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Coozly Pregnancy Pillow Reviews for Indian Moms

A comfortable sleep, especially lying on either side is recommended during pregnancy for a good health. Starting from 16th Week of pregnancy you should avoid lying on your back as it is not good for your baby. Moreover the changed point of gravity of your body adds on to back pain. So What can be done for a comfortable sleep during pregnancy?
Pregnancy pillows are one of amazing pregnancy accessories that an expectant mom can consider to cut down on the difficulties during sleeping. But, a major question arrives here that do pregnancy pillows really help?

Why You Need Pregnancy Pillows?

When you are in the last phase of your pregnancy, not only a life grows in your womb but the uterus grows too. Your body parts also swell during this phase adding to the interruption in your sleeping. You need comfortable position to sleep. Pregnancy pillows can offer a great relief. Before settling on the best pregnancy pillow india, it’s important to understand its benefits. Here are some great advantages of cozy pregnancy pillows that can help you out with your purchase.
Fills the Gaps and Supports the Body: These pillows have ergonomic design which can offer comfort without turning. They help you rest your body in safe and comfortable position. They give your back, neck, legs a soft support. A peaceful and a long sleep is craved by every pregnant woman’s body. A pregnancy pillow can help you ditch the pain and discomfort during this phase.
Better Blood Circulation: The pregnancy pillows allow an expectant woman try different sleeping positions effortlessly. Comfortable positions enhance blood circulation.
Relaxes Your Muscles: The pregnancy pillows helps you get rid of the body aches and stress.
Travel Friendly: You can also take the portable and cozy pillow during tours.

Best Cozy and Friendly Fiber Pregnancy Pillows

Considering the features and prices, we have selected these are two best maternity pillow India that can help you avoid the restlessness during pregnancy.

Coozly C Lyte Fine Cotton Pregnancy Pillow

The C shaped fine cotton pregnancy pillow is designed to offer a cozy and relaxing sleep. The pillow is great for the pregnant women who sleep on one side. The pillow resembles the letter ‘C’. These pillows offer support to one side of the body and takes care of the shoulder and neck. The pillow is made of first-rate cotton and available in multiple colors.

Who Should Buy a C-Shaped Pillow?

C-shaped pillows are suitable for the women sleeping on either side. The C shaped coozly pregnancy pillow offers support from neck to the legs. The top part of the pillow relaxes your head, neck, and shoulder while the base saddles between the legs. The pillow encourages the riding position. The C-shaped pillows not only do the work during pregnancy but provide a great relief during breastfeeding and baby’s playtime. The pillow helps you save bucks from buying a separate pillow for head. The pillow has been designed keeping your body’s shape in mind. The pillow is compressive in nature. It fills the gap between your legs and arms. The pregnant women having spine related issues can also go for this pillow.

Coozly U-Shaped Premium Pregnancy Pillow

Coozly U-shaped pregnancy pillow offers the goodness of Pregnocare Microfibres to an expectant mom for a clam and cozy sleep. The pillow arrives with a printed or colored base fabric so that it doesn’t lose its compelling appearance in the absence of the pillow cover. The extra long and wide legs offer optimum comfort and support. The pillow offers a relief in the case of spine pain or body aches. The dimension of the pillow is 36×6’’.

Who Should Buy a U-Shaped Pillow?

U-shaped pillow is suitable for the women who often want a cozy and long pillow for sleeping or lounging on both the sides. During pregnancy, a woman finds it very tough to rest on a single side and keeps on turning sides whole night long. This pillow will offer same comfort and support on both the sides. The pillow offers twin side head and shoulder support. The comfortable front end of the pillow supports the belly while the back end takes care of the vertebrae. The arms of the pillow are flexible and can be easily used for breastfeeding post pregnancy. It can also be used as a safety net or a bed lock for the babies. When you got this pillow, there’s no need of any additional pillow for support. It can be bulky and spacious and not suitable for travelling.

The online platforms are the best place to explore the best pregnancy pillow India. If you are looking for an affordable and durable pregnancy pillow, amazon India and many other leading platforms can cater to your needs.
During pregnancy, even the minor comforts seem luxury. These pregnancy pillows have innovative designs that focus on supporting and relaxing an expectant mom in the last trimester and stay useful even after the pregnancy. These pillows don’t cause skin rashes and promise optimum comfort at a reasonable price. If you too are tired of interrupted sleep every night then you can go for these amazing pillows.

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