Best Post-Pregnancy Belt and Girdle in India


Post-Pregnancy Belt for C-section and Normal Delivery in India

That big round protruded tummy is one of the most discussed after-pregnancy woes. Most of the women’s postpartum care revolves around ‘baby nursing’ and ‘body cursing’. Body cursing, because she knows, she can’t lose her pregnancy weight in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry, you were 9 months pregnant, just take 9 months to return to a better than before pre-pregnancy figure. For this, and to start with the course of getting pre-pregnancy body back you need a body-shaping post-pregnancy belt. In India, it is also known as ‘after-delivery tummy belt’. Here’s you will know how to use, care and wear some of these best maternity belts in India.
I had C-section 2 times. Both times, I started wearing maternity belt next day of the baby birth, as my doctor himself told me to do so. It helps to keep the loose tummy together. You will feel the difference in comfort with and without belt.

My Main Purpose behind Using Maternity Belt Starting from Next Day of Delivery

1. The abdomen section after delivery is so loose that you cannot get up from bed easily. You have to turn on one side and slowly get up. Even when you turn you feel like your tummy is swinging out of body. So to keep the stomach with the body you need such girdles.
2. While breastfeeding lying down, the stomach literally spreads on the bed, it sounds awful but it is true, my skin on abs was stretched a lot, which is case with most of women. So to feel comfortable while breastfeeding, you need that gadget on.
3. I am an Indian and Mom of 2. I have lost my 15Kgs extra pregnancy weight successfully 2 times in my life. I did it in systematic and natural way. The Maternity Girdle is very first step of the “Mission: Getting Back Pre-pregnancy Body!”
To help you with your selection of effective and comfortable Maternity Girdles, I have done some research and use of my own experience. Here we will see top quality post-pregnancy belts specially selected for Indian New Mothers.
If you are a first time mother, we know what you are thinking; there is section of FAQ later in this post.

Best Maternity Belts in India for New Moms

Following are the suitable tummy tucker belts for Indian mothers, as per the three stages. ‘Suitable’ because you shouldn’t be putting on a tight corset. Hence we have chosen the ones that would go easy on your tummy.

Important Note:

Before buying the belt, please care to consult your doctor. Inquire with medical advisor if you can start wearing the belt or not.

Stage 1: Midsection Belts

• When Does Stage 1 Start?

You can start using postpartum belts a day or two after delivery. Some women even start using it two-three hours after childbirth. If you want, you could do that same, but next day belt wearing is what we recommend. In case of Cesarean Delivery you must ask your doctor once about this.

• How Long Should I use Stage 1 girdle?

Whether you have gone through Normal Delivery or C-Section Delivery, you can continue wearing the belt of Stage 1 for up to 2-3 months (10-14 weeks).

• Which Abdomen Belt Should I Use Right after Delivery?

Eubuy Breathable 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle

It is available in various sizes, from M to XL.
SECRET TIP: Since after childbirth your skin is loose and soft, hence it will be easy for you to wrap around the belt. Or else, once the skin becomes rigid after 2-3 weeks of delivery, you would not be able to make optimum utilization of the belt.

• Method of Use

Here’s how you can use ‘Set of 3 Women Breathable Elastic Postpartum Recovery Girdle Belt’.
• You should not rush to use all three belts from the beginning of time.
• These 3 belts are Stomach Belt, Vaginal Belt, and Pelvis Belt.
1. Stomach Belt will help in normal positioning of internal organs in abdomen region. Also, it will flatten your belly.
2. Vaginal Belt will contract vaginal muscles and will free you from back pain too.
3. Pelvic Belt is to improvise the location of bones and muscles of pelvic region.
There is no much difference between the way you use it for Normal Delivery and C-Section. Difference is only when you start using it.

How to Use These 3 Belts:

Stomach Belt: First 7 days of delivery (Only Stomach Belt)
Waist Belt: This wide belt is to be used with Stomach belt from 2nd week to 6 weeks of delivery
Pelvic Belt: This belt helps support the pelvic area from birth. This is to be worn along with other 2 belts starting at 6th week (For Normal delivery / C-section) continue it till end of first stage i.e. 2 to 3 months.
Total Duration: 2-3 months (The manufacturers recommend to use the belts for 4 months but as the Velcro may not remain effective also the belts get stretched a bit and hence we shift to second stage at end of 2-3 months.

