Can I Make My 6-Month-Old Sit if He Can’t on His Own?


Making Baby Sit Forcefully? : Cautions and Facts

Sitting of a baby on his own is one of the milestones that every parent eagerly waits for. But, is it ok to make him sit before he starts on his own.
If a baby has not yet started sitting on his own, it’s very harmful to make the baby sit. Even if it is on your lap or a soft sofa, a 90 degree angled straight sitting is harmful to the underdeveloped spine.
If you want to make a baby sit for feeding solids and he has not yet started to sit on his own, then give a 45 degrees angle in his back and legs but not straight. Do not feed in a laying down position like traditional people used to do a century ago in India. It makes it super uncomfortable to eat the food for the kids.

Facts and Tips You Should Know Before Making your Baby Sit

• Babies below 6 months have undeveloped spine and control over muscles and balance
• Forcing him or letting him sit on his own when he is 6 month-old or younger can affect his spine and bones
• A baby is able to sit upright properly after developing the muscle strength after 6 months
• It’s better to let him sit on his own when he is able to crawl or creep properly
• Early sitting restricts essential reflexes and prevent adequate tummy time
• Sitting on his own is okay when his brain and body are completely ready
• Baby seats for non-sitting babies are very harmful for muscle development
• Let him develop the right motor skills before letting him sit on his own
• It’s natural to not being able to sit for a baby until 6 months and hence parents shouldn’t try to accelerate the process

Even after 6 months, when baby has developed the muscle strength neck, back and upper body put soft cushions around him and always keep him under observation when he is trying to sit or practising to sit. The below provided FAQs can make the concept clear for you and provide you a better insight about your baby’s sitting and postures.

What is the normal age for babies to sit up?

If proper support or assistance is provided, babies develop the required control and strength for sitting up by 5 months. After 6 months, a baby usually learns to sit on his own if he has been practising or learning the skills from the parents for a while. Some babies develop this skill between 7 to 11 months and the reasons can be more time spent in lying down position, slow growth of muscles, diet or proper assistance/learning.

How can you know that your baby is ready to sit?

There are some signs the baby gives that every parent should know before letting them sit on their own. When you make him sit for a couple of seconds and his ability to hold his head while sitting upright is good then he is all set for sitting up. However, not all the babies can hold their heads while sitting upright and it’s the responsibility of the parents to make him practise and develop the required strength in neck, back and upper body.

How to help my baby to sit up?

Do not help baby sit up. Babies have amazing development stages and you will be surprised to see him sit for the first time. Babies who crawl try to sit by pushing the bums back and taking the legs forward. They fall and try again. It’s absolutely adorable to watch them sit for the first time.

Is there anything that is normal but can make me concerned about?

It’s not a strict rule that every baby should learn how to sit on their own by the end of 6 months. Some babies learn it sooner while some learn it later. If your baby is not able to sit on his own until 6months, don’t force him to do so. He has his own pace and learning capability. Let it happen naturally.

Can I make my baby Sit for burping?

This is one of the common mistakes with newborns and small babies, that parents make. If you make a baby sit just after feeding, he will burp immediately and it’s very tempting for new parents as burping is a huge tiring process for the first 3-4 months. But to answer the question, it’s a Big NO. My younger son’s pediatric mentioned me this on day one of his birth, NOT TO MAKE HIM SIT!!


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