Chanting Om to Sooth a Crying Baby: Does it Really Work?


Chanting OM Benefits for Babies and Children

The word “OM” is the vibration and consciousness of the whole universe. You must have seen this viral video of a father chanting Om to a crying baby to calm him down and how magically it works. Does it really work as seen in the recent viral video of a cute baby on Facebook?

Let’s try to understand the theory behind it.

Meaning of OM/ AUM

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OM (AKA AUM) is just a two-letter Sanskrit word and in the first place, it sounds so ordinary and non-impactful. The real sound of the word is “AUM” and it is a primordial sound. It means the existence of the word “OM” dates back to the time when the universe was being sculpted. In fact, it’s the superior sound encompassing all the other sounds in the universe.
When the letter of AUM are separated, “A” stands for the state of awakening (Tamas), “U” refers to the dreaming state (Rajas) and “M” points towards the state of a sound or deep sleep (Sattva). There is another state called “Turiya” where the consciousness is infinite. It’s the divine state.

The Proper Way to Chant OM

We must know the significance of OM before chanting it. The word is usually chanted during meditation. You can chant it either after waking up or just before going to sleep. Om signifies God or divinity and hence one must achieve the essence of spirituality while chanting the word.
For any type of meditation, the right posture is very important. While chanting OM, the spine, neck and head should be straight or vertically aligned. The legs must be crossed. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now, chant OM while exhaling slowly. Feel the divine essence and repeat the process. There will be a vibration in your throat during this process which gradually moves to the head when you hum the end of the word. The vibration reaches your complete body and that does the real wonder. It will calm your senses and develop a control over your mind, body and soul.

Om for Children And Babies

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Chanting Om is very beneficial for children as well. Parents often tend to strengthen the learning base of their kids from the initial phase only. Teaching the significance of chanting OM to the kids and making it a vital part of their regime.

Advantages of Chanting OM for kids

Better Concentration

Chanting Om while meditation can develop a great control over the mind. The children can focus well on their studies and develop a better recalling power. It means chanting OM can improve their memory and concentration.

Improved Anger Management

Mood swings are very common in kids. They get angry at little things. Chanting Om can help them control then sudden impulses and hence manage their anger effectively.

Stress Management

Today, children have to stand out in every walk of life. Be it studies, sports, co-curricular activities and so forth. All these things pile up stress in mind. Yoga or meditation can help them get out of this situation and chanting Om can remove stress fast.

Strengthens the Bond

It has been seen that the children who meditate or chant Om on a daily basis come closer to their parents and their bond gets reinforced with time.

Better Health

Inhaling and exhaling while chanting Om can improve the respiratory system. This exercise is called Omkara.

Benefits of Chanting OM for Mothers

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When children are leveraging this divine sound then why should the moms lag in the race? The sound Om also benefits the moms. This spiritual mantra is often called “Mantra of the Many”. Chanting this mantra during pregnancy can bestow you with loads of benefits. Here are some of the benefits to emphasize on the importance of the divine sound.
• Helps to-be moms eliminate stress and anxiety
• Chanting Omkara transfers a positive energy to the foetus ensuring the baby is happy and calm
• Better cardiac health
• Lower the blood pressure level
• Helpful in attaining a sound sleep
• While chanting the mantra, a vibration and vocalization occur which creates a shield of positive vibes around the baby

So Does it Really Work for Soothing Babies?

Coming back to the main point. It may not work on all babies as shown in the video but it surely is worth trying. You may feel like giving up while crying baby is not showing any interest in your chanting but don’t give up. Chant AUM in clam and peaceful voice near babies ear while baby is asleep.
It is said, chanting Om early in the morning connects you with many positive vibes and similar souls who are also chanting or chanted before.
I and my 2 kids chant Om at night just before bed. I personally find that time very comfortable and just effective for a calm soothing sleep.
Try it today and let us know how did you feel?


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