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Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle for Schools in India

Sufficient hydration and good health are synonymous. Be it a small baby or a grown-up; as a caring mom, you might be worried about his hydration needs during his playtime, an outdoor visit or the bedtime. Water bottles are one of the must-haves in all the cases. But, have you ever thought of a safe and easy drinking for you little one? Pura Kiki is a plastic-free green product that can upgrade your baby’s drinking regime.
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Why is Pura Kiki called One Life One Bottle?

Human life is precious and the healthcare concerns simply proliferate when it’s about the infant health and life. Pura Kiki is an authentic, non-toxic and plastic-free green bottle for babies, infants and kids. Pura Kiki is called One Life One Bottle for the reasons –
• One bottle for all ages: Single Bottle + Various the Silicone Tops, Use for any one, from a Newborn to an Adult.
• Reusable
• Recyclable: Go Eco
• 100% authentic food-grade stainless steel: Safe for Health
• Made of first-rate health-grade silicone
• BPA or phthalate-free
• Quality tested and MadeSafe approved

Why Choose Pura Kiki?

Pura Kiki bottles are lab-tested and certified. Everyone gets only one valuable life which deserves safe and eco-friendly products. The bottled water industry has created a big void compromising with everyone’s health and Pura Kiki can be a great pick to fill up the void. Pura Kiki bottles evolve with your baby and cater to his sage drinking needs in all walks of life. These bottles are adaptable, eco-friendly and durable.
The plastic bottle is not only a threat to the health of the babies and adults but also to the environment. The manufacturing of the plastic bottles affect the environment in following ways –
• Consume a huge amount of oil in production
• Billions of non-biodegradable plastic bottles buried every year that spoil the soil’s quality
• Toxic exposure to the workers in the manufacturing industry
• Pollutes water and air
Pura Kiki can save the little ones from the fierce consequences of using phthalates including plastic bottles. It is seen that many parents don’t go for the industrial health-grade green products because of their price tag. Pura Kiki can be a great relief as it is safe, easy-to-use and economic. You will not have to throw the bottle after using it. Pura Kiki bottles have long shelf-life.

Pura Kiki Available for Different Stages

Buying a new bottle for your child on every birthday may violate your budget goals. Pura Kiki can save you from the repetitive expenses on the safe and green water bottles for babies. All you need to buy is a single Pura Kiki bottle for your infant, toddler, kid or an adult person at home and keep on changing or swapping the silicone top according to the need or use. These bottles grow as the baby grows. Pura Kiki bottles are mainly available in four categories


Infants are active and ordinary bottles may not go with their drinking regime. The handy Pura Kiki bottles for infants are available in many innovative designs, colors and sizes. These bottles come in ordinary and insulated designs for custom use.


Toddlers are less active than the infants and a safe bottle with sipper spout can be introduced to them for a convenient and safe drinking. These bottles are also available with Silicone covers for travelling. Pura Kiki has many compelling and colorful eco-friendly water bottles for toddlers in its green collection.

School Going Kids

Every year at beginning of the school parents look for durable school-water-bottle for their children. You can use this same Pura Kiki bottle with straw lid to them. These bottles are stylish and easy-to-use. These bottles can serve well during outdoor activities.


Finally, there is an eco-friendly grown-up water bottle which can do the work for sports activities as well. The big mouth medical-grade silicone top makes the drinking easy for active big boys.

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Green baby products are buzzing in the market nowadays because every mom wants to ensure comfort and safety for their babies. Pura Kiki can be a value for money baby product. It is stylish, safe, certified and innovative. Pura Kiki is a functional product for the modern lifestyle.

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