Can Exercises Help Increase Height In Kids?


Selected Physical Exercises for Children to help Grow Taller

Can food and exercises help children grow taller?
OR is it only their genetics which decide their height?
Well, Doctors say: 60%-85% of Decision of how tall you will grow is done by your genetics. (Reference)
But does that mean physical activities and food are of no-use?
It’s a big question of debate, though most of medical researchers say that no particular exercise can guarantee you boost in height, the high protein diet has significant effect on your child’s growth. Physically active children have better chances of growing healthier so we remove chances of not-growing-taller due to low quality food intake or physical in-activities.
Studies have found that the average height of a newborn is 19.5 inches. This is just the beginning. As a supermom, you need to track his height throughout his teenage. Usually, boys reach the zenith of their height by the age of 17 while the girls can expect their maximum height till 2 years from the inception of puberty.
Here is the list of some exercises for children that MAY help them grow taller.

Best Exercises for Children


yoga poses for kids printable
You can find an ocean of solutions if you stick with your traditional roots. Yoga is a globally popular practice that has been in existence for many centuries. Yoga is a safe, easy and reliable way to grow children stronger. Your children’s height depends on his growth hormones. Yoga offers a mind, body and soul peace to all age groups. When your child will find the right solution to avoid his anxiety and relax his body through Yoga postures, his growth hormones will automatically start working better. The preferable Yoga Asanas believed to increase children height are –
– Surya Namaskara
– Tadasana
– Vrikshasana
– Sukhasana
– Paschimottanasana


Hanging has always been thought prolific for height growth in children. It’s an obvious thing that stretching the body will help in the elongation of the spine and that will boost your child’s height. Studies say that a big number of vertically challenged folks across the globe have never tried hanging or stretching their body. So, hanging may or may not benefit your child.


It’s a great visual treat to watch the little girls and guys skipping with their besties. Skipping is not just a game but a therapeutic solution for physical growth in children. Skipping helps your child’s body stretch and shoot up their height. Jumping high over and over again increases the blood circulation in your child’s body and leaves a great impact on the growth hormone.

Stretching Vertically

Let you child steal some candies kept on a shelf which is taller than him. Vertical stretches are very beneficial for your child’s spine elongation. When your child stands on his toes and keeps his chin up, he experiences an increase in the blood flow in his body. Stretching regularly is very beneficial for increasing children height.


Swimming is a sport that drives the attention of many children. There is something fascinating about the water sport. Swimming helps in eliminating the extra calories in the body and stimulates all the muscles in the body. It is one of the intense exercises for children. Swimming also increases the core strength of your child’s body.

Bending Forward

dog pose kids yoga
Standing straight and then gradually bending forward touching the floor without bending the knees can stretch your child’s muscles and spine and boost their height.

Stretching against the Wall

Wall stretches are also productive for height growth. Keeping the hands on the wall at the maximum possible height and standing on the toes without bending the spine can add to your child’s strength and height in the course of time.

Everyday Jogging

Does running make the grade? Oh, yes! It surely does. Running is an intense exercise which can be tried by folks of all age groups. Children often run and here and there during their playing regime but that won’t be enough to boost his height. Running on the track or in a park, garden or field with an intention to push the limits and stretch the muscles will do the trick.

The Extra Care


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When your kid is done with his workout sessions, he needs some energy and nutritious diet at the end of the day. Diet is a vital factor in the growing height of the children. What you eat is what you become. All those tiresome exercises won’t do any magic on your child’s height if he keeps on grabbing the pancakes, burgers or extra-cheese sandwiches. You child needs a balanced amount of calcium, high-protein, vitamins and other nutrients in his diet. You can this post to get idea about a balanced diet chart for your child.

Sleeping Regime

Do you keep an eye on your child’s sleeping routine? Well, it’s very important and it is associated with his height and overall growth. Your child needs a proper 8-10 hours of sleep every day otherwise he will remain dull for the whole day and do nothing but dozing.


Make sure your child sits, stands and sleeps in the right postures. Schedule a meeting with a fitness expert and know the right postures for your child according to his age.
Following the aforementioned exercises and other tips can be beneficial for your child’s height growth. At least trying these once won’t cost you much.


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