Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?


How Much Coffee is Safe During Pregnancy?

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A pregnant woman has to be a patient listener, as people are always advising what is good and bad for her. However adhering to these advice at times becomes really hard owing to the mood swings while cravings may make her to act just the opposite. There are many myths and facts that cross your path throughout your 9 months journey. One such myth is related to coffee consumption during pregnancy. According to the old school, drinking coffee while being pregnant may cause difficulties and at times can lead to miscarriage also.
A beverage that offers a rejuvenating feeling on any other day is considered to be a harmful habit for you and the baby. However, the fact is discarded by the medical practitioners and taken as a myth that has nothing to do with the pregnant ladies’ health. So, here is the solution to the dilemma that must have been in your mind for a while; Can I drink Coffee while being pregnant?

Coffee and Pregnancy:

Coffee is a popular beverage in the world known for its stimulating effects. It’s because of the caffeine content present in the coffee. So, is it safe to drink coffee during pregnancy? Coffee consumption and pregnancy have always been a hot topic of debate. The caffeine content of Coffee is considered to be harmful during pregnancy if consumed in excess. However, a controlled intake of your favorite brew may not cause any harm to you or your future child.

How Many Cups of Coffee Can I Drink While Pregnant?

Coffee is good during pregnancy but you have to hold the refills. As per the report of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, your intake of coffee during pregnancy must be limited to 200 milligrams per day. Going over this limit may be risky for your baby. High dosage of coffee is linked with the increased risk of miscarriage and at times low birth weight of the child. The consumption of coffee more than 7-8 cups a day is linked with stillbirth. Though these facts need more research to become claims but prevention is always better than the cure.
So according to this limit, you can drink one 10-ounce cup of coffee. However, the number of the cup and the size may differ according to the brew type. A restaurant may offer you a 16-ounce cup with 200 mg coffee and at the same time an 8-ounce cup with the coffee content crossing the permissible limit of 200 mg.

Alternatives to Caffeine

For those ladies who are a die hard fan of coffee and can’t bear to stay away from it during pregnancy, there are a few alternatives available in the market. You can try drinking decaffeinated coffee. This coffee has comparatively low caffeine content and is suggested for intake during pregnancy.
You can also try Latte or Cappuccino; the milk content of these brews subsides the caffeine content and also offers you extra protein and calcium.

How to Control Intake of Coffee?

This is the time you have motivation to get rid of bad habits like over dose of caffeine. Your baby’s health is most important. Here are some better alternatives to coffee during pregnancy.
1. Herbal Teas which are safe for pregnancy are best choice.
herbal tea
2. Fresh Fruit Juice
fruit juice
3. Flavored Water
lemon water

Its not only healthy but it is refreshing too. Most of working women who are used to more than 3 cups of coffee/tea in a day are addicted to it not only because they like it or need it but it their little laziness too. Getting a coffee from a coffee machine in office is easier than making your own fruit juice and bringing it to office. If you one of such then you may opt for lemon water or such flavorful healthy water which will not only quench your thirst but will keep your mind and body fresh and ultimately reduce the number of trips to the coffee machine. The flavored water will control the nausea keep you hydrated in pregnancy.
Coffee, however, is a restricted drink during pregnancy to avoid any adverse outcome. But the alternatives may help you in maintaining your relationship with your favorite brew while you are on your journey to motherhood.



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