• Reasons to Use THIS Belt Set

1. Till the time you recover, your back needs a proper support which this belt can give you. Back pain after delivery is thought to be normal. But it can be avoided with the help of maternity belts.
2. It is a three strap belt, with which easy body movements is possible. Like bending, sitting, sleeping, getting up from bed, etc. This is possible due to the thin fabric flexible used it. The Mesh of the belt makes you feel comfortable for hours of constant use.
3. Velcro Fasteners make the adjustment of straps quite convenient.
4. No matter how wide you are all the three long belts will be able to cover your midsection, as it’s stretchable.
5. The belt is made of breathable fabric mesh. They are not exactly cotton, but they are breathable.

(The above link leads to XL:A(23*90CM);B(23*100CM);C(16*105CM) belt. There are other 2 sizes available: L and XXL, as you may not be sure of our size after delivery, XL will be safer to buy as Velcro can cover the smaller and larger sizes)
TIP: Since Postpartum belts are not made of 100 percent cotton. Hence to avoid the belt getting rubbed against your skin, you should wear a cotton camisole. This rule applies to after-pregnancy wears of all types.

Stage 2: Belly Binder

• When Stage 2 starts?

After 4 months of delivery. If you use the set of 3 belts in Stage 1 daily for 3 months, I personally feel you can jump to this stage after 3 months.

• For how long should I wear Stage 2 belt?

For up to 5 months. Some keep on using the same maternity belt for a long time a year may be. If you want, you could continue using the long belt from Stage 1 for Stage 2 as well. Make sure that it covers your tummy properly. But most probably women need a thick strap belt. That will cover your entire midsection all at once. One that would keep your skin and organ bonded evenly.

Which Tummy Binder is Best for New Moms?

Breathable Elastic Postpartum Belly Binder

• What If I Start Late?

Now there are also women, who are either advised to delay their use of postpartum belts. Many come to know about it, months after delivery. For them, I would say that you can follow our Stage 1, 2 and 3 regimes. Know that, it’s never too late to start.

• Method of Usage

Since it has got elastics, it’s stretchable. But, you should buy a belt that is made for your waist size. Stage 2’s belt is more like a ‘belly band’, this means the Belt’s concentration will be on your tummy region. In order to wear it place one end of the belt (i.e. the broad end) on your stomach’s midst, wrap it around yourself. Then stick the other end, on the belt’s Velcro part.

• Reason to Use THIS Belt:

1. Since you’ll be getting just one postpartum belt with Velcro, it will be easy for you to wear it. Also, the belt would have better grip on your body.
2. Along with your tummy, your persistent back and/or bladder pain will get reduced.
3. It won’t feel or look ‘unnatural’ on your body, that’s because it’s made of thin skin-friendly fabric.
4. Your body shaper would even be more defined and refined with the belt.
5. Soon as time passes by, tummy fat gets more obstinate after pregnancy. Stage 1 belt was for soft skin and Stage 2 belt is for your rigid skin.
6. Not only it flattens stomach, but it gently lifts it too. This is why it’s popular as a belly binder.

TIP: Once in a while you should clean your after-pregnancy wears as per given instructions by the maker. If on the User Manual there’s no cleaning procedure given, just know that they can be washed with cold water.

FAQ: New moms Queries Regarding Maternity Girdles

Q. Does Wearing an After-pregnancy Tummy belt Really Helps?

A. Yes, it does. That’s because a woman’s body after pregnancy becomes flexible. Your tummy region especially becomes like sagging soft dough. Since new mom’s body is ready to get back if you act earlier than thinking over it and start later. Taking advantage of this time and elasticity in your body, you can use pregnancy tummy tucker belts. They would shape your body parts (mainly abdomen, abs, and hips) by keeping them intact, compressed and sweat.
You must have heard that sweating is good for health, and perspiration especially after exercising is a sign that you have worked out hard. But a new mother cannot and should not perform rigorous exercises. This is why your first step is postnatal belts. As they are designed to increase the temperature of your body’s core, without making you uncomfortably hot.

Q. Won’t it be Too Tight for My Tummy, Will it Not Hurt?

A. Pregnancy Tummy Tucker wears are more like elastic bandages. They are simply made up of different types of soft fabrics, elastics and nothing else.

