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Baby Toys Online Shopping: 1 Year Old Girl Special

Do only blocks and dolls make a good toy for a one year old girl? Well, buying anything or everything may not do the trick as babies are completely unpredictable and so is their mood. Here is a smart list of gifts for one year baby girl online which can help you be the best momma to your little one.

Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girl Indian

Light-Up Cool Laptop with Fun and Learning Animation

If your baby loves engaging animation, the light-up laptop with chunky buttons and piano keys is worth settling for. The cool baby laptop with animation not just teaches English phrases and songs to your baby but gingers up her mood with mellifluous melodies as well.

Why Buy It?
It’s a multifaceted battery-operated electronic toy for kids with a range of functions like piano, movable mouse, six chunky buttons for learning and fun, volume control, animation display and much more.

Musical Stroll-Along Walker

The cool musical stroll-along walker is not just a treat to the baby but cuts down on the efforts of the parents as well. The wide wheels make the walker easy to move and the strong handles with musical wiggly jiggly bear offers a great control and an enjoyable journey for the baby.

Why Buy It?
It’s sturdy, eye-catching, spacious, easily controllable, battery-operated, generates melodies and offers a scope to get indulged in plenty of fun activities.

Vibrant Colored Engaging Picnic Set

Help your kid bask in various shapes, colors, manners and so forth with the battery-operated picnic set. The colorful items including fork, cup, food, blanket, basket, cup and plates will help your kid learn the household management in a playful manner.

Why Buy It?
Great product for kids and toddlers, produces music, develops skills and can be easily carried anywhere.

Five Color Spin and Learn Flashlight for Kids

Do you want to illuminate your kid’s little world and fill it with vibrant colors? Embellish your little one’s small world with spin and learn flashlight with five different rainbow colors. Be it learning the basic numbers and English phrases or enjoying some sing along melodies – the fun and learning colorful flashlight with durable body can be your baby’s best buddy.

Why Buy It?
Great grip, strong body, cool and easy-to-press buttons, great design, rainbow lights and cool melodies.

3 Mode Learning Kitchen Setup

With this fun and learning kitchen setup available in 3 modes – imagination, music and learning, you can help your baby grow smart and edge her imaginative skills. The setup has a fridge, clock, lights, faucet, flipbook, melodies and many engaging stuff.

Why Buy It?
Learning Kitchen
List Price:INR 2,999.00
You Save:INR 600.00
Price Disclaimer
It’s sturdy, colorful and a great learning solution with a compelling design.

Spacious and Multiple Storage Cool Plug n Play Trike for Kids

Your baby not just needs a good balance during her interior or exterior rides but comfort and storage are also required, especially when you are taking him to a store or somewhere far from home. It’s a sturdy and colorful trike for growing kids which boosts their imaginative and learning skills offering them a comfortable ride.

Why Buy It?
It offers a great support, safety, multiple spots for carrying various stuff, eye-catching and smart design and also good for the kids facing trouble with mobility.

Bright Color Developmental Bumpy Ball

The colorful and bright pattern bumpy ball with soft construction helps improving your baby’s vision. The ball is easy to hold. When your baby moves or tosses the ball, the plastic beads make a rattling noise and your baby will remain engaged for hours to understand the science behind it.

Why Buy It?
Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball
List Price:INR 995.00
You Save:INR 100.00
Price Disclaimer
It’s multicolored, lightweight, helps in teething and great for fun activities.

Whisper Buggy Ride for Babies

If you are trying to replace your baby’s old stroller then this buggy ride can be the suitable pick. It’s spacious, comfortable, stylish and functional. You can keep a range of stuff in the various storage sections of the buggy ride.

Why Buy It?
It’s portable, tempting, durable and offers a smooth ride along with a great safety.

Little People Home

Let your baby build her dream home by herself bringing her this cool little people surprise home. Ranging from the morning alarm clock to press n play music player – the happy home has everything your baby wants.

Why Buy It?
It is foldable, fun and learning product for kids and toddlers.

Smart Purse for Babies

If you are looking for a smart purse loaded with accessories for your smart baby, this product can be right up your baby’s alley. The battery-operated smart purse has cool shape buttons to boost her learning skills. The accessories like mirror, keys and credit card improve her motor skills while the beautiful melodies make her day.

Why Buy It?
It’s a single product catering to your baby’s learning, aesthetic and entertainment needs.

First Basics Baby Doll for Babies

With this cute baby doll, you can make your baby feel cozy and secured during her bedtime. The doll produces rattling sounds that will inspire your baby to establish a communication with the huggable doll.

Why Buy It?
It improves your baby’s hand movement, coordination, imaginative and motor skills, emotions and learning skills. It is easy to carry.
If you have any more ideas to add to our collection of best toys/gifts for baby girl then please leave your valuable comment.
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