Breastfeeding During Pregnancy


Is Breastfeeding during Pregnancy Safe for Mother and Children?

In India, doctors and government recommend 5yrs age gap between 2 siblings. So you should conceive when your elder child is 4yrs old. Well this is not always the case. As many couples these days prefer lesser age gap between kids as it is easy to raise children with less age gap. Sometimes it might be less than 2 years, unknowingly it may happen. In such cases main issue is should you continue breastfeeding your first child? Here are related FAQs.

How Breastfeeding may Affect your Unborn Child?

As a mother one will obviously think if breastfeeding will deprive the unborn baby of nutrients. Well according to medical research the first one to get nutrients is your unborn child.
Due to hormonal changes the milk production will be reduced. But you can resolve this issue by frequent feeding and which leads to need of increasing nutrient rich diet for the mother.
If you want to use some supplements to boost your milk production, talk to your doctor. Though Fenugreek is supposed to be super healthy for breastfeeding and pregnancy, it induces frequent urination. So go easy on herbs too.

Will you Lack Colostrum at Baby Birth if Breastfed till Delivery?

A mother’s body is most amazing creature by nature and specially it works beyond our imagination when it comes to baby birth. Your body will make sure your new born gets enough colostrum even if you breastfed during pregnancy till delivery. You can produce mature milk and colostrum both during pregnancy. Hence relax and never think negatively.

How Breastfeeding can Affect Pregnancy?

There is no adverse effect of breastfeeding during pregnancy. It will never lead to miscarriage or premature labor. Just make sure you eat healthy balanced diet. Which must be enough for you 3. Well it doesn’t mean you gallop bowls of ghee or eat only carb rich food. As said by doctors always, maintain healthy balanced diet.

How BF during Pregnancy can Affect Mother?

For mother it only affects in 3 ways
1. Extra requirement of nutrients and more focus on food intake. Obviously taking care of 3 by one is not a game. You must be cautious for following your diet plan and counting your Intake Vs Demand every day.
2. Hormones: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding both induces hormonal changes. Don’t worry it is not going to double the effect but it might be little challenging when it comes to morning sickness. A normal pregnancy might suffer more morning sickness and pregnancy while breastfeeding might not at all induce morning sickness. Anyway it is totally unpredictable.
In any case, take care of your thirst and tiredness. Try to eat small amount of liquid frequently and rest as much as possible.
3. Uncomfortable breasts
During pregnancy you are likely to experience nipple tenderness and can make breastfeeding uncomfortable. Pay more attention to proper latch on.

Should you Wean or not?

Naturally many moms will think of weaning. It is completely a mother’s decision based on age of elder child and her own energy levels but talk to your gyneac and your child’s pediatrician before you decide to wean off. You want to take it easy on your first child. Do not stop it in a day.

Here we have tried to answer common questions with general case consideration. Please always talk your doctor about every query. Never loose your attention on your healthy diet plan. A mother’s health during pregnancy and breastfeeding is most important of all.


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