Q. What are The Benefits of Wearing a Postpartum Belt?

A. The primary reason behind wearing maternity girdles is that they help in shaping your body. Some of the other secondary benefits are:
• You must have heard that when the embryo grows, a woman’s internal organs like liver, pancreas, and intestine etc. get dislocated. So for bringing those organs back in their normal position, post maternity belts really help.
• Women’s uterus after giving birth usually swells, postnatal belts help in contracting it gently.
• After delivery abs support can be gained through these belts as they will keep its muscles contracted.
• You cannot start postnatal exercises, soon after delivery. Till then, these belts are the best way to keep oneself maintained.
• Due to extra weight near and around the tummy region, your back could suffer. Hence, the belt will help in keeping your posture upright.
• Whether you’ve had a Cesarean delivery or Normal delivery, these after-delivery tummy fat belts will help you wear your pre-pregnancy clothes too!

Q. For How Long Should I Wear Maternity Belt After Pregnancy?

A. Just like you have first, second and third trimester of pregnancy, the same way maternity belts are worn in three stages, after childbirth.
Stage 1: 4 months
Stage 2: 5 months
=====> 9 months
Stage 3: Optional (But highly recommended)

• My Midwife Told me to Wrap Around Cotton Cloth Straps, Traditional Way.

Why should I use the belt then? Wrapping around cotton cloth straps is a traditional method of keeping the organs in position. I also tried it myself, after seeing the difference; here are my notes for you.
The Problems with Traditional Wrap Are:
o As there is no special structure of wrap, you have to simple put same pressure all over the stomach. This causes difficulty in breathing and sitting.
o It takes time to get tied. Also, you may need the help of others to wrap it around.
o Untying it is also a trouble.
o To fasten it, you would try to use big knots. You can’t really rely on them. Plus the knots would make the cloth uncomfortable to use.
o It makes you move like a robot and is not flexible. It is very uncomfortable during baby care time, especially during feeding and nappy changing.
Now improvised versions of such belts have replaced these conventional cotton straps.

Stage 3: Shapewear

• When Does Stage 3 Start?

After wearing Stag 2’s belt for around 5 months, Stage 3 commences.

• For How Long Does it Last?

Well, you can use Shape-wears for a really long time. There’s no restriction to it. Continue wearing it, until you regain your former shape.

• Which Shapewear Should I Wear After Having Baby?

We have found out two types of shapewear, for you. You can choose any of the two seeing your stomach’s look. Figure out how.

Shapewear 1: Naomi & Nicole High Waist Brief after Birth

Reasons to Use THIS:

1. If the sides of your tummy are flabby, if they are sticking out, then you should choose Naomi & Nicole. It will help you gain a fine-looking petite and hourglass body shape.
2. Unlike other tummy shapers, it won’t alienate your tummy, like regular briefs. Instead, it will keep it pressed from the middle.
3. This is shaper made of spandex. Hence, with a perfect fit shaper like this, you won’t have any issues with its fabric.
4. Many think the body shaping suits, are like skin-fitting, rubbery scuba diving suits. But, that’s not the case with Naomi & Nicole High Waist Briefs.
5. Also, the time you would take it off, it won’t leave any marks or lines on your waist and thighs.

Shapewear 2: Piftif Tummy Slimmer for New Mothers

Reasons to Buy THIS:

1. It is for those who have fat more on their lower abs region, just like a Sumo fighter’s hanging tummy ( I was one once) . The one, that’s hanging lazily like a bull dog’s chin (Yes, Again like I had) Piftif Tummy Slimmer covers such loose tummy perfectly.
2. You can even wear this when you would start your postnatal exercises.
3. It is made up of soft-touching fabric, which is definitely not silk. Thank God. You will soon find out below why we are against silk shape-wears.
4. Yes, it’s stretchable but it won’t be tight on you. Provided you choose the correct size shaper.
5. It’s of skin color, this means whenever you would wear anything white. Like white color palazzos, leggings, trousers, or skirt etc. you won’t have to worry about the visibility of your shape-wear.
6. As shapers are supposed to compress the body, a low-grade shaper might feel body-sticky to you. Same is not the case with Piftif Tummy Slimmer.

