Can I eat Amla during Pregnancy?


Health Benefits of Amla for Pregnant Women

We all know the immunity boosting characteristic of Amla or Indian Gooseberry. Amla is a popular Indian fruit having health and spiritual significance. But, very fewer people are aware of its impact during pregnancy. Yes, it’s sour and craving it during pregnancy is obvious but it’s important to understand its benefits and harms for to-be moms before taking a bite.

Can I Eat Amla or Take Amla Juice When Pregnant?

Introducing any fruit or vegetable in the pregnancy diet seems like a risky mission. Many people come up with different thoughts about various fruits and vegetable and that may whirl your mind.

Amla is completely safe during pregnancy.

It is a rich source of Vitamin E and C. It fights with acidity, reflux, heartburns and many other issues. If you are feeling hale and hearty then there is nothing wrong in eating raw Amla or drinking Amla juice but try to avoid it if you have a sore throat or dry coughing. The impact of Amla on the body of a to-be mom differs from one region to another. In India, the changing climate brings lots of illnesses. If you are already going through a throat infection, eating any citrus fruit can worsen it.

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Nutritional Benefits of Amla during Pregnancy

Women often long for intense food tastes during pregnancy and Amla is a fruit that perfectly satisfies such cravings. Amla is easily available in the market and due to its numerous health benefits, it’s in demand throughout the year.
Amla is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. Be it raw Amla or the Ayurvedic medicines made of Amla extracts – consuming Amla is very productive for an expectant mom. During pregnancy, the body needs vitamins, antioxidants and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and iron and Amla gives you all of it. The major benefits of eating Amla during pregnancy include –

Relief from Morning Sickness

Morning sickness knocks the door usually during the first trimester. Amla helps a to-be mom get rid of the nuisance.

Lower Blood Pressure

The opulent Vitamin C content in Amla helps in maintaining the blood pressure level during pregnancy.

Improved Bowel Movement

Constipation is a common symptom during pregnancy which can be easily cured through regular Amla intake.

Saves from Anaemia

Many women go through lack of blood during pregnancy. Amla is rich in iron and Vitamin C which effectively helps cure anaemia.

Blood Purification

The developing foetus needs continuous supply of blood and oxygen and Amla purifies the blood and helps the body supply uncontaminated blood to the foetus.

Boosts Immunity

Amla boosts the immune system of a to-be mom and helps her enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Body Detoxification

Amla detoxifies the body and blood and keeps the expectant mom healthy.

Better Lipid Profile

Amla balances the elevated lipid profile during all the trimesters and makes pregnancy a hassle-free experience.

Helps in Prevention of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is an often seen health issue during pregnancy. Amla comprises of some anti-diabetic components like gallotanin, gallic acid, ellagic acid and corilagin which reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

Improves Digestion

A foodie expectant momma often goes through digestive problem during pregnancy. Amla improves the digestion and helps a to-be mom relish all the flavours to the fullest.

Boosts Calcium Level in Body

Amla is a rich source of Calcium and hence it helps fulfil the Calcium deficiency in the body which is much needed during pregnancy

Brain Development of the Foetus

Amla is also helpful in the brain development of the foetus.

Relief from Fatigue

A pregnant mom often gets jaded after taking few steps to sitting or standing for long. This fatigue can be eliminated through Amla intake.

How to Eat Amla during Pregnancy

– The best way of eating any fruit rich in vitamin C is eating it when it’s fresh cut. It’s better than juices, pickles and any other method as the vitamins from such fruits tend to reduce after cutting, juicing, boiling/steaming.
– If you like it pickled then you can try Amla candy. You can carry an Amla candy pack in your bag for work. Whenever you feel nauseous or heart burnt, have one quickly.
– Amla juice is suitable for those who have sensitive teeth and cant eat fresh cut Amla.

How many Amla Should be Taken per Day during Pregnancy

When it’s about Amla then one can say ‘One Amla a day, keeps the pregnancy nuisances away’. A single serving of 100g Amla contains about 500mg to 1800mg of Vitamin C which is way more than your daily Vitamin C requirement during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Amla during Pregnancy

Well, you have read enough benefits of Amla and you may not want to embrace its side effects. Truly speaking, when you eat one or two Amla in pregnancy side effects are very unlikely but some pregnant women go through few troubles that can be a caution related to the Amla intake for other to-be moms. Here are some possibilities after eating fresh Amla or Amla juice during pregnancy
– You may face bowel issues if you eat too many Amlas in a single day
– Indigestion or dehydration can also trouble you after excess Amla intake
– Amla is a laxative fruit and hence not suitable during cough and cold
– You can avoid it when your stomach is upset or during diarrhea
– You may face hyperacidity
– It may trouble you if you are already taking diabetic medications
– Can harm the low blood sugar patients
– Skin’s moisture may get lost
– It may affect the blood pressure level
– Dryness in scalp can also be experienced sometimes (Rare)
– It may trigger allergy (Rare)
– Unexpected loss of Weight can be seen (Rare)
– You may feel a burning feeling while urinating (Rare)
– May not suit the cardiac patients

Amla is a super fruit with super benefits. You will not have to search it intensely in the market as it is easily available in various parts of India. Amla controls the aging and combats the free radicals. In short, it’s a blessing during pregnancy. Eat an Amla every day and say NO to the irritating pregnancy troubles.

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