Can I Use Heating Pad during Pregnancy?


Using Heating Pad for backache: Safe during Pregnancy?

Body aches or sore muscles usually occur in the late pregnancy. A little bit of achiness becomes an integrated part of the everyday pregnancy life. Some common reasons for back or belly pain or soreness during pregnancy are:
• The raised level of hormones loosens the joints and hence support is reduced
• Change in body shape affects the postures
• Increased size and weight of uterus affects your centre of gravity
• The additional kilos in your body causes back pain
For sore muscles and aching body parts, heating pad sounds a great solution. But, what if you are pregnant? Will it be a safe pick?
Heating pads usually create a slight raise in the body temperature in order to heal the soreness and aches. An excess heat in the body can affect the baby. Some birth defects, miscarriage and complications related to pregnancy are some of the major risks due to this high temperature. Heating pads enhances the blood flow by opening the blood vessels. This aids in the proper and fresh supply of Oxygen in the body. It gradually heals the aches and soreness.
Are Heating Pads Dangerous for To-Be Moms?
As mentioned above, heating pads generate heat in the body but not like sauna or a hot tub. You can use heating pad on your back and pelvis but avoid using it on your abdomen. Though a slight, but a raise in temperature occurs in the body after using the heating pad. So, using it for temporary relief on other body parts except abdomen is completely safe for to-be moms. You can also use the same on hips and joints.
(Doctors Consultation is still recommended)
How to Use Heating Pads Safely?
It must be clear now that you can use heating pads even if you are pregnant. Using it on your body parts except your abdomen is safe for you. But, there are some precautions that one must consider while using heating pads during pregnancy. The precautions are:
• Don’t use it for more than 10-15 minutes
• Avoid direct contact with skin; try wrapping it with a thick cloth and then apply
• Don’t be absent-minded or fall asleep while using the pad
• Keep the temperature setting lowest, if there is any
There are some alternatives too for heat pads like ice packs, maternity belts and some pregnancy workouts for aches and soreness. Electrical heating pads are very easy-to-use but one must be very cautious while using it. Do Back stretches and legs stretches 2 times a day to avoid pain and it will also help blood circulation. Walk every day for 30 minutes.


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