Why I liked Fisher Price Bouncer and Rocker for My Kids?


Best Bouncer and Rocker for Baby in India

When my elder son was around 6-7 months we thought of buying a baby chair/bouncer for baby. I was in Nagoya city of Japan, there are huge shops for baby cloths, baby furniture etc. and we used to love going for baby shopping (well who doesn’t??). For bouncer type of baby shopping I usually prefer online shopping as it saves energy. 🙂

Fisher Price Bouncer Review: Why I use it for My Elder Son

I searched on Amazon, shortlisted few, there were amazing bouncers and very good variety of all quality products. I thought of all options and finally bought one. My need of ‘Keeping baby busy n eating well on it” was satisfied by the Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer. It was cute.
(Please note this is not an affiliate of fisher price, this is totally non-commercial post for sharing my experience)

Features Explained

It had the feature of vibration which used to calm my baby when he was crying, well not always! Sometimes while playing he used to fall in sleep on it.fisher price rainforest bouncer
It had a sparkling waterfall, some hanging toys : a monkey and a frog playing peek-a-boo in the leaves near that waterfall which used to lighten him up. And as company says it stimulates the visual senses of baby. The most beautiful attraction of this bouncer is soothing and beautiful sounds and songs of it. For at least first 2-3 months my son enjoyed the vibrations and songs but obviously he got bored. So I used to play it to him once in a while rather than daily.

New Designs by Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Rainforect Rocker + Diaper Bag Combo

Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer

Regarding safety:

(it’s important because you may not be around all the time) It has supportive bands and a reclined position, which holds baby and prevents from falling off the bouncer. It also requires 4 D alkaline batteries and can handle weight till 11.3 kgs i.e. from birth of your child till he/she is able to sit by herself unassisted.
But you cannot adjust the angle of recline, that’s the only negative point as main chair part is made up of a wire but because of that the bounce was very enjoyable. I really felt it was one of hit toys for my baby.

The toy bar is removable which makes it easy to make your baby seated in and even remove him from the chair of the bouncer.

During first 3-4 months of buying I used to feed him solids on the bouncer itself. It has perfect angle for feeding solids to young babies who can not sit.

feeding baby on bouncer

It proved to be a blessing as my son loved it and it brought little peace in my life as the attractive toys and finger foods used to keep him entertained while I used to cook.
Also I took many photos of my son enjoying on chair with the background of its beautiful colors.

finger food on baby bouncer

Fisher Price Rocker Review: Why I used it for My Younger Son:
The Bouncer I had sold while shifting from Nagoya, So for my younger son, I wanted similar bouncer again.

baby on fisher price rocker

I didn’t find the rain-forest bouncer but instead I bought a Fisher Price newborn to toddler rocker from Amazon.


This light-weight and dual Rocker has a built-in handle that makes it so easy to carry it around with you when you want to sit in the balcony or garden with your baby. The gentle rocking motion of the rocker operates on a battery. It offers a smooth kind of vibration throughout that helps the baby to relax and calm down. Most of all I liked its several recline positions to suit your growing child’s posture. Its recline position is to be used for a newborn or an infant who can sit without assistance whereas its upright position is for a child with sufficient upper body control.
A secure restraint system takes care of your toddler, until he can get in and out of the rocker on his own.
It is also safe and secure. The toy bar has two hanging toys. I wish they had some different varieties in these hanging toys as babies won’t play same toys every day. So I used to hang his other toys with a ring or string. Especially some musical toys.

feeding baby on a rocker

I fed his first solids in this rocker as it gives perfect angle for young babies. Also good to kids occupied with finger food and they won’t mess up too. Otherwise if you give finger food while they are playing freely they will touch the food to toys which is not hygienic.
Seeing him enjoying this, My elder son used to insist on sitting on same chair so I used to make him sit on the same chair when baby was sleeping on bed. This rocker has a small plastic parts which stops the rocking movement and makes it stationary for bigger kids and thus I used it for both kids. You can use this gear for babies from birth to 18 KGs!

happy baby on rocker

Easy to Clean

Why I like fisher price products is because they are easily washable. You can remove the covers and wash them. Also the quality of fiber is always better than others. I love the colors it offers. Mainly bright blue-green-orange.


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