Can Breastfeeding Moms Eat Papaya?


Is it Safe to Eat Green Papaya during Breastfeeding?

The danger of eating raw/green papaya during pregnancy must have created this doubt in your mind that whether it’s safe for you during breastfeeding.

So, to answer it shortly: YES it’s absolutely safe to eat green as well as ripen papaya during breastfeeding.

green papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit with numerous benefits. Sometimes, the fruit is called Pawpaws or Papaws and in India, it’s known as Papeeta.

Papaya is a rich source of oxidants like Zeaxanthin. In fact, Green papaya is also known to be a source of galactagogue i.e. the foods which help improve breast milk production/lactation.
There are many myths related to eating Papaya during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. Here are some facts and tips that may help you out during such phases.

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When to Start Eating Papaya?: Guide for New Moms

Papayas are delicious and they not only contribute to a selection of culinary treats but they offer a range of health benefits also. Some nutritionists suggest that to-be moms should avoid eating unripe papayas completely and eat ripe papayas in small amounts. The reason behind this is unripe papaya or partially ripe papaya has latex in it which is responsible for the contraction of the uterus and hence complexity during the childbirth. Also, the presence of the enzymes like papain and pepsin in papaya is also a threat to the developing foetus.

However, you can eat papaya after the delivery or during breastfeeding. Your newborn is completely dependent on your breast milk and most of the food or drink you consume gets into the milk and affects your baby’s health and growth. Papaya contains galactagogue which increases the flow of breast milk. However, the consumption of papaya should be moderate even during the lactation phase. Moderation of any food is very important.

Health Benefits of Papaya during Breastfeeding

Both the raw and ripe papayas are helpful during the breastfeeding phase. Where the raw papaya boosts the oxytocin hormone and helps in the case of loose motions or diarrhoea, ripe papayas are beneficial for constipation, digestion and baby’s growth.

Raw papaya has more nutritional and medicinal properties than the ripe one. The enzymes and other nutritional elements in the raw papaya are concentrated and contribute more to the baby’s and mom’s health. Also, if you don’t find the taste of the raw papaya appealing, try cooking it and use it as a salad, stew or soup.

Here are some important benefits of eating papaya during breastfeeding –

Low Calorie Fruit

Papaya is a delicious fruit with very low calories. 100 gm of papaya contains around 39-43 calories which makes it an everyday dietary element for the new moms. Papaya helps you get rid of your hunger without adding cholesterol to your body.

Minerals and Nutritional Elements

Papaya is a rich source of Vitamin C which makes your recovery process fast and boosts your immunity. It also contains some essential vitamins like Vitamin B5, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and folate. Also, a selection of essential minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium is found in papayas which take care of the baby’s and mom’s health.


Papaya contains many important anti-oxidants like cryptoxanthin and beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A that help a new mom get rid of the threats like stress, anxiety, cancer and free radicals.

Digestive Benefits

The presence of the enzyme called papain boosts the digestive system. Papaya is a water and fiber rich fruit that improve digestion and helps in constipation.
If you got no allergy to papayas, raw or ripe, then you don’t have to worry about eating it in any form during breastfeeding. It will bring a great flavour to your diet and make sure your health and your baby’s development is not compromised.

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