Can I Swim During Pregnancy?


Swimming During 3 Trimesters of Pregnancy: What Do You Need to Know?

Swimming is an activity which makes us happy as a calm but, is it safe to swim during pregnancy? According to the doctors, YES, Normally Yes.
Pregnancy is a phase when you want to try and do a lot of things but, at the same time, oodles of things have to be considered. A healthy pregnancy allows you to do many exercises and activities including swimming. But, if you are gonna try it for the first time, better go for walking in pool with help of a swimmer. Also make sure your doctor or midwife gives you the green signal for such activity.

You Must Ask: Is Swimming Pool Clean and Safe for a Pregnant Woman?


In India, many times the swimming pools are not clean enough. During pregnancy, you must be careful about getting infections. When low or no maintenance of swimming pools is done, many ingredients like chlorine disinfectants, dust, dirt get accumulated and make the pool dirty. It’s very important to maintain hygiene during pregnancy and entering in such a pool is a big NO for expectant mothers.

Over Use of Chlorine

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools too keep it clean and germs and bacteria-free. This is done to keep the swimmers away from harmful microbes that cause illnesses. The components like hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid in chlorine kill the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in pools. These components basically oxidize the microorganisms and help to keep the pools clean. Many cases of mis-use/over-use of chlorine in India have led to deadly accident. It is also harmful for expectant moms and the unborn baby. When chlorine reacts with organic matters, THM and other by-products come into existence. The major dangers of exposure to these by-products for expectant moms include miscarriage, defects related to urinary tract and neural tube, etc. But its only in case of too much quantity of chlorine. So talk to the pool management for care of quantity of the chemicals in the pool.

Warm Water Vs Cold Water: What is Safe and Okay

Apart from the hygiene, an expectant woman should check the temperature of the water before entering a swimming pool. It’s not about the cold and hot water but the suitable temperature is what matters. During the first trimester, a stable core body temperature is very important. If the water is too cold, uterus contraction is a potential danger. On the other hand, too hot water can increase the heart rate and blood circulation which is a threat to the to-be mom’s and unborn baby’s health. Make sure the water temperature is between 84°F – 86°F.

How Swimming Helps during Pregnancy?

Exercises are those activities that pregnant women usually avoid to do because they are worried about the risks and inconveniences. But, light exercises are recommended during pregnancy and swimming is one of those exercises. It is helpful in blood circulation of the body and hence keeping you fit. Since in water, your body weight is very lesser than actual, the exercise is easy-to-adapt for expectant moms. The extra kilos of your body that you have put on during the pregnancy are supported by the water.
Other exercises that are recommended during pregnancy can make you feel hot and exhausted soon. But, this one keeps you cool and fresh. Swimming during the third trimester is very relaxing. Always make sure the public or private pools are hygienic and the temperature I below 32 degree Celsius.

The top benefits of swimming during pregnancy are:

• Better blood circulation
• Well-functioning heart and lungs
• Relief from pains and aches
• Improved blood endurance
• Better strength
• Improved muscle tone
• Relief from fluid retention and swelling
• Good for weight-loss – burns calories
• Less tiredness
• Better sleep

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Swimming is a profoundly effective and relaxing exercise for expectant women. Not only you achieve the peace of mind and a relaxed body through swimming, but it also improves the development process of the baby. Just be careful about the hazards like slipping, chemicals and temperature of the water in the pool and you can bask in the wonderful exercise to end your day on a happy note.
If you are not a swimmer then walking in water with help of a swimmer could be a healthy choice.


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