Can I Eat Mangoes During Pregnancy?


Eating Mangoes during Pregnancy: Guide for Indian Moms-To-Be

With the offset of summer, the tempting yellow color and the exotic scent of mangoes are irresistible to all of us. But, are mangoes safe during pregnancy? Yes. But, everything must be eaten in a moderate amount. In India, most of the people love mangoes and during summers you may have cravings for green mangoes.
So to Answer Is it safe to eat Mangoes during Pregnancy?
mangoes during pregnancy
Yes it is, but it may induce body heat if eaten in large amount. So go easy on Green or Yellow mangoes!

Health Risk because of Mangoes in India

The pulpy yellow fruit can make anyone weak in the first sight but everything appearing tempting is not natural. You must have heard about the chemical ripening of Mangoes and Banana in India. This could be harmful for a to-be-mother and her baby. So, to avoid this health risk, this is what you can do:
1. Buy unripe (not-yet-ready) greenish yellow mangoes from a trustable source; preferably from farmers.
2. Put them in the grass in a wooden /cardboard box.
3. Use these for your family; kids and to-be-moms.
We all have many good memories of eating the toothsome fruit in our childhood. There are oodles of health benefits of this yummy pulpy king of fruits. These benefits include:

Health Benefits of Mangoes

Healthy Heart

Mango is well known for curing many cardiac troubles. Mangoes eliminate the excess fat present in the body and the presence of beta-carotene in it fights with the free radicals in the body which cause heart diseases. The presence of pre-biotic fiber, minerals and vitamins in mangoes control the heart rate.

Prevents Cancer

Mangoes have rare antioxidants and enzymes that are responsible for its anti-cancer properties. The pulpy fruit also has many essential elements like carotenoids, polyphenols, quercetin, gallic acid and few other elements that are known for preventing cancer.

Helpful in Diabetes

There is a myth that mangoes are one of the causes of diabetes. But, the truth is mangoes decrease the glucose level in the blood due to the presence of mangiferin and fiber in it. Also, during ancient times, mango leaves were used to balance the insulin level in the body and hence curing diabetes.

Slashes down Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is a monster in today’s life gripping a huge percentage of global people. Fiber and Vitamin C present in mangoes bring the LDL cholesterol level down in the body. Also, the elements like pectin and mangiferin in mangoes are very helpful in decreasing the LDL cholesterol level.

Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Apart from Vitamin C, mangoes contain many other Vitamins and minerals including protein, carbohydrate, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin K, Potassium etc. These elements are necessary for a healthy and strong body.

Good for Eyes

Vitamin C is very useful for human sight. People with Vitamin C deficiency in their bodies suffer from vision-related troubles. Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin C. Mangoes also contain Vitamin A and Beta carotene that improve the vision and keep the eyes healthy.

Helps in Reducing Obesity

It may sound surprising that a sweet and yummy fruit like Mango can slash some kilos from your body. But, it’s true! Mangoes contain fiber and phytochemicals that eliminate the excess fat from the body and give you an attractive body.
Mango, which basically belongs to East India, not just tempts its native lovers but lures millions of people across the world as well. The fruit is completely safe for men and women of all ages. Even pregnant women can eat fresh and organic mangoes as the fruit has vitamins and minerals that contribute to baby’s development.

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