Cloudnine Hospitals Brings World-Class Maternity and Child Care To Navi Mumbai


Cloudnine Hospitals Inaugurates Center in New Mumbai

The need for proper child and maternity care is growing day by day in India. On one hand, the Indian government is putting their best efforts to benefit the underprivileged community by introducing attractive maternity and child care policies in government hospitals while on the other hand, the people are expecting much from the private maternity and child care hospitals. There are some fast-growing hospitals like Cloudnine that are successfully bridging the gap between national and international healthcare standards. The maternity hospital chain aims to deliver comprehensive care to the to-be moms and babies along with many advanced services including stem cell preservation, gynaecology and fertility.
The maternity hospital chain organized an event on December 7th in Navi Mumbai and invited many prestigious personalities from the healthcare and other industries. The event was organized to make the annunciation regarding the launch of the 3rd maternity center in Mumbai (which is also 19th center in India ) at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The maternity chain has already two successful centres in Malad and Andheri.

Speech by Chairman Dr. Kishor Kumar

dr kishor kumar
The Chairman of the chain, Dr. Kishore Kumar threw some light on the launch of their 3rd maternity centre and said that the growing advanced healthcare service requirements for expectant mothers and newborns in India are not yet catered adequately as there is lack of beds, lack of dexterous healthcare professionals and lack of ultra-modern equipment in a wide selection of Indian hospitals. This is the reason the leading maternity and child care hospitals are becoming jam-packed. With the launch of one more maternity centre in Maharashtra, Cloudnine is focusing on better and comprehensive care for to-be moms and newborns.

Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Chief Guest of the Event

star shilpa shetty chief guest
In line with the details shared by the Cloudnine team, the Bollywood Superstar Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra was invited as the chief guest of the event. The Bollywood diva herself is a mother and by managing her personal life and career in a balanced manner, she has definitely inspired millions of moms. The Cloudnine team mentioned a positive energy was spread as soon as the diva entered and interacted with the people around. To make the inauguration event more auspicious, Mrs. Kundra cut the ribbon and lighted the lamp. Later, a short interaction took place between the audience, Dr. Kishore Kumar, Mr. M Ramachandra and Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra.
The major goal of the interaction was to bring the Indian women and child care scenario in India and the modern healthcare techniques required to keep up with the international healthcare pace into the limelight. The popular Bollywood actress along with the respected Chairman and co-founder of Cloudnine answered few audience queries. The event ended on a happy note after the fans of the Bollywood diva got an opportunity to capture themselves with her in the same frame.

About Cloudnine

Cloudnine is a maternity and child care hospital chain situated in Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and many other cities in India. The hospital chain offers world class specialized healthcare services like maternity, fertility, paediatrics, gynaecology, neonatal care and stem cell preservation. The dexterous health professionals and dedicated staffs are not the only things that make it stand out but the hygiene and homelike environment also fascinate the patients and their family members. The hospital chain offers 24×7 ambulance service, a wide selection of hospital beds, food canteen, parking, telecommunication, security, ATM, Money transfer, transport, hygienic rooms and much more. Patients can not only leverage comprehensive consultation and state-of-the-art treatments at Cloudnine but a big panel of doctors is also available for the extended convenience.
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