Can I eat Mutton while Breastfeeding?


Lamb Meat while Breastfeeding: Is it Safe?

My first Post-pregnancy, my breastfeeding consultant Dr. Shama Kulkarni told me to avoid eating the meat for first 40 days. While the soup of meat is absolutely fine.
It’s natural to feel the urge of getting back to the old yummy diet after pregnancy. But, while you are breastfeeding, you need a strict breastfeeding diet as it’s not only about your own health but your baby’s health may also get affected by what you eat or drink. Doctors don’t include mutton to the NO NO dietary elements for a breastfeeding mother but it’s recommended to avoid it for around one and a half month for nursing mothers.

Reasons to Avoid Eating Meat for first 40 days during breastfeeding:

1. It’s hard to digest. Some parts of the lamb meat are so hard that they require 24 hours to digest completely. Your body is under recovery from birth and also busy making breast milk , If you eat something hard to digest for the first 40 days, it can make your stomach upset. Also, fat containing meat, especially the lamb meat, easily absorbs toxins and hence for the first 40 days, it should be avoided as it may affect the undeveloped immune system of the baby severely.
2. How is plain meat soup okay? : The soup is easier to digest and full of required minerals, proteins and carbs too. Mutton soup is very fatty and actually recommended for new moms as the baby’s weight depends on your carb intake too.

Eat Mutton Liver: For All Goodness

After the first 40 days, start with mutton liver it’s full of iron and minerals like Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and many more which are required for a woman’s body after baby delivery. Mutton Liver also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 which are also essential dietary elements for a new mom.
Then slowly start with eating the mutton meat pieces.
Please note, the boiled mutton pieces and soup with rice or chapatti is highly preferred over curry or steak or fried meat.
For the first 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, try avoiding hard-to-digest meat steaks and roasted meat or fried meat.

Nutritional Benefits of Mutton

simple lamb cooked

Great source of Iron

Goat meat or mutton is a powerhouse of Iron. Women suffering from low haemoglobin levels can often eat mutton to fix the Iron deficiency in the body. Mutton also saves you from Anaemia which is also caused due to Iron deficiency. Mutton contains Heme iron which is easily digestible. Every 100g serving of mutton contains around 2.8 mg of Iron.

Boosts Nervous Health

Goat meat is good for your nervous health. Our nervous system requires many essential Vitamins like Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 and to name a few. Mutton meat fulfils all these needs of the nervous system, especially 70-75% of Vitamin B12 requirement and keeps it healthy and well-functioning.

Improves Immunity

We have already discussed above how great source of Iron mutton meat is. Iron strengthens the immune system and prevents you from various diseases. It also boosts your metabolism but eating red meat in right amount is very important otherwise you may have to bear the consequences of consuming excess red meat like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Loads of Protein

Mutton is a rich source of protein which is essential for building muscles. After pregnancy, women need lots of protein in their diet for energy and strength. They have to stay active and take care of a lot of responsibilities, which means more mental and physical work. Mutton fulfils the everyday protein need of a body perfectly. Every 3 oz. of mutton contains around 20-25g of protein.

Good for Heartbeats

Eating mutton in a balanced amount is very good for your cardiac health. It stabilizes the heartbeats. Goat meat contains more unsaturated fat than saturated one and hence it takes care of the heartbeats and hence the overall cardiac health. And, this is also the reason for balanced cholesterol level and relief from inflammation as well.

Prevents from Cancer

Goat meat contains the elements like chlorine and selenium which are known for fighting cancer. Some studies show that excess consumption of red meat welcomes cancer but there is no solid evidence and the threat is probably due to high level contamination in meats.

Note Regarding Maintaining Weight

Most of Indian women avoid eating mutton as they put on weight due to its fat contents.
If you balance the diet with enough greens anddo regular exercises and cardio workouts, you will never have to worry about such side effects. A new mom can not do intensive exercises but easy stretches can be done.
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Apart from protein, calcium and Iron, mutton is a great source of health promoting nutrients. Meat soup or boiled meat can be the best pick for nursing moms as there is no excess oil or overcooking that can harm mom’s and baby’s health. Don’t eat mutton biryani or kebab during first 40 days of breastfeeding and also try to avoid for next 2-3 months. As the biryani and kebab contain many spices.


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