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Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottles: Why Should You Prefer?

Baby Feeding Bottles are of many types. You have stainless steel baby feeding bottles, glass baby bottles, and of course plastic feeding bottles to choose from. So the question is which of the four should you buy for your baby? For this, we will a comparative study of all the three. Stainless Steel is an alloy, a type of metal, made by combining iron and chromium that doesn’t let the bottle rust or corrode. Even plastic and glass bottles don’t rust or corrode so why use Stainless Steel Baby Bottles.

Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

kid kanteen steel bottle
1. Inside stainless steel bottles, the bacteria are less likely to grow.

2. Mountaineers, hikers, sportsmen etc. usually drink water from stainless steel body. Why? That’s because it is sturdy if it falls no dent will be seen on such bottles.

3. Aluminum bottles look similar to stainless bottles when they fall down a dent can be seen on them.

4. Don’t buy aluminum feeding bottles they are neither safe for you nor safe for your babies. As usual, the aluminum bottle liners are not BPA free. Plus they are not dishwater, or [bottle warmer]safe due to high malleability.

5. Also, the bottles work more like thermal bottles. When it comes to expressing milk using [breast pumps]. Or when it comes to preparing formula milk solution, both of the milk needs to be stored at a safe temperature for maintaining its freshness.

6. For up to 2-3 hours baby milk can be stored inside feeding bottles, at room temperature. Within a day, the refrigerated milk should be consumed and the milk stored in the freezer can be kept fresh for weeks. Stainless Steel bottles are better for storage and they keep the milk fresh at room temperature.

7. If you were to store baby milk in refrigerator or freezer, you can store the same in milk storage bags.

8. When using a bottle warmer you and your baby won’t even realize that the bottle is warm from inside.

Top 3 Stainless Steel Baby Bottles in India to buy Online

1. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Pura Kiki is most popular brand of Baby Bottles worldwide..
You can use for years as the same bottle can be used as Baby bottle (using nipples), sipper for toddler, kids water bottle with straw, Sports water bottle for your grown up. That’s why they say, Any lid any bottle. So it’s a wise choice to buy the big size bottle.
The high quality steel material and insulation material used is totally safe for your little one.
The Steel surface touches the milk/water and the insulation is provided on the outer surface for not only insulation but for a better grip.
The looks are plus points of this bottle, when you use it as sports water bottle it doesn’t look like a baby bottle, but a trendy one.
Silicone teats are transparent (colorless) when the teat starts looking dull or starts looking milky white or yellow in color you should replace the feeding bottle’s teats.

2. OrganicKidz Baby Feeding Bottles

Both expressed and formula milk can be stored in OrganicKidz Bottles. This means you won’t have to spend money on buying milk freezer bags separately. Soon after you take them out of the fridge or freezer, keep them inside any insulating bottle pouch. This is for maintaining the bottle’s temperature.
This bottle also works like a thermos flask. The bottle’s lid is wide enough that can be used as both Sippy Cup and as a measurement cup too. The bottle’s teats are soft and can even contract, this means your baby won’t feel like he is drinking milk from a feeding bottle.

3. Klean Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle for Feeding

This is an anti-colic feeding bottle. It has been made anti-colic with a medium flow medical-grade silicone nipple, fit for up to 6 months old babies. The bottle’s inner liner is free from BPA, phthalates and other toxins about which we talked about above. By making the bottle hourglass shaped, its makers have made it easy for babies to hold the bottle.

Inexpensive Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

This baby bottle is made in India and of good quality.
You can buy standard size Chinmay Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle Teats when the time for replacement of new teats arises. It is best suited for wide neck bottles. Our advice would be to replace them with a new one, after every month.

Stainless Steel vs. Glass Baby Bottles

1. Your baby can drink fresh smelling milk from glass bottles as glass doesn’t absorb the food’s smell. Both stainless steel and glass bottles can be kept the fresh up to a reasonable time.

2. Glass bottles are easy to clean as they are dishwater safe same is the case with Stainless Steel Bottle.

3. When Stainless Steel Bottle would fall, you won’t get to see a dent. It will stay in a good shape even when it falls. But you can’t afford to see your glass bottle falling down. In that case, you will have to stop using the Bottle if you see any cracks in it.

4. When buying glass bottles you should buy a shock resistant thick glass bottles but this doesn’t guarantee that the bottle won’t get any cracks when it falls. Glass Bottles needs to be handled with more care than Stainless Steel Bottles.

5. Stainless Steel Bottles are comparatively light in weight than Glass Bottles. With lightweight bottle, both you and your baby’s would be at ease.

6. Unlike Stainless Steel Bottles, Glass Bottles are environment-friendly as they can be recycled easily.

7. Branded Stainless steel bottles are expensive compared to Glass Baby Bottles.

Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Baby Bottles

1. No denying, plastic baby bottles are greatly populated in markets, they are light, durable and easy to carry as compared to Stainless Steel Bottles. But you need not worry about bottle’s color in Stainless Steel Bottles. As you the chemical color dyes can come off due to constant washing.

2. The plastic bottle need not only be BPA-free. It also needs to be free of PVC, Bisphenol, and Phthalates too.

3. Plastic bottles can lose its good shape in the dishwasher, baby food warmers and microwave etc. Though #5 type of plastic i.e. Polypropylene are tough and high temperature resistant. BUT cleaning them in the dishwasher or heating them in a microwave, baby warmers or electric bottle sterilizers is not a healthy practice either.

4. For long duration storage, plastic baby bottles should be stored in refrigerator or freezer, timely and responsibly too.

7. Branded Stainless steel bottles are expensive compared to Plastic Baby Bottles.

You should buy baby feeding bottles totally as per your convenience. For instance: In glass bottles, the baby’s milk can stay fresh as new for a long time. Better use it at home only. Take care that the bottle doesn’t fall on the floor. Plastic Bottles should be carried when you would have small refrigerator in your hotel room and an ice packs cooler bag to carry the bottles throughout the journey. Stainless Steel Bottle seems safe for daily use, for both indoor and outdoor use. When traveling, they are to carry the same way like plastic baby bottles. The best top rated Indian stainless steel bottles that we have listed above, all like thermal bottles, so with them you would not be putting the freshness of milk at much risk.


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    Are stainless steel bottles safe to use? I am asking this because we can’t sterilize them, hence, there are more chances of infection. Please suggest is steel bottles are best or plastic one?

    • Sapana

      Both materials have pros n corns, You cant sterilize the steel bottles in microwave but you can surely use the boiling water to sterilize it manually.

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