Can Shatavari Help Women Get Pregnant?


How to Take Shatavari: For Women Trying to Get Pregnant?

Shatavari herb is named for its effectiveness in various ailments including helping women to get pregnant. The name means Shat (100) Vari (Cure) means a curer of a hundred diseases.
Some also take its meaning as one with 100 husbands (as Var means husband) or one with 100 roots. But, I personally believe that it’s 100 ailment curer.
Other than Shatavari’s great benefits for breastfeeding mothers, this queen of herbs is also useful in many other areas.

Health Benefits of Shatavari for Fertility Boosting

Better Ovulation

Asparagus Racemosus or Shatawari/Shatavari mainly comprises of steroidal saponins which is a phytochemical and responsible for estrogen production and healthy menstrual cycle and ovulation. It is also responsible for better production of luteinizing hormone which improves ovulation in women.

Cuts Down on Stress

Stress affects the functioning of center of the brain which regulates the hormones. Due to hormonal imbalance and issues with ovulation, women find it difficult to get pregnant. Ovarian cysts and endometriosis are also some terrifying results of excessive stress. Shatavari helps you to get relaxed by calming down your nervous system.

Boosts Mucus Membranes

In the case of a healthy ovulation, cervix secretes cervical mucous which results in fertility. It also cures dryness in vagina. It also makes the semen healthier in men and hence boosts fertility.

Better Immunity

A poor immune system welcomes a selection of diseases. Women, who have poor immune system, are prone to many health issues including infertility. A good immune system prevents the entry of foreign invaders in the body whereas a poor immune system attacks the reproductive system only and making it difficult to conceive for women.

Good for Kidney and Liver

Kidney and liver are the two organs that affect female fertility to a huge extent. Infertility is also caused due to excess fluid accumulation which causes unhealthy menstruation. Shatavri removes this excess fluid and aids in a healthy menstruation.

How to Consume Shatavri: Guide for Fertility Improvement in Women

Though Shatavri is a natural ingredient and a great fertility booster; it should be taken carefully to leverage its wonderful benefits. If you are able to find the extract of the dried plant then the dose can be 4.5 to 8.5ml a day.

And, if you are suggested to consume tablets then the daily dose can be 1,000-2,000mg. This dose can be changed as per your medical history. Since the drug is related to fertility, you must consult a medical expert practitioner before starting the doses. Say No to over-the-counter medicines when it is about your fertility and contaminated medicines can worsen your health condition.
For more convenience, Shatawari Kalp granule or powder is available at the Ayurvedic medicine shops.
You can take it with milk or as prescribed by the doctor. It nourishes the Dhatu and hence increases the chances of getting pregnant. It is also helpful in menses and menstrual pain.


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