Best Yoga Poses to Tone-Up a Loose Body after Pregnancy


Guest Post: How to Tone Loose Body Post-Pregnancy?

After months of pregnancy new moms get to finally love their bundles of joy outside of the womb, but what not everyone loves is the post-pregnancy look.
While many fitness and health gurus suggest a strict diet and rigorous training, we believe that a simpler, more holistic approach can help you regain your body so you can fit back into the clothes you wore before you became a customer at the local maternity shop.

We know that yoga isn’t a miracle for toning and tightening the body, but it’s a safe and effective exercise that you can do in order to get back into shape after baby has arrived. Not to mention how beneficial it is for your mind and spirit! Yoga is also something you can do at home, there are many guides on how to do yoga at home if you search for them!
While you won’t immediately bounce back to looking exactly like you did before you had your child (some women never do), you should keep in mind that this is all part of the transition. It is a process to shed some excess weight and tone up a loose tummy so stay positive!

Things to remember:

• You just gave birth and the way you look is totally natural. Do not get discouraged because you don’t look the same as you did prior to bringing life into this world!
• Use this as inspiration to exercise and be happy with the small improvements that will occur as they occur.
• Most of all, have fun and don’t forget to also go for many walks with your new born bundle of joy as cardio exercises are the best for losing weight & cutting calories!

Top Post-Pregnancy Yoga Poses

We’ve rounded up some of the best yoga poses out there that will help new moms tighten up their bodies after pregnancy. Check out these ideas…

If You Have a Loose Tummy

It’s only natural for your abs to look a bit flabby and loose after pregnancy since these muscles weaken and stretch out to accommodate your baby. If you delivered your baby via vaginal birth, it’s normally safe to start ab workouts anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks after birth, and you can start working out 8 weeks after delivery if you had a C-section. Always consult with your doctor first though. The most important thing to do is to strengthen your pelvic floor before you even think about starting abdominal exercises, unless of course you’re okay with dealing with pains and complications later on. (This is not recommended)

Try This Move: Pelvic Rocking

pelvic rocking
You’ll need to tuck your belly button in toward your spine while lying on the floor. Next, breathe out and then lift your pelvis up towards the ceiling, slowly take a deep breath in and then lower your pelvis back down to the floor. Do this move 20 consecutive times and remember to keep things slow and steady. This will help tighten up your loose belly and strengthen it so that you can start doing more rigid abdominal exercises soon. View the image below to see an example of raising your hips and how to do this properly. It is crucial to keep good form so you do not injure your back while you are doing this exercise.

If You Have – A Weak Pelvic Floor

Lessened sexual sensations and embarrassing leaks aren’t uncommon for new moms. If you have a weak pelvic floor, don’t feel like the odd one out, it is perfectly natural and all part of the process! The key to remember here is that you need to strengthen the pelvic floor as soon as possible in order to avoid an anatomical shift of the organs.

Try This Move: Kegels

Kegel exercises are the perfect contraction workouts to help strengthen your pelvic floor and fix any incontinence. You can do Kegels in the cross-legged pose, the child’s pose, and even when lying on your back. Make sure you’re squeezing the muscles that control urine flow, hold, and then release. Do these in progressive sets, squeezing and holding for 5 seconds and then releasing, followed by an 11 second set. You can do one set of 10 reps per day safely.

Example of Child’s Pose:
child pose yoga

If You Have – a Fatigue Problem

We know that new moms wake up every hour of the night to tend to the little ones, and that leaves them feeling less than well-rested. Yoga might not eliminate sleepless nights completely, but they can help you fight off fatigue to power through the days ahead.

Try This Move: Viparita Karani

viparita karani yoga
This move is known as the Legs Up the Wall Pose, and it’s a restorative pose that may open up the chest and help you breathe better. To do the pose, put a pillow under your hips (or use your hands if like the image below you are more experienced) and lay down with your hips against the wall. Now bring your arms out to your sides, unless you are using your hands to support your hips, and then take a deep breath and hold. Breath in and out 5 times each while in the pose, then relax.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these yoga poses are really easy and quick to do, and they may help you tone up a loose body after pregnancy. You’ve got nothing to lose except for a flabby tummy, so why not try them today?!
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