MERSUII Pregnancy Belly Waist slimming shaper

1. The panty style shapewear with adjustable hook lines. The metal hooks give very good support. This is good choice for wearing under saree.
2. Three possible adjustments to let you decide tightness.
3. This type of shapewear combines the benefits of belt type plus panty shapewear.

FAQs About Shapewears

• Why Not to Use Belt-Style Shapewear?

Firstly, belt-style shapers are very tight on ribs. Due to which you will face difficulty in breathing, and they may also result in chest pain when used for long hours.
Secondly, since it’s a belt-type shaper, the time you would fasten it, a pent like enclosure will be created upon your midsection body. Consequently, the fat of that region would simply move up and down, instead of getting ‘pressed’.

• Why Not to Use High-waist Panty Type Silky Shapewear?

Well, they are just good to look at. That’s it. They are not really good with results. Even such shape wears are tight on ribs. They would look inflated instead of being pressed. The devious soft silk fabric will make your tummy look round! Evidently, you would look like 3-4 months old pregnant woman.
TIP: Do you know you can roam around with maternity belts throughout the day? You can even sleep with it at nighttime but don’t. Let your skin breathe naturally for a while. During the first stage you may want to keep them on at night but keep them loose than that of day time.
All these are not the ultimate means for getting into pre-pregnancy shape, as exercising and healthy eating are also needed for it. But they are first step towards the reliable and effective flattening stomach after pregnancy. During post-pregnancy weeks, your skin and organs are like in a molten state. Your belly (now a tummy), your waist (now a tire) they need to be molded by after-delivery bandages, binders, and shapewears. Please let me know if you liked my review on Post-pregnancy maternity Girdle Course. Also if you have any tips for other moms, don’t forget to share them.


About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    Thats a great information for Indian Moms, I have been looking for best belts reviews for Indian moms, Internet is flooded with information but not specific to Indian moms, and you know we are different. 😉
    I am already 2 weeks late, but I hope its not too late. I have just ordered the stage 1 belt. thanks.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sumeeta,
      That is the main aim of my entire blog, to provide information specific to Indian moms from my experience and research. No, 2 weeks is not too late. But start using maternity belt asap.

    • Sapana

      Off course pregnancy and post pregnancy days are not very easy, but doesn’t mean they are tough to handle too. These blog posts are for helping moms tackle various possible issues, but that does not mean a new mother faces all those issues.

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        Thanks Sapana . that was great information. I would like to know your opinion on the “Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle” i have heard good reviews about this one and i have added that to my registry. In case i do land up getting it for my baby shower, how do i incorporate that into the routine you have suggested?

        • Sapana

          Hi Varsha,
          Yes, Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle is one of popular Post-pregnancy girdles worldwide but its not easily available in India. Hence I dint include it in the post.
          Its single piece and very effective.

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    hi sapna, I am 9 months pregnant and my delivery is due in a few days,……. i wanted to keep the post-pregnancy girdle ready as my friend used it from day 2 of her delivery…….. but i am confused with the size to select. … how to know that?? Thanks in advance…

  4. Avatar
    shanti srinivasan on

    I was looking for information like this. Truely helpful for new moms. The precautions you have explained are very helpful.. I dint find full thorough information elsewhere. thanks

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    Hi Sapna, I am a mom of 2weeks old. Can I directly start with the shapewear? I think the belts will not be comfortable for me, I have loose skin. but I sweat alot. So worried to try the maternity belt. My friend suggested me to try the shapewears directly. What do you suggest??

    • Sapana

      Hi there, Wearing shapewear in first stage, will not give the required effect. The maternity belts are designed to squeeze the belly without harming your delicate body after delivery. They are designed in a way to put pressure at right places. It just a few months you have to bear it. These new pregnancy girdles are made of good material and let your skin breath.

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    Wonderful article. You have done a nice job putting all imp tips for new indian mothers about these maternity girdles. I was looking for this info for my elder sister who delivered a cute baby boy a few days ago. I am going to pass this info to her about the phases you have explained here. That is very easy to understand and very important for mothers. Especially when after baby birth everything is confusing and way too many things to take care of. Thanks for the information

    • Sapana

      Hi Shubu,
      Yes, first few weeks after baby birth are busy and confusing for new mothers. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Avatar
    Shraddha p. on

    Is it necessary to use such a high waist belt? It literally covers middle body completely.. Cant I just wear the shapewear belt which are similar? I have a old tummy tucker belt which still fits me at loose setting. I want to use it. please advise if it will be useful or not.

    • Sapana

      Hi Shraddha,
      Pregnancy girdles are designed to compress body at right places without putting pressure on your ribs. After-delivery your body is delicate and hence you should go step by step. These girdles are to be used for a few weeks/months but if used properly it will save a lot of trouble later in your life. The shapewears are for regular use after a few months of delivery.
      The maternity belts are high waiste as they compress the stomach without letting it out from the upper edge. If you wear a tummy tucker belt, chances are high that it will push your loose tummy up or down of the belt squeezing it the middle.

  8. Avatar
    Prathik Deo on

    My wife has delivered the baby last week and her doctor told her to use the this belt asap. The ones available in market are cheap quality. Can you also help me know how to select the size? Your help will be really appreciated…
    Are these comfortable in Summers too? My wife stays indoors only anyways… Also how long should these be used?

  9. Avatar

    my doctor told me to use a thin cotton cloth between skin n the belt, is it necessary? I am already feeling sweating. My due date is soon. Please reply soon. I need to buy one.

    • Sapana

      Hi Pranjali,
      It is recommended to use cotton cloth to be used under the belt as non-cotton tight clothes can cause your skin rashes. But these belts are breathable so you can use high waist panties to avoid the touch on non-cotton fabric.

  10. Avatar

    Which is more effective way to look slim after pregnancy Gridle or shapewear? and also tell me which is the best brand so that I won’t face any side-effect. Your help will be appreciated. Please guide.

    • Sapana

      Hi Swati,

      The Pregnancy Girdle is used soon after pregnancy to help tighten the skin. Shapewear is used regularly just for making tummy look flat.
      These 2 are different thing with different purposes.
      Please check this blog about Shapewear for Indian Women

  11. Avatar

    How to know the size after baby birth? I am pregnant and my delivery is in few days. I see other women has asked same questions and no reply to that. If possible please reply soon. Thx…

    • Sapana

      Hi Alisha,

      After delivery the tummy is not back to its pre-pregnancy shape.
      Just after delivery for first few days (2-3 weeks) you look like 3 months pregnant.
      The post pregnancy girdle can be adjusted to fit to your size but you will have to guess what was your waist size during your 3rd month of pregnancy.
      (Now its tricky again, for some women the bump is visible after 4th month, for women like me, they start to show in 3rd month itself :D)

  12. Avatar
    Hemangi bohra on

    Hi sapna !
    This article is very informative .. thanks a lot.
    I had a c section 4 months ago … but hvnt used any belt since the beginning 🙁
    Could you suggest which stage should I start from .

  13. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    I loved your write-up! Thank you so much for such a wonderful effort that you’ve put in for new mommies! God bless you!!

    I’m 5 weeks post c section now, hope it’s fine to start using the 3 belt stage 1 now. I’m planning to use it as per your guidance i.e for 5 months, however just wanted to know how long should we wear it in a day? 24 hrs? Day time? Night time? And now, can I start exercising while these belts are on ? Or should I remove it while excercising?

    Also, after 5 months if I use tummy tucker, is it ok if I use only in the day time?

    Your reply would really help!

    • Sapana

      Hi Prajakta,

      Thank you very much for the kind comment, your appreciation means a lot to me.
      The girdle should be used only day time, as long as possible but for your internal organs and skin using it 24hrs is not healthy. But during first 1 month I found using girdle (making it little lose) helpful as my tummy was very lose it literally used to float without girdle.
      Your the girdle while exercising only it its comfortable. Otherwise exercises should be done without wearing tight clothes to give enough room for your muscles to stretch and loosen.

      • Avatar

        Hi Sapana,

        Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Have ordered the belt.

        So now post 5 weeks of surgery, should I start using the 3 step belt the same way?
        Belt 1 = 7 days
        Belt 1 + belt 2 = 4 weeks
        Belt 1 + 2 + 3 = 2 -3 months

        And do you have any write-ups from when to start inculcating good habits in babies?


        • Sapana

          Hi Prajakta,

          The duration given in this post is my personal advice, you should also check manufacturer instructions and some plus minus is ok according to your comfort and how you find the belt more effective.

          I dont have the tips of when to start inculcating good habits in babies but I will surely write one very soon. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

          There are very good tips on Breastfeeding food, baby foods and baby products on my blog. please read them too. I have written them considering New Indian Moms needs.

  14. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    I’m 2months postpartum and have not used any belts . I’m experiencing back pain whenever I lie down flat and when bend ing down.Which stage should I start now?


    • Sapana

      If you have back pain, you should first ask your doctor if using the girdle is safe for you. also Do some back stretches for recovery (after consulting doctor). I suggest Stage 2 is good for you. Also if back pain increased after using girdle then please stop using it. You may go for manual way i.e. Traditional belly binder where you can go for lesser rounds and as per your comfort. But frankly telling you, to get expected effect you need a tight belt. But it should not be unhealthy for you. so please have a word with your doctor. Some back strengthening stretches and girdle at stage 2 should be ok.

  15. Avatar

    Hi, I have completed 3 months in post pregnancy and I used clothes to wrap around the first month.. shall I make use of this belt now? Will it be effective? Currently it’s not available in amazon where can I get this online or in chennai?

    • Sapana

      Hi Roobhini,
      Post pregnancy 3 months, I dont think you should use the belt, not only because it will be less effective but also for movements needed at 3 months post pregnancy, you may not feel very comfortable in girdles. You will be able to use only last stage of the belt kit.
      You can instead use the shapewears. They also help to tighten the belly to some extent and if not atleast they hold the loose tummy. but please dont rely on girdles alone.
      Go for these effective exercises and diet.

  16. Avatar

    I am 4 months pregnant with twins and looking for a support belt for my huge baby bump. can u pls suggest best one? A detail review would be helpful. thanks for all informative posts. i hv been reading your diet n fitness posts too.. grt work.. keep it up dear.

    • Sapana

      Hi Shaily.
      I personally have no experience with pregnancy support belt and also havent seen any friend using it.
      When I was pregnant I used pregnancy special leggings with special support on belly. Unfortunately I could not find any perfect product online.

  17. Avatar

    Hi Iam 6weeks postpartum woman delivered after c/s.Can I start using postpartum belt??If yes can I use all the three stomach,pelvis and vaginal belts right from day 1???

    • Sapana

      Hi Glory,
      Post 6-weeks, you may not need the whole armor, as of your internal organs in belly must have already come to normal positioning/
      You may start with Pelvic belt + Stomach Belt, try the combination for a few days, later do the changes as explained in the post above. I hope this helps.
      You should also get started with body strengthening easy stretches. Check this post

  18. Avatar

    Hello, now I got 11 months completed after my delivery c section, please suggest me a abdominal belt. This is my second delivery and difficult to use belt immediately after delivery..

  19. Avatar
    Deepa George on

    I am 4 month old post natal mother. During first two month I used traditional method (cloth tightening over abdomen)for reducing flabby muscles over abdomen. And there was great result. Then I stopped using this method. Now four months completed. Now I am having back pain and abdomen muscle becomes loose/ saggy. What I have to do for regaining abdomen muscle strength and reduce fat over abdomen.This is my second baby. Is stage 2 binder will be effective. If it so where I can get stage 2 binders.

    • Sapana

      Hi Deepa,
      Yes, The traditional method of tummy wrapping is effective but a bit uncomfortable. Great that it was helpful to you.
      Usually, the continuation to belt gives good results. But now as its already 4-months post-delivery, I doubt if the belt will be useful.

      Instead, you can use some tummy tucker but they are only for looking good, the saggy tummy will be toned with the intense abs-workouts only.

      The general effective abs-workouts are very bad for the weak back. You have to find some safe workouts for you.
      Here are some suggestions: Safe workouts for moms with backpain
      But these are general suggestions, stop doing them if your back pains.
      Keep working on back strengthening. If you are determined and work on self-discipline, you will get the results.
      I started my abs workouts 6 months after delivery. That is usually a safe time to begin. Till then I used to do only simple stretching exercises to keep my back and knees strong and to prepare for upcoming heavy workouts. Hope this helps. Will be happy to help if any doubts.

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