Can I eat Ice-Cream during Pregnancy?


What Do You Need to Know About Having Ice Cream During Pregnancy?

Do you crave for cold sweet ice cream during pregnancy? And that urge freaks you out anytime then it’s not only you, a lot of women do have ice-cream cravings, which is really hard to be ignored.
While everyone bumps up to you with their suggestion to eat this and that, It is essential to eat good food during pregnancy but at the same time they suffer from those pregnancy craves and ice-cream is one of that pregnancy myth that might create confusion whether ice-cream is safe to eat during pregnancy or not? This article will let you know whether ice cream is worth eating or just creating trouble to your body.

Is it Safe to Eat Ice Cream in Pregnancy?

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YES (In Moderation)

Every young woman who is stepping into motherhood seeks out the best for their baby. Many people start giving importance to their diet and nutrition. As everyone knows that without filling the right food may create trouble and health issue to the neonate. Like other craves some women craves for ice cream too. When you eat a scoop of ice cream it obviously comes to your mind that – am I eating right? Is it safe to eat ice-cream in pregnancy? If yes, then too – do not worry about eating moderate ice cream, because it won’t affect you. Here are the benefits of eating cream during pregnancy.

Homemade versus Store Bought IceCream

Having homemade ice cream is safe & healthy as they are made up of pasteurized milk there’s nothing wrong with eating it in moderation. You can try different types of homemade ice cream like mango, chocolate and orange bar, popsicles, you can also make chilled yogurt added with fruits and berries which can be a great icecream substitute. It is healthy as well as nutritive too & these are also simple and easy to make ice cream. It is believed that marketed ice cream are not that good then home made as it is dispensed from a machine which you don’t know are well cleaned or not? Some time listeria has grown into the tubes that listeria is most effective during pregnancy that grows at these machines tubes.

How much Ice cream is Safe During Pregnancy?

Occasionally eating ice cream won’t affect your baby’s health as Ice creams are made up of pasteurized milk, eggs and sugar which is considered as safe and its half cup count 111 calories, eating ice cream can also increase your weight, icecream is iodine rich food and according to researcher iodine help in baby’s mental health as well as work in auditory system but eating more also have its own bad effects.

Is Eating Too Much Ice Cream During Pregnancy Bad for Baby?

Yes, but eating it moderately won’t affect you and your baby, If you are eating ice cream too regularly that will tend you to increase your body’s weight, as well as baby’s weight which can create problem during delivery as increase in baby’s weight, can lead to C-section which is a definite no.
There are possibilities of growing bacteria post-pasteurization that may lead to listeria, as at that time due to the low level of immune system listeria affect the most. Also, foetus, placenta, womb may get affected by this infection.
This infection can further lead to stillbirth, meningitis, respiratory infection, miscarriage etc.

Is it Safe to Eat Flavours?

No, these artificial flavors may cause bad effects to child’s health. Your baby is very delicate and need extra care to grow, as Your baby is growing slowly inside your womb the small munchkin body can’t resist neurotoxins, bacteria, and infection for that you have to be extra conscious and caring for the growth of your baby and eating artificial flavours may cause mental as well as brain damage so it’s never safe to buy any flavorous bar.

Not-to-Eat Flavours of IceCream

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When your body cell gets over excited due to flavor it causes excitotoxins which cause damage to body cells, mental abilities as wells brain damage. Your little bundle of joy doesn’t need these artificial flavorous all he need is a real and healthy thing. When it comes to eating flavors ice cream it is a complete no make sure to eat homemade, reputed company’s naturally flavoured ice cream, scooped ice-cream as they are less exposed to machines so there will be chances of Listeria.

Cravings for Ice Cream during Pregnancy? What Does it Mean?

Do you ever wake up in mid of the night and ordered something really out of the box thing for your husband? That unstoppable hunger for a different thing that makes you look crazy. Most of the women experience this uncontrollable urge during her prenatal period and it is obvious to have these craves that causes a sharp desire to satisfy those urges.
One of the best-known craves is for ice cream, if you are one of them then this one is absolutely for you the truth behind this craving will make you think twice about your health.
It is believed that eating ice cream cools off the body or may be due to aneamic condition and it is found that to relieve their inflammation of tongue and mouth they eat ice cream. Is not that interesting? There’s nothing to worry about eating ice cream during pregnancy, just make sure you are eating it in moderation.


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