Can I Eat Instant Noodles During Pregnancy?


Is Maggi Safe During Pregnancy?

A bowl full of Maggi, a hot cup of coffee and the favorite song running on loop – what else an you can wish for? Maggi or instant noodles are some of the most craved foods during pregnancy as they offer an intense taste and pep up the mood. But, the presence of MSG or Monosodium Glutamate in such foods is not healthy to the baby as well as the mom. Also, eating foods made of all-purpose flour or Maida is not healthy during pregnancy.
In short,
Is Maggi Safe for an expectant Woman: Yes (considering rare and low intake)
Is it Healthy?: Big NO

Why Maggi or Instant Noodles Tempt To-Be Moms?

Instant noodles are more popular among the Asians. In India, pregnant women love instant noodles or Maggi because during the pregnancy phase, the taste buds crave some intense tastes and the yummy noodles with the secret masala are a perfect treat. Also, Maggi or instant noodles are easily available in the market and they don’t make you wait for long. Anyone can cook noodles without requiring to utilize any special expertise. You can also add veggies to the noodles according to the season and try a selection of flavours.

Why are Noodles Harmful for Pregnant Women?

Noodles are undoubtedly tempting to all age groups but they are not healthy at all. They contain flavours and additives. The major risk involved in eating the instant noodles or Maggi is MSG. MSG is a taste-enhancer chemical which makes an ordinary food smell and taste wonderful. But, there are many side effects of MSG including fatigue, numbness, headache, chest pain, nausea, cardiac problems and more. Noodles and Maggi are a big NO for pregnant women. Instant noodles and Maggi don’t reach the consumers as freshly packed.
There are colors, additives and fragrances in these junk foods that make them last longer and minimize the loss of the manufacturers. Also, the all purpose flour or Maida used to make noodles are bleached and no nutrients remain for the consumers but the calories are there that harm the health of the baby and the mom.
The noodles take more than 24 hrs to pass through your body. They are coated with the edible wax which is very hard to digest.

Can I eat Maggi Noodles once in While

A pregnant women goes through mood swings due to hormonal changes and the taste buds on top of it are playing with her. So to satisfy your craving having Maggi very rarely (once in 2 weeks) is not harmful. But you should remember that the food a pregnant woman takes must be nutrient dense and every meal counts in your baby’s development. Hence be careful with selection of you pregnancy diet.

The Final Verdict

Noodles taste great and they save a lot of time but pregnancy is a precious period and an expectant mom can’t risk it just for the sake of an intense taste craving. A pregnant woman needs lots of protein, vitamins and minerals and the same is transferred to the developing baby. Noodles and Maggi don’t have these essential nutrients and minerals but there are lots of other things that can make the mom and the baby sick. However, eating one bowl of Maggi or any instant noodles can’t be dangerous. Indian women usually try pickles, Golgappa and many other spicy things during pregnancy and considering that, Maggi is not harmful if consumed in small quantity.

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