Cancer-Causing Foods which You Must Avoid


Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Cause Cancer

Cancer is one of the dangerous and fatal diseases of the world which is caused due to the changes in genes. Uncontrolled growth of the cells is analyzed in this disease to make the condition worse. One of the main causes of cancer is unhealthy eating habits.

You may not know that which of the foods you’d consumed can cause serious illness and which not. Nowadays, eating unhealthy food is became a trend because people are not aware of that what they are eating is a pathogen of cancer. How to acquire a healthy lifestyle then? Here is something you can do –

Acquiring Healthy lifestyle to Avoid Cancer

Food has major impacts on the life we lead. One should consume foods that are naturally produced or minimally processed to avoid all types of toxic byproducts, produced by high-heat cooking, and processing. The more raw food implies the better quality of life. You should strive to consume at least one-third of your food in raw form to protect your health.

Foods to Avoid to Prevent Cancer

In order to gain the complete command on your health and fight all the cancer-causing food, you should know about them. So, we have listed some such shocking things which can cause the havoc.


fish market
There was a time when fish was considered as one of the healthiest food as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are good for brain and metabolism. What problem arrived now?
Nowadays, fishes are fed unnatural or contaminated foods, rich in chemical, which are carcinogenic to our body. According to studies, farmed fishes contain mercury and other chemicals which make it reddish in color and cancer-causing in nature.

Potato Chips

potato chips
If you are fond of chips be aware of “Acrylamide” from now which is one of the byproducts of potato. It becomes a cancer-causing Neurotoxin agent when exposed to high temperature. It is found that some potato chips contain an excessive level of Acrylamide which is shocking.

Soda or Carbonated Soft Drinks

can soda drink
Drinking soda on daily basis is one of the major unhealthy food habits as it causes the eruption of Stomach Wall. This may further lead to the painful ulcer. It is one of the known reasons for obesity and diabetes. Soda contains artificial colorants which can cause cancer.

Red Meat

red meat chops
After numerous studies, it came to the knowledge of researchers that red meat (Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Goat) increases chances of cancer. It contains a molecule called neu5Gc, which when came in contact with your body, attacks normal body cell. After causing inflammation, it eventually results in cancer. It also contains an excessive amount of salts and chemicals.

Refined Sugar

sugar cubes
The genetically modified sugar, which the soda-sellers are adding to your drink, indirectly feed the cancer cells, causing an increase to them. Avoiding sugar, used in marketed preparation and juices will, therefore, be the best thing you can do.

Hydrogenated Oils

oil bottle
These oils contain trans-fats which are a known cause of cancer. According to FDA, it is not safe. You can use olive oil or coconut oil as these are best options for cooking. Hydrogenated oil causes changes in your genes and ultimately cancer.

Milk (Genetically Modified)

cows milk
People are injecting Bovine Growth Hormone to increase milk production and thus the profit. They may not know the consequences but such activities cause ovarian cancer in females. You must not have imagined this healthy food in the list. Shocking, right?

Processed Flour

processed flour
You may be aware of this fact that processed flour is not good for your health but some people still eat it because they don’t have any idea what it actually causes. When flour is refined, it destroys its natural nutrients. Some sellers bleach it by chlorine gas which is not safe to inhale. It is believed that it feeds cancerous cell, increasing probabilities of cancer.

Common Mistakes which are Cancer-Causing

1. Heating food in Plastic Containers

Most of restaurants will deliver you parceled foods in non-food grade materials. The heat melts the layer of the container which comes in touch with the food and unknowingly you are in taking the plastic micro-particles which can cause cancer.
If you are using microwave containers, then remember not to heat the food in those containers which are not made for the microwaves. For example, the Microwave Popcorns is one of such hazardous foods which isn’t safe to consume as it may cause cancer.

2. No Fresh Air ventilation Inside the Car

The materials, used in car interiors, release the cancer causing micro particles on heating. So, when you park your car in open place and enter the car, you will smell the plastic. So, you must let the fresh air replace the trapped air inside the car. Never start the AC instantly when you enter your car because it’s worst for your health. Open the window and let the fresh air in. Then only – switch on the air conditioner.

3. Drinking The Water from Bottled Water after it is warmed up inside Car

There was a study carried out by the scientists on this. People reuse the bottles of packaged drinking water. Also, they leave the bottles inside the car and drink it even after the parked hot car has warmed up the water. Especially those, who travel a lot. This is one of very common and harmful habits. Best solution is to carry filtered water from home in a stainless steel water bottle.

4. Using Food Colors

Well most of us know this but we still eat the colorful candies, cakes and such foods.

Before the post ends, I would like to advise you to choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Eat right and natural. Especially the pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, babies and children must be given healthiest foods and must not be given of such junk foods which can lead to life-threatening diseases.
Home-made things should be encouraged while food with preservatives should be avoided. Some of the common foods listed above which definitely shock you. But at the same time, they will increase the level of attentiveness towards cancer and life-threatening diseases. So, be alert and be safe!


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