Breast Pain During Pregnancy: What You Should Know


The Reason behind Sore Breasts in Pregnant Women

Tenderness and soreness in the breasts is a common occurrence in women during pregnancy. Though it may be alarming in the beginning, this is a very natural phenomenon that has to be dealt with. Instead of worrying about the heightened sensitiveness and the discomfort, it is essential to gain an understanding of why it occurs and how to cope with it.

What is The Cause for The Soreness?

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Pregnancy brings with it increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone which prepare the body to support the baby. The increased hormone levels increases the sensitivity of the breasts, thus making them sore and tender. Some women might also feel tingling sensations in their breasts for the same reason. Though this makes for a very uncomfortable time, remember that this is a necessary phenomenon to better prepare your breasts for nursing your baby. An increase in the breast size usually accompanies breast pain during pregnancy.

How Common is it and for How Long Does it Last?

It is very common among pregnant women. Sensitized, sore and tingling breasts are sometimes one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that can be felt even before you think of taking a pregnancy test. For most women, sore breasts can be felt from the third to fourth week of pregnancy. It is at its peak during the first trimester and usually reduces with the following trimesters. Some women tend to experience breast pain at random intervals throughout their pregnancy. For some it occurs in last trimester when the breast size increases. It can reoccur after the delivery of the baby and during breastfeeding but this again is natural and common among most women.
The duration of these breast pains differ from individual to individual. Most women tend to experience breast pain for around four to six weeks of their pregnancy. This soreness is mostly related to early signs of pregnancy but it is common to experience it at any stages of your pregnancy, more so in the first.

How to Ease The Soreness?

Here’s how you can go about easing the soreness to more manageable levels by yourself.

Supportive Bras

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Comfortable, supportive bras will ease your discomfort and reduce soreness. Avoid underwired bras which tend to dig into your skin when your breasts grow in size. This will only add on to your pain. Choose a bra size that feels the most comfortable and wear well-fitted ones when you exercise. Maternity cotton sleep bras are available which reduce soreness and feels more comfortable during sleep.

Avoid Contact

The lesser contact your breasts have, the lesser you feel the pain. Convey this to your partner and avoid contact during the soreness.

Breast Pads

Breast pads prevent contact between the nipples and the clothes which can reduce soreness to a considerable level. Bras without seams on the inside also feel more comfortable when compared to the other type. Avoid the hard padded bras or the tight bras which will push the nipples back on breasts.

Hot Shower

Most women tend to feel soothed by a hot shower. Give it a try and follow it if it works for you. Avoid use of soap if you have sore nipples.

Changes In Breasts During Pregnancy


In third trimester your breast are preparing for the breastfeeding. The colostrum is created and most of times it leaks during last few weeks of pregnancy. Colostrum is thick yellow liquid which a mother has to feed her newly born baby just after baby birth. You may notice this liquid on nipples starting from second trimester or mostly during last trimester.
You can use thin absorbent breast pads if you are worried about the stains on your clothes.

Stretch Marks

Along with your increasing belly and stretched skin on it, your breasts are also getting bigger and which stretches the skin on it. You may notice the stretch marks especially on sides. Usually they disappear after exclusive breastfeeding.

Tenderness in Breasts

The tenderness in breasts is anyway experienced throughout the pregnancy but it may increase towards end of it. You must keep a watch on your breasts and change your bra to comfortable one before your end up in pain and discomfort. It is better to start wearing maternity supportive bra from second trimester of pregnancy if not before that.
Breast pain is a common occurrence that just indicates that the body is working the way it is supposed to be during pregnancy. Knowing how to cope with it will make your pregnancy easier.


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