Can Gossiping be Healthy?


Gossiping without Feeling Guilty

Human race is the only one in the whole wide world which has evolved with the times. There was this social urge to communicate within the society after we all evolved out of apes, hence the language came into existence. In today’s world if we see, most of the conversations that happen, be it between spouses, between kids, amongst one set of people, what dominates the conversations is gossip without even slight realization. Gossiping is a part of human existence. We all love to talk about others as it’s a way to have fun at the cost of others, that’s why gossiping has got a bad reputation; however we do not realize that how effective gossiping is. Go read on….

Learning from Other’s Misadventures

After hearing a gossip, people may argue and this way there is a great opportunity to understand if what is happening is right or is absolutely wrong. By getting to know about somebody else’s misadventures, we learn that such episodes should not be repeated by us. The most fascinating thing about human mind is that negative stories stay longer and better than the positive ones.

Self Evaluation

Whether positive or negative gossip about someone else’s achievements helps others evaluate their own success, achievements and social standing. While hearing about somebody’s negative certainly makes us feel better, the positives definitely motivates us to improvise and do better. During one such session, a group of ladies were heard discussing the grooming of one of their friends( of course in her absence) and next day one of them(the culprit, of course) went and blurted the entire chat to the lady in question. The result was that the lady took cognizance of it and started staying well groomed so that she could never be picked again for her bad grooming

Gossip can Help You Get Adjusted to the New Surroundings

If you have got a new job, gossip can actually help you adjust to the new surroundings. By office gossip one can find out about the office expectations and what not to say to the boss 😉

Stress Buster

Ask all the ladies who gather at club, parks, at kitty parties etc as to how much stress is taken away by mere gossiping. It’s a fun way to keep each other posted about whats happening around them. While it may not be a debate but gossiping in a group gives everybody an equal chance to be heard and it gives them a break from the monotony.
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Improves Cooperation

If somebody’s behavior is a topic for gossip to others, that person starts behaving in a better manner just to avoid being gossiped. So while gossiping may considered as bad by many, bitching, as they call it, it can improve the behaviors drastically.

Gossiping is the oldest form of human communication and its fun at the same time useful too. So keep gossiping ladies even if your husbands shun this very thought as the research has proven that men and women gossip equally its just that they both dish the dirt differently.


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    Gossip is unique. … … … It is the oil that makes the social structure running smooth, and it is a glue that keeps the social structure together. … … … Any type of meeting of people in a group, and I repeat ANY type of meeting, is essentially a social meeting subject to gossip. … … … This is the world we live in.

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