Celebrating Father’s Day


Lets Celebrate Father’s Day

Saying I Love You Dad in Different Ways

Today many in most parts of the world are celebrating Father’s Day and it has been only close to a decade that we started this trend in India. Father’s day is celebrated to express our gratitude to our fathers for their love and support for us. Just like Mothers, Fathers are also equally important anchors in our lives. If mothers are hearts, fathers are lifeline. Besides nowadays our lives have become so busy that our kids want their fathers to realize that their presence is important in their lives and what best than Father’s day.

History of Father’s Day

There are a lot of references to Father’s day celebration but the actual Father’s day’s existence has been possible because of the efforts of one American lady named Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. She heard a sermon on Mother’s Day in 1909. She was so moved by the sermon that she started thinking of all the hardships that her father, who was a civil war veteran & had single handedly brought up his six children on his own. She was let down and laughed at by many but her grit and determination paid off & Father’s day became a reality on 19th June 1910.

Why We Celebrate Father’s Day??

While many of people question celebrating these different days like Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentine’s day etc, the answer is not for fun but to celebrate and honor our mothers, fathers, our love. While we feel that we do not need a special day to tell our mom or dad as to how much we love them but I am sure all of us would agree that special days have their own charm in our lives be it birthdays, anniversaries etc, hence a special day. It also gives all of us a chance to go that extra mile and make this day beautiful for our Fathers, who toiled hard to make us realize our dreams and who never let us feel alone when we struggled hard in this whole wide world when we stepped outside to conquer the world.

Some Ways to Make Your Dad Feel Special

There are many ideas that you will get if you browse the internet but rather than buying gifts, I feel the personal touch that a son or a daughter adds to the gift will remind the father of it his entire lifetime. A handmade card for him, a personalized hand stitched handkerchief, a meal cooked together by kids & dad, going to amusement park together, going to zoo for picnic, composing a song especially dedicated to your dad and singing it to him, spending quality time with him & listening to his childhood stories, make a family video with him doing some crazy things or spend a day together playing dad’s favorite game. These are a few of the ideas which are personalized memories of this special day that you would have spent with your dad and the memories will be cherished for the rest of his life.

You can choose to spend lots of money to buy a gift to your dad but I feel that it looks commercialized and looks like a mere formality whereas if you make a personalized gift for him, it will remain etched in his heart forever as such gifts are priceless. Dads need to realize that more than the presents; their presence will make all the difference in their kid’s life. “Dear Dads, please steal some great moments for your kids and their moms from your hectic lives”- this is what we want to wish this Father’s day. So go out there & enjoy this special day with your dads. HAPPY PAPPAWALA DAY 


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