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Guest Post: Tips for Women Trying to Conceive a Baby

If you are worried about not getting pregnant – don’t worry! It all depends on the right timing. Here, we have summed up a pregnancy guide to help you be properly informed. We will first talk about all the pre-pregnancy things you should be doing right.
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Things to Know for Conceiving a Baby

Appropriate Timing

The first important thing to do is to get to know your ovulation period. There are two techniques to know when precisely you are ovulating. Calculate when your next period is and go back 12 to 16 days. This will give you a scope of days when you will apparently be ovulating.

For women with a 28-day cycle, the fourteenth day is normally the day of ovulation. To use this methodology, you might as well know to what degree your cycle regularly continues ticking.

Ovulation Test

An alternative method is to use an ovulation test. Ovulation prediction kits are available in common drugstores, pharmacies, and supermarkets and can be bought without a prescription. Most ovulation tests measure LH in a lady’s urine.

Since LH “surges,” or abruptly spikes in a woman’s system one to two days prior to an egg being discharged, these tests given the opportunity to plan to engage in sexual relations in the peak fertility days and increase the possibility of conceiving.

After you get to know your ovulation period, make sure you have intercourse as close to the ovulation period as possible.

Right Diet Tips

Being pregnant means you also need to bring about a change in your lifestyle. It is important to consume the following food items to leverage your chances of getting pregnant.

1. Women

High Sodium and Potassium
Canned soups, table salt, ham, seafood, sausage, eggs, luncheon meats, crackers. (Note: Eat homemade food made without use of chemicals. Also have it in moderation)
High Energy
Cereal, energy bars, peanut butter.
High Calcium and Less of Magnesium
Dairy products, less of egg yolks and nuts.

2. Men

Have your male partner drink coffee! It is said to give the sperm an extra boost. This should be done thirty minutes or so before the intercourse. Avoid decaf coffee.

The Right Sex Position

Rear Entry

The position allows for deeper penetration, and therefore upon ejaculation the male sperm gets deposited much closer to the cervix than it originally would have.

Standing Up

Again, this style of intercourse offers the benefit of deeper penetration. This gives the male sperm a distinct advantage because in this sort of position the sperm has to swim against the natural order of gravity.

Female Orgasm

The female orgasm greatly increases chances of conceiving a boy. This is because orgasmic juices make the vagina more alkaline and this is an environment that favours the male sperm.

Precautions to Take During Pregnancy

Here are some of the things that you need to be careful of when you are pregnant.
Unintended Pregnancy
The most common cause for a woman to go for a precautionary measure is when the pregnancy is unintended, and she does not wish to conceive a baby at that point of time.
Chromosomal Abnormalities
The tiny structures found inside our body’s cells are known as chromosomes and carry the genes. When any kind of problem or complication may occur in these chromosomes, then a woman might have to undergo precautions.
When an infection takes place in the uterus, the foetus might have to be removed or else the infection can spread to the mother and endanger her life as well.
Exposure to Radiation
If a pregnant woman is exposed to high levels of radiation or even toxins of any kind, it might cause great harm to the foetus and result in precautionary measures.
Hormonal and Uterine Problems
Another common cause is that of hormonal abnormality in the pregnant woman leading to precaution being taken. Some women lose their baby if they are suffering from uterine problems or abnormalities due to which the foetus is unable to sustain in the uterus.
Incompetent Cervix
If in the middle of the pregnancy, the cervix opens up after widening too much, without the woman facing any labour pain, it might result in a loss of the baby.
Health Diseases
Health diseases in which major organs are affected like the kidney, heart or thyroid gland can affect the foetus, making it difficult to sustain the baby in the womb. Uncontrolled diabetes is another reason for getting precautions performed in many women.
Immune System Disorder
Disorders in the immune system can result in complications in pregnancy.
Women who continue to smoke, consume alcohol or use drugs after becoming pregnant may experience a difficult pregnancy or complete failure to have a normal baby.
Women who are suffering from malnutrition are unable to provide their foetus with enough food, resulting in losing the baby.
We hope this pregnancy guide has helped answer all your questions. You should take care of yourself and keep track of your body cycle to enhance your chances of getting pregnant.


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