Best Way to include Drumsticks in Kids’ Diet


How to Feed Drumsticks to Babies and Kids

When I was pregnant the first time, I was working in Tokyo and my family doctor in India suggested me to take dried drumsticks to Japan and boil and eat them regularly. That was when I realised this is a special vegetable. Recently, western world has started valuing Moringa leave’s powder. We Indians are so lucky to get hands on these vegetable in its 100% best form i.e. fresh form.
Still today, not many Indians know about this vegetable’s health benefits.
Recently, the Indian Government circulated an awareness video on health benefits of Moringa leaves and drumsticks to fight with malnutrition.

Why is Moringa Drumsticks so Special?

1. Super Healthy

Moringa is a great source of Vitamins, protein and antioxidants and hence a great dietary element for kids. Moringa leaves can be given as powder or fresh leaves to a kid and the drumsticks can be just boiled and fed to babies and kids. It is full of essential nutrients. The top health benefits of Moringa include:
• Energy booster
• Improves immunity and metabolism
• Cell development
• Anti-inflammatory
• Protection from liver and kidney diseases
• Healing property
• Good for eyes

2. Easily Available

Drumsticks or Moringa is a popular veggie in India households. It’s also known as Sehjan or Shinga/Shevga. Since it’s a warm season plant, it is available in the market in summers. However, in vegetable stalls, bazar, malls and supermarket, you can find it throughout the year.

3. Tasty and Easy to Make

This is how I make this vegetable for my kids once a week:
1. Buy fresh drum sticks, peel and cut in small sticks of size as shown below
cut sticks
2. Take ghee or oil in a kadhai, add turmeric, and add the drumsticks, add water only as much needed i.e. for 250 gms sticks, add only half bowl water. Add salt, cumin powder. You may add a pinch of garam masala.
3. Cover and cook for about 10 minutes on medium-low flame.
4. Most important: Don’t let the sticks break or get the pulp loosened. Keep the sticks firm so they can be enjoyed better.
4. Let the water evaporate and the sticks dried.

fried drumsticks

5. Add lemon juice and when cool down. Break and take off the seeds, let kids eat on their own.

This one vegetable is for all poor to riches, all ages, babies, mothers, pregnant women and elderly people. Must have this super powerful vegetable at least once a week.

Moringa Leaves for Kids

In case of drumsticks leaves, If you are getting fresh green leaves for your baby then it’s perfectly okay otherwise make sure the powder Moringa is completely organic and the brand is reputed. You can try many recipes using Moringa leaves, fruit and seeds. Moringa is not only useful for kids but good for adults as well. It’s helpful in anemia, diabetes, constipation, thyroid and infections. For new moms, it’s helpful in the production of breast milk. Including this wonder food in the diet can ensure good health for the whole family.


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