Common Symptoms of Anaemia in Women


How to Know if You have Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Iron deficiency in India and many other developing countries is affecting a huge female population and causing diseases like Anaemia and lack of red blood cells.
Anaemia is not like a viral infection in which you see visible symptoms like cold or fever. Anaemia usually goes unnoticed for years mainly in Indian Women.
The major causes of Anaemia in Indian women include:
• Blood is unable to create adequate red blood cells or RBC
• Lack of iron in food
• Blood loss
• Internal bleeding

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Common Symptoms of Anaemia in Indian Women

The common Anaemia symptoms include:


The lack of haemoglobin in the blood, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues, is the primary reason of dizziness during anaemia. When you feel lightheaded or feel like things are spinning around, you may be suffering from iron deficiency.


Lack of Iron in body can make you tired even after doing minor workouts or physical movements. When haemoglobin and Oxygen levels in body are pretty low, you don’t feel active and get easily jaded after doing little bit of work. In the case of anaemia, you may feel the lack of energy in the body which makes you easily tired.

Respiratory Trouble

In Anaemia, women often face breathing trouble or shortness of breath after doing simple and ordinary tasks. A woman may also find is difficult to climb the stairs and proper Oxygen supply is not there in anaemic women.


Trouble with sleeping or Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of Anaemia. The cramping caused in body and the restless leg syndrome become a barrier in your sleep and you suffer from Insomnia. You may face pain in other body parts as well while suffering from Anaemia.

Problem with Heartbeats

When Oxygen is inadequate in the body, the heartbeats go faster signifying that heart is making extra efforts to fulfil the Oxygen need in your body to keep you active. In Anaemia, the reproductive age women may find their heart palpitation suddenly increased and it is an important symptom of Iron deficiency in the body.

Pain in Chest

Chest pain is another common symptom of Anaemia. Women suffering from severe case of Anaemia are at a risk of cardiac failure or stroke. In mild cases of Anaemia, women encounter chest pain.


Weakness and numbness are also some symptoms of Anaemia. When your body suffers from Iron deficiency, the muscles and tissues don’t get enough Oxygen for well functioning as the level of haemoglobin is also low. This acts as the fuel for the muscles and hence you feel weak or numb during Anaemia.

Anaemia can be caused due to two major deficiencies – Iron deficiency and Vitamin B12 deficiency.
In the case of Iron deficiency, some bizarre symptoms like koilonychias, sored and cracked mouth and the urge to eat weird things like ice and soil may show up.

Pernicious Anaemia

Whereas, in the case of Vitamin B12 deficiency caused Anaemia, also known as Pernicious Anaemia, the symptoms like numbness, tingling sensation, problem in walking, stiffness in muscles and legs may appear. Vitamin B12 also boosts the level of red blood cells in the body and the dietary elements like egg, milk, fish and meat contain Vitamin B12.

Why won’t you Notice Anaemia?

1. Most of the women in India suffer from Anaemia after having babies. The main reason being not-sufficient level of nutritional intake even in urban areas.
2. Women put on weight and general symptoms like fatigue and tiredness are mistakenly taken as side effects of over-weight.
3. Lack of knowledge.
4. Absence of regular health checkups.
If you are a housewife or a working woman, a mother or an young college going girl, you should not skip your regular health check-ups. Keep your iron intake sufficient and you will not face Anaemia trouble.


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