How to Make Carrot Juice for Babies?


Tips on Introducing Carrots to Your Baby

Carrots are one of the first foods for weaning. That means they are healthy and safe for a 6-months-old.
They are a good source of fibre, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin K. Carrots can be easily digested by infants.
But, as a new mom, you must be wondering how to prepare a carrot juice for your little one as it’s a hard in raw form and too fibrous vegetable.
In short: You simply have to boil, grind and strain them. Its more like a soup than juice.

Carrot Soup for Baby: Recipe

1. Selecting the carrots: Get preferably dark-coloured older carrots as they are richer in beta-carotene (Vit A form) than the newer carrots. (Unfortunately I couldn’t get red long carrots hence I used the orange ones)
2. Peel and cut them into small chunks/slices.
3. Boil them in one cup of water. Pressure cooking and steaming can do the work, but we have to use the water used for cooking as it will also have nutrients. Cook it for 10 minutes on low flame. Pressure cook for 1 vessel on low flame.
boil carrots
4. Now, let the carrots and water cool down.
5. Grind it into a fine puree.
strain carrot juice

6. We still need to strain it as the puree is very fibrous, you may keep it as it is in future trials but for first time to make is enough digestible, we will strain it.
Now, the smooth juice/puree is ready for baby to taste.

carrot juice for baby

Can I add Spices to the Puree?

You may add a pinch of nutmeg/cinnamon powder but avoid the spices as much as possible. Let the baby admire real taste of veggies and every food. This is the time when you make them the non-fussy babies.

Health Benefits of Carrots for the Baby

Carrots are good for your baby’s
1. Sharper eyesight
2. To boost immunity
3. Healthy liver
4. Stronger body cells
5. Better blood circulation.

When to Introduce the Carrots to your Baby?

When your infant is six-month old and is ready for his first solid food, carrots can be included in his diet.
Always serve cooked carrots to your baby as raw carrots cannot be chewed by baby, he/she will simply swallow it and also it may cause allergies in baby.
Carrot juice is the best way to bestow your baby with the goodness of this wonder veggie. Once the baby turns one, he is ready for raw carrots but before that stick with carrot juice and puree.


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