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Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Boy Indian

Buying a gift for your little one is something that doesn’t happen once in a blue moon. As a caring mom/dad/grandparents, it’s perfectly okay to feel the urge of buying the whole nine yards while singling out a perfect gift for your baby boy in a baby gift store.

Gifts/Toys for 1 year Old Baby Boy for Birthday

Bounce and Spin Zebra

The 360 degree bounce and spin zebra is not just a great product adding fun to your baby’s playtime regime but develops his motor skills, coordination, balance and imaginative skills as well. Your baby will definitely enjoy a great and safe ride holding the handlebar firmly.

Why Buy It?
It builds motor skills and makes your baby understand the right balance and stability. The product is enduring and a value for money.

Ball Pool

For all the on-the-go mommas, this hexagonal kids playing zone tent can be a great relief. You can place your baby inside the tent and let him relish the polka dotted design and many balls made of soft plastic. There’s a slot for the balls on one of the mesh wall corners of the tent. The tent creates a fantasy sports world for the small babies.

Why Buy It?
The mesh corners of the tent ensure baby’s safety, several balls available with the tent and it has a durable design.

Plug n Play Tricycle

The plug n play tricycle with a trendy design and chrome finishing grows with your baby. The parent push handle helps you guide your little one in the initial phases when he is learning his joyrides. It’s an innovative and value for money product to gift your baby on his birthday.

Why Buy It?
Easy-to-install, footrest for optimum comfort, durable and supports up to 25 kgs.

Development Ball

Be it a boy or a girl; every baby needs an innovative fun and learning solution for mental growth. The creatively designed development ball for baby boys and girls has various sections made of different materials. Your baby will explore some unique textures and develop his motor skills at the same time.

Why Buy It?
Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball
List Price:INR 995.00
You Save:INR 100.00
Price Disclaimer
It generates rattling sound, multiple colors used, soft fabric used for baby’s sensitive skin and it can be carried anywhere.

Activity Walker

Baby boys learn walking later in comparison to the baby girls. This innovatively designed activity walker will help your lazy baby find a great support and relish the joy of walking along with the activities like spinning panels, turning gears and flipping doors. It’s portable and foldable.

Why Buy It?
Easy to carry, provides a delightful playtime with lots of activities as well as a great support during walking. It boosts baby’s motor skills.

Shot Sports Center

For sports loving babies, the shot sports center can be a great gift. It has two different games with two different setups at a single place. Your baby may sick the soccer and score some great goals or drop the basket ball in to the hoop and see the score on the display screen.

Why Buy It?
It has music and songs for cheering on every goal or score, sensors are there to track the movements on the net or hoop, the numbers on the screen can improve his counting skills.

Toy Ride on Car

With a great space, decent support and good control, the baby car becomes a great pick for your baby boy’s birthday or any special occasion. The toy car has a parental control for beginning stages. The car has a sturdy body which makes it enduring. Your baby will love the songs and sounds on the steering.

Why Buy It?
Spacious, back support available, parental support and easy-to-turn


With easy-to-grasp fishing rod and multiple colorful plastic fishes, the fishing experience becomes realistic. The fishing game will keep your baby engaged when you are not around to look after him.

Why Buy It?
Great products for babies, toddlers and even adults. The fishing set has a sturdy fishing rod and a durable body. It boosts the hand-eye coordination as well as your baby’s motor skills.

Brilliant Blocks

Playing blocks are a very effective way to improve your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The product can give an edge to your baby’s imaginative skills.
Why Buy It?
Colorful blocks and multiple shapes to engage your baby, handle for easy carrying and improves baby’s identifying skills.

Carrier Toy

Help your pet-lover baby to take his darling pet for a walk in a smart carrier box. The batter-operated carrier box has multiple cool buttons for music, songs and learning activities.

Why Buy It?
The carrier set is available with pet care accessories, wonderful and creative design and it is portable.
Finding the right fun and learning gifts for 1 year old babies is indeed challenging as not only baby’s happiness, learning and comfort are the prime goals but functionality and portability are also some important factors to consider. The above mentioned toys for baby girls and boys are not just toys but essential experiences as well. The toys help your baby grow smart with multiple skills.


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    Thanks for sharing these gift ideas, Sapna. These toys will definitely help babies to grow their cute skills.

    Can you please suggest me any toy or gift for my 1.5 years old baby boy, Tushar? He loves playing toy guitar but unfortunately it’s not working anymore.

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