Can I Eat Corn during Pregnancy?


Is Corn Good to Eat for Healthy Pregnancy?

Corn is one of the healthiest foods, anyone would like to eat but when you are pregnant, things are changed. Before eating anything, you must be asking your mind, exploring the internet and consulting your doctor to keep your baby safe.

Is it safe to eat corn during pregnancy?

Should I eat corns or not while I am pregnant?

These are some very common questions which expectant women ask. So, here comes some good news for all the corn-cravers – Yes, Corn is good for your baby and you too!

Benefits of Eating Corn during Pregnancy

health benefits of corns
Sweet corn is a very interesting food. It is a protein and fiber rich vegetable with delighting taste. Being a good source of some minerals or nutrients, it can feed you for two in real means. Some excellent properties are as enlisted here.

• Corn is a good source of Vitamin C, which is good for skin.
• Fiber rich, which helps digestion.
• Antioxidant-rich
• Vitamin A, good for memory
• Vitamin B5 and B1, which is good for hair and skin.

Why to Eat Corns while Pregnant

Corn has such a good nutrition or vitamins in it that it’s considered safe during pregnancy too. Here are some benefits of sweet corn during pregnancy –

Rich in Fiber Content

Corns have high fiber content (as said above). They are known for curing digestion problems. During pregnancy, you will suffer digestive discomforts like constipation & corn will help you to elevate it. So, a perfect food!

Prevent Muscles Degeneration

Eating sweet corn during pregnancy will help your baby in fighting muscular degeneration over the later years. A substance Zeaxanthin is present in it, which is known as muscle protective.

Rich in Folate

Intake of folate in your diet during pregnancy will eventually reduce the risk of Spina Bifida in babies. As corn is rich in folic acid, it will reduce effects.

Growth of Baby

Corns have many nutritional benefits – it is good for your baby’s growth and development.

Memory Booster

Thiamine is a vitamin, present in corn, which in boosting of the memory of you & your baby.

Physiological Benefits

Corns contain pantothenic acid that ensures the proper physiological functioning of your organs in pregnancy.

Improves Anemia

Corns are rich in vitamin b12 which is a main element of blood. It helps in the formation of blood in your body.

Rich in Proteins

Corn has a high content of protein which makes your muscles healthy and glowing skin.

Rich in Antioxidants

Sweet corns have Beta-carotene and antioxidants which are helpful in releasing free radicals from the body. It decreases the chances of cancer antioxidants like Xanthine, lutein. Also, it improves the eyesight of baby. Corns also have pantothenic acid helps in proper physiological functioning of body organs.

Boost Immune System

Sweet corn consists beta carotene which gives vitamin A to the body, ensuring healthy mucous membrane or skin and maintaining immune system of a newborn.

Have you understood why eating corns while expecting a baby is fully safe?

So, forget all the misconceptions and take healthy diet, including corns while you are pregnant. Go for hygienic and fresh corns only to avail the maximum benefits of this healthy and pregnancy-friendly food.


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  1. Kalpanaa

    Corn is definitely full of goodness. However it isn’t easy to digest so should be chewed well because undigested corn can add to the discomfort of pregnancy with the baby pressing on the intestines.

    • Sapana

      Very true Kalpanaa. Pregnant woman should eat well cooked preferably steamed/pressure-cooked corn. Thank you for your valuable comment.

  2. Avatar

    I have no idea about sweet corns as an anti oxidant, this is very interesting and a must try, will definitely have this part of our menu , if not everyday at least twice a week. Such goodness with corn.

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