DIY kids. Toys can just be your child’s partner for a little span of time but these DIY kits prove thoughts and ideas and will make your kid do several experiments at home using simple accessories and a pinch of creativity.

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