Can Fenugreek Cause a Miscarriage?


Effect of Fenugreek Seeds on Pregnancy

Eating fenugreek and pregnancy impacts due to it is one of the most discussed topics on the internet.
Fenugreek, known as Methi in India is one of those healthy foods that every to-be mom should limit in her dietary list. Though fenugreek is a popular dietary and health element in Indian households, it is not considered safe during pregnancy.
Fenugreek contains a plant hormone called phytoestrogens, which resemble a hormone in the female body which is responsible for fertility and breast milk production. During pregnancy, the health of the to-be mom depends on the hormonal balance which is disturbed when fenugreek is consumed in a large amount. There may not be many or reported cases of fenugreek causing miscarriage across the world but it is safe to be cautious while you are expecting. Unchecking fenugreek from the pregnancy diet chart is not necessary in fact it is a very good source of iron and minerals but what matters is the amount of fenugreek consumed during this phase.

Health issues due to Fenugreek during Pregnancy

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The major issue a to-be mom faces due to excess consumption of fenugreek is hormonal imbalance and it causes many other complex troubles like


Eating fenugreek in any form (in large amount) during the last trimesters can cause miscarriage. In many cases, preterm labor is experienced due to eating fenugreek in excessive amount.

Urinary trouble

In many cases, after excess consumption of fenugreek affects the urine and makes it smell like maple syrup. Though it is usually not harmful but can be irritating at times.

Digestive issues

Eating fenugreek regularly can make you end up with acid digestion or diarrhea during pregnancy. Nausea, bloating, gas and vomiting are also its side effects.


You are more likely to become prone to the allergies like cough and wheeze or swelling of the body parts after eating too much fenugreek while pregnant.

Contraction of Uterus

Fenugreek boosts the level of oxytocin in blood and hence causes the uterus to contract, which is a very dangerous condition.

How much Fenugreek should be Consumed during Pregnancy?

If you are consuming ground fenugreek or methi powder, then it is not suggested to go beyond 5 teaspoons of it in your diet. If seeds are to be taken, then the amount should not exceed 3-4 gram every day.

The right way to eat Fenugreek/Methi during this phase

Before proceeding further on ways to eat fenugreek during pregnancy, it should be noted that never consume fenugreek with an empty stomach or just after waking up. Have some nice meal and then go for it to leverage its wonderful benefits. Here are some important ways to consume fenugreek suggested for the pregnant women.

Small Quantity is Better

As discussed above, eating fenugreek in a huge amount can trigger many health issues and allergies. However, eating it in lower amounts can help you avail its wonderful benefits to the fullest.

Fresh and Green

Fresh and green fenugreek leaves are the best if you can get it. Just stir fry it and have it with your breakfast or lunch.

Fenugreek Sprouts

Fenugreek is a rich source of diosgenin, fibers, proteins, potassium, iron and many other nutritious elements. Fenugreek sprouts are richer in nutrients compared to its other forms and also are easy to digest. Eating fenugreek sprouts in a small amount every day or on alternate days can keep your health on the right track.

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So, you have known the dos and don’ts of fenugreek during pregnancy above. Though it is good for the breastfeeding moms, in fact highly recommended galactogogue but not recommended in a large amount for the pregnant women; every woman’s body is different and hence it will react to its consumption differently. If the doctor’s advice and proven health tips are followed properly, a happy and healthy pregnancy can be enjoyed along with the goodness of fenugreek